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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Innovation and data protection attorneys
Address: 144 Menachem Begin Rd., Midtown Tower, 21st floor, Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5620992 US: +1-415-906-5260
Fax: 972-3-5476515
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.or-hof.com
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About Or-Hof Law Firm

Leading the Cyber Law practice in Israel for three years in a row, Or-Hof Law firm is a boutique firm exceptionally skilled in the fields of technology and innovation, international technology transactions, privacy and high tech. The firm was founded by Adv. Dan Or-Hof, a prominent practitioner, scholar, entrepreneur and speaker.

The firm’s methodology focuses on its foresight, which stems from Dan and the team’s extensive expertise and innovative approach, thereby providing clients with significant added value.

The firm serves domestic and international companies of all sizes, among which are start-ups, technology multinationals, financial services, health care services, medical devices manufacturers, air and space initiatives, cyber security and privacy-tech service providers, municipalities, retailers and education networks. The firm is renowned for its high responsiveness, its careful attention to clients’ specific needs, serving as a port-of-call for corporate and commercial technology businesses and delivering ideal results for the clients’ business ambitions.

The firm’s team is highly proficient as they were meticulously chosen and then trained in order to attain their level of distinctive comprehension and aptitude. The firm’s fields of expertise include Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity; High Tech and International Commerce, of which the firm’s extensive knowledge in the Data & IoT /IT marketplace assists its clients overcome technological challenges and improve their business structure and engagements; Intellectual property assets and regulatory efforts.

Foresight and Innovation as Methodology

Working daily with clients in the fields of spacecraft, robots, smart cities, machine learning, AI and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) drives a highly innovative and unique point of view possible for the firm’s team, regarding both the development and the realization of ideas, and methodology pertaining to the firm’s legal expertise. As Or-Hof’s fields of practice undergo a revolutionary reform, the firm’s business development grows in this direction, thus the firm maintains its status as a market leader in the next decade. This requires business development which understands the processes that are taking place right now, in addition to vision, using innovative tools such as a paperless work environment and cloud services, alongside legal work structures based on quality, rather than quantity. 

Global Market Leaders

The firm’s forte is its international focus, which stems from the understanding that the raison d’être of present and future legal regulatory work is based upon global work. The firm develops a global perception of its work, regarding both its daily work, the nature of its clients and the business development processes, in order to create true global activity, by means of initiatives, processes and collaborations. While daily work includes work with the U.S., Europe and APAC, the firm is also involved in matters pertaining to the global processes regarding the way countries control the world’s most expensive resource, which is information, in countries such as Brazil, Japan, the Cayman Islands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

The Firm’s Unique Professional Ecosystem

The firm’s ecosystem is comprised of several vectors: its business development, its technological development, its collaboration with leading law firms worldwide, its governance relations, its ties to the academic field, and contribution to the community.

Government relations includes Dan Or Hof’s membership in the Public Council for Protection, providing advice and guidance to the justice department and the Knesset’s (the Israeli parliament) committees. Dan has also appeared as a special advisor before the Knesset’s Economic Affairs and the Constitution Law and Justice committees, as well as the justice and finance ministries. In addition, Dan formed and chairs the Israeli Data Protection Professionals Forum, and one of the first Israeli members of the International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP), since 2007. In the academic field, Dan is a Lecturer of law, teaching Privacy and Data Protection at the Cyber Interdisciplinary Program and at the law faculty of the Tel Aviv University. He previously taught the Law of Information at the Colman College of Management and Topics in Law and Technology at Bar Ilan University’s business school.

Contribution to the community - This aspect of the firm’s ecosystem includes the IDPF – the Israeli Data Protection Professional Forum, a cyber and privacy professional forum which the firm founded 3 years ago, and which brings together the field’s top professionals, thus expanding the expertise in the field nationwide. In addition, the firm is proud to be legal counsels for SpaceIL, for the past 7 years, thereby also contributing to the science education of children.

Agile Approach

The firm’s reasonable size and its lack of hierarchy, bureaucracy and politics enable it to be a fast competitor who provides its clients with top notch prompt solutions to their business needs. As a firm that focuses on the technological field, the team fully understands its core field of expertise, providing its clients with professionalism at the fast pace of today’s innovative technology field.

Adv. Dan Or-Hof, Founder & Owner

Dan is a distinguished lawyer in his field. His expertise, being both academic and practical, meets his experience as the former head of an international Israel based law firm’s IT, Internet and Copyright dept., resulting in his unique understanding of the technology and innovation industry. Dan Or-Hof, Adv., Esq., CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, has been recognized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as a Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) and has joined a highly select group of privacy professionals worldwide. He is also a member of the International Association for Privacy Professionals, a member of the Public Council for the Protection of Privacy Chairman of the Israeli Data Protection Professionals Forum (IDPF) and a university lecturer on data protection and privacy. Dan writes reports for both legal and economic platforms and contributes to renowned international publications, such as OneTrust-Data guidance and the IAPP Privacy Advisor. Over two decades of daily experience in the field of technology and IP Law have made Dan a “Knowledge center” for matters such as the IoT, Big Data, Cloud environments, AI, authentication and digital signatures, proprietary and Open Source licensing, Data Protection and Information privacy.