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Construction, Initiation and Infrastructures

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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Construction, Initiation and Infrastructures
Address: 18 Loz St., Rishon LeZion 7591269
Phone: 972-3-9509644
Fax: 972-3-9509645
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  • Zahi Levi, Omer L., Civil Engineering

    Zahi Levi

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    Omer L., Civil Engineering

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    Zahi Levi
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About Omer L., Civil Engineering

Omer L. Civil Engineering was founded in 2004 by Eng. Zahi Levi, and its professional resume includes hundreds of successfully-executed construction, initiation and infrastructure projects. The company is one of Israel’s top-tier reliable and high-quality initiation and construction companies in Israel.

The Company’s Values

The company’s guiding values serve as its organizational DNA. Its employees and executives create the building quality for which it is renowned and  satisfies it’s customer. The company’s management is comprised of professionals, experts in their respective fields, a dedicated team of engineers and managers with extensive experience in the construction sector. The combination of the above provides maximal support for the construction personnel working at the company’s various sites.

The Company’s Vision

The company’s vision serves as the moral compass for its team’s actions, from the CEO, down through the headquarters to the on-site tradesmen. The company’s vision, as formulated by its employees, materializes on a daily basis in the field: a leading construction company, for which every project is an ultimate engineering and human achievement, and which leads as an example of professionalism. A company with a global reach that cultivates the values of innovation and excellence and serves as a role model, and a growing, profitable and stable company which cultivates its employees and serves as a home and source of strength and pride for them.

Excellence, Quality and Reliability

The company aims to comply with parameters of excellence and innovation, including: strict compliance with construction standards, maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry, constant aspiration to excellence including the development of unique managerial and execution tools and methods, execution of projects in record time and quality while constantly maintaining the highest professional standards, operating on the basis of a unique set of procedures that was formulated on the basis of the company’s longstanding experience, compliance with schedules and budgets, and tight supervision of the execution of every stage through a control system that is reviewed at any point in time. The company’s quality policy is based on strict compliance with the required standards of the construction sector and one of the expressions of this excellence quality is its 1st place in the 2018 Construction Excellence Ranking. It received this prestigious award for its works and achievements in a unique conservation project in Tel Aviv.

Service as an Absolute Value

The company prioritizes its customers and sets their satisfaction as a daily-measured goal. A positive customer experience serves as a considerable added value for the company, which sees its customers as its main asset. Accordingly, it can be defined as a customer-oriented organization. The company’s employees work together as a dedicated and cohesive team out of great respect and esteem for the customers instilling trust in the many customers over the years.

The Company’s Structure

The Initiation Division: the company’s initiation division handles the full value chain for the customer, from the planning and permit processes up to the delivery of the apartment. The division’s main strategic focus is on residential construction and it is also a leader in the initiation of urban renewal projects. The company’s advantage is expressed in the fact that it initiates, plans and executes its various projects as a one-stop-shop.

The Execution Division: the company’s execution division is considered to be one of the industry leaders. The company also executes construction projects for external developers. Its high and professional capabilities, with the highest professional standards, have become a role-model and an exemplar throughout the industry.

Omer L.’s Management Philosophy

The company’s managerial aspect is based on a broad and diverse variety of methods, tools and processes, which lead the construction and support it.

As a resilient company with a managerial culture that serves as a basis for all of its operations, the managerial philosophy serves as the organizational compass the has been marking the company’s path throughout its existence.

Financial Resilience

The company’s financial data indicate financial strength and a stable capital base.

Throughout all of its years of operations, the company has been acting prudently (with a consistent and comprehensive review and solid economic foundations for its various projects).

Omer L. benefits from extensive reputation from its financiers and has significant capital raising capabilities that enable it to initiate and execute large-scale projects in record times, turning its vision into a reality.

Selected Projects

Some of the company’s unique projects include:

Selected Execution Projects: Residential buildings on: 37 Nordau Ave., Tel Aviv; 15 HaMaayan St., Givatayim; 2 Beit El St., Tel Aviv; 40 Zamenhof St., Tel Aviv; Construction of the District G School - Ashdod; Infrastructure works for the Jerusalem Municipality - maintenance, development and infrastructures works; and projects for the Ministry of Defense - construction throughout Israel.

Selected Initiation Projects: Tama 38/1 projects on 10 Ya’ir St., Ashdod and Hurcanos St., Tel Aviv; Residential buildings in 15 HaMaayan St., Givatayim; a residential building, Sirkin St., Tel Aviv; a residential building, Chelnov St., Rishon LeZion; a residential building.

Community Outreach

“The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of God, and deeds of kindness”. The company has been socially-committed and contributing to the community since its establishment. Thus, the company is proud to support the HaPoel Rishon LeZion Handball Club, a non-profit which supports the rehabilitation an education of special-need children, and the Association for the IDF’s Computers and Electronics Forces.


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