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Civil-Commercial Law with an Emphasis on Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Contractual Engagements; Urban Renewal

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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial Law with an Emphasis on Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Contractual Engagements; Urban Renewal
Address: 144 Menachem Begin Rd., Midtown Tower 36th Floor,
Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6074666
Fax: 972-3-6095500
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.odedisraeli.com
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  • Oded Israeli, Oded Israeli and Co., Law and Notary Office

    Adv. Oded Israeli

    Founder and Owner

    Oded Israeli and Co., Law and Notary Office

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About Oded Israeli and Co., Law and Notary Office

Oded Israeli & Co. Law Office is a long-standing and experienced law firm specializing in civil and commercial law, with an emphasis on real estate, land rezoning and construction, contractual agreements, and more. At the head of the office is attorney Oded Israeli, an active attorney with extensive experience in real estate since 1995. The office deals with all aspects of real estate, including handling complex projects, multi-owner projects, land expropriations, urban renewal projects, zoning changes in real estate, planning, and construction, accompanying construction groups for self-construction, purchases and sales, lawsuits for depreciation, settlement of disputes, handling multi-property estates, and legal processes related to estate rights enforcement, and more.

Urban Renewal

Attorney Oded Israeli has been involved in urban renewal since the early days of his career, initiating the first project on HaHadar and Rimon Streets in Kiryat Ono in 2002 when the field was still in its infancy. Since then, Attorney Israeli has engaged in many projects including the first urban renewal project in Herzliya: evacuation buildings at Mendelblat/Even Ezra streets that started with the initiative of Attorney Israeli back in 2007. This project was a tender for apartment owners to choose a developer, an innovative step at the time. The project included 278 new apartments and was realized several years ago by Metropolis, and attorney Oded Israeli continuously representing the apartment owners throughout the entire period from 2007 and promoting the project together with the developer, until its completion in 2022.
Geula Ra’anana is another project that was first renovated similarly by Attorney Israeli in 2007. In 2023, 138 old apartments were destroyed, and the developer, Kedar Mivnim Ltd. (selected in a tender) is currently in the middle of construction, which includes 355 new apartments.
Similarly, Attorney Israeli initiated and promoted another massive project for urban renewal in the Weizman complex in Herzliya, which currently comprises of 570 old apartments and commercial spaces. In this project, a building plan was approved for the construction of 1,843 new apartments and commercial spaces, with the developer selected in 2012 in a tender managed by Attorney Israeli on behalf of the property owners - Azorim. Initial demolition and construction permits for this large project were submitted and approved.
Another project initiated by Attorney Israeli is the urban renewal of the Mishab neighborhood in Herzliya, which has been handled by Attorney Israeli since 2007. The developer selected for this tender was Ashdar, and the approved building plan allows for the construction of 474 residential units and commercial areas on the site.

Ownership Groups Accompaniment - Acquisition Groups/Property Ownership

The Law office has extensive experience in accompanying ownership groups organized for self-building, both within the framework of an acquisition group and through historical property ownership. Over the years, the office has successfully handled several complex projects of this nature, some of which have been completed, while others have progressed through various construction or organizational stages. As part of this activity, the team assists landowners in organizing the group, drafting partnership agreements, and accompanying owners at every stage of the organization, including choosing a management company, professionals such as architects and surveyors, selecting a contracting firm, financial guidance, and more. Currently, the firm handles numerous similar projects. The office also provides legal advice and accompanies several groups of landowners in procedures for changing the designation of the land. The office represents a landowner’s group with hundreds of dunams in the western Hadera area, promoting a massive project involving 11,000 housing units, 50,000 square meters of commercial space, offices, and hotels. Additionally, the firm represents approximately 350 landowners in Herzliya regarding the urban park plan and compensation related to this plan. Another prominent case handled by the firm involves representing landowners in Kfar Saba regarding the change of designation of approximately 40 dunams of agricultural land in their ownership.

Land Expropriation

The field of land expropriation is considered one of the most complex and challenging in the real estate world, requiring special expertise and intensive, long-term handling. The office has extensive and unique experience in this field, such as presented by Attorney Israeli in 1996, when he accompanied a group of owners regarding the expropriation of a self-owned land to establish the urban park in Herzliya. The complexity of the issue, together with the size of the represented group (about 350 landowners), caused a legal battle that started 25 years ago and is still ongoing. Likewise, the handling of land developments for the construction of the Ayalon highways has continued for many years, involving hundreds of landowners. This also applies to land developments for the construction of Highway 531 and in many other cases.

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