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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Initiation and Construction
Address: 201 Smilo St., P.O.B. 450, Netivot
Phone: 972-8-9931840
Fax: 972-8-9948047
Email: www.ofekshely.co.il
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    Ra’anan Halili CEO and Owner
    Dudu Ben Zaken Director and Owner
    Siman Halili Chief Execution Officer
    Elior Gabay CFO
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About Ofek Shely

Ofek Shelly Shelly Ltd. is a leading real estate developer and constructor with about 20 years of extensive experience. It is considered to be one of the industry’s leaders and is distinct in its meticulous construction quality, some of the highest finishing levels in the market, unique and diverse specs and particularly spacious apartments.

The company was founded in 2000 as an execution company for various developers in the fields of residential, commercial and offices construction. Over the past few years, the company also started self-initiated projects, and the field of evacuation and construction – urban renewal. The combination of these capabilities, execution and development, assures the company’s customers that its representatives would accompany them across the entire process, from planning and sales, through construction in the field and up to the finishing level, the delivery of the keys and the comprehensive post-construction checkups that would be carried out to their full satisfaction.

Investments in the Human Capital and in Advanced Equipment

The company benefits from a unique infrastructure of high-quality manpower and advanced equipment which enable it to execute large-scale projects, in a high level of quality and within shorter timeframes than is customary in the industry. The company’s staff includes employees from diverse fields who have been selected by the company with great care. Furthermore, the company has a large logistics center and engineering equipment including modern cranes, Baranovitz molds and other infrastructures. The company has a C5 (unlimited) contractor classification and it accumulated advanced engineering and technological knowledge which enables it to handle special and complex projects through its highly experienced executive and professional team which includes engineers, work managers and efficient administrative support.

Financial Strength and The Company’s Executive Management

In early 2019, 50% of the company’s shares were sold to the American businessman David Ben Zaken. Ben Zaken has strong financial capabilities and the change in the shareholders composition is therefore very important for strengthening the company’s capital structure and for its future growth. One of the prominent changes following the acquisition was transferring the company’s control and management to Mr. Ra’anan Halili who has been surehandedly leading it towards meeting its goals since he was appointed as its exclusive CEO.

Main Customers and Areas of Operation

The company is active in residential, commerce and offices development and construction:

Residential Construction: The Company has built thousands of apartments throughout Israel for the largest companies in the industry and recently delivered the Israel Police’s Administration 108 apartments in Jerusalem, in a NIS 105M project.

Commerce and Offices Construction: The company has longstanding experience in constructing complex projects for the private and public sectors, including government institutes, local authorities and NGOs. The company built the Oshiland Mall and Oshira office complexes A and B in Kfar Saba for Oshira Ltd. of the Sami Katzav Group, residential projects for associations of the Israel Police and the Ministry of Defense, Projects for Amigur and The Jewish Agency, sheltered rooms in Gaza Envelope Area, Cinema City in Be’er Sheva and also daycare centers, schools, culture centers, learning centers, banks and synagogues throughout Israel.

Main Contractor in a Large-Scale Project of Menorah Mivtachim

The company’s ability to meet complex engineering goals and challenging timetables led it to winning a tender for main contractor in the transformation of the “Menorah Mivtachim” office building on Alenbi St., Tel Aviv, into a hotel of the Brown Hotels chain. This is a project with a scope of more than NIS 60M, which was recently delivered.

Current Projects

Execution Projects: Oshira, Kfar Saba: offices construction; Bnei Shimon Local Authority - construction of waste sorting factory; Dudaim, in completion stages; Offices project, Mevaseret, the Magresa complex, for entrepreneur Ofer Aharon; Offices project, Mevaseret, the Magresa complex, for entrepreneur Y.D. Barazani; Residence project, Kiryat HaSharon, Netanya: construction of 64 apartments including a commerce floor for an acquisition group; A residence and commerce project, Ashdod, for Ganei Tal partnership, the project includes 146 residential units, commerce and employment spaces and underground parking; Residential project, Makor Hayim – Jerusalem, for entrepreneur Y.D. Barazani, the project will include 52 residential units, Residential project for the army’s administrative division, Neot HaPrachim Foundation, Or Akiva, the project will include 135 residential units; Residential project, Top View, Beit Shemesh, construction of 358 residential units for A.S. Yagal Entrepreneurship and construction Ltd.; An office project, in Beer Sheva, for Mishkan and Binyan Porat S.G.I.A Ltd.

Self-Initiated Projects: Residential project, section 5 Beer Sheva – construction of 92 residential units, 90 % of the project has been sold; Residential project, Karmit (Meitar) – 34 detached houses, under construction; Mizpe Ramon: 76 apartments and detached houses – in advanced planning stages; Ashkelon, HaMitnahalim: a mixed project of Mehir LaMishtaken (28 apartments) and free-market (12 apartments); Residential and Commerce Project, Ofakim: a mixed project of Mehir LaMishtaken (39 apartments) and free-market (7 apartments). A commerce and offices project, Ofakim: on an area of 13,500 sq.m.; 9 Zel HaGivaa, Ramat Gan – construction of 14 residential units; HaHula, Ramat Gan, construction of 81 residential units, residential project; Maar Ashdod - construction of 116 residential units; Residential project, Netivot, Shir Tower – a mixed project of Mehir LaMishtaken (48 apartments) and free-market (153 apartments), in planning stages; Residential project, HaYeled Boulevard, Ramat Gan, 112 free market apartments; Residential project, 11 Zel HaGivaa, Ramat Gan; Residential project, HaBrigada HaYahudit – Herzeliya, 33 residential units intended for the free market.

Projects in 50% Partnership with I.B.S.D. Asset Management Ltd.: Residential project, Bet Shemesh, Neve Shamir - a mixed project of Mehir LaMishtaken (50%) and free-market (50%) for the construction of 358 residential units, the project is under construction, 90 % of the project has been sold; Residential project, Nes Ziona, 28 detached residential units; HaEtzbaot neighborhood, Ramot, Beet Sheva, a mixed project of Mehir LaMishtaken, total of 220 residential units, 102 apartments intended for Mehir LaMishtaken and 118 units intended for the free-market; Residential project in Kiryat Ono, 123 residential units and 2400 sq.m. for commerce; Residential project Neve Or in Beer Sheva, total construction of 396 units.

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