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Real Estate, Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law, representation of victims of criminal offense

Ori Skuza, Law Firm
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Real Estate, Family Law, Civil-Commercial Law, representation of victims of criminal offense
Address: 63 Haodem, 2nd Floor, Shoham
Phone: 972-3-5072957
Fax: 972-3-5076632
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.skuzalaw.com/
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  • Ori  Skuza, Ori Skuza, Law Firm

    Adv. Ori Skuza

    Founder and Owner

    Ori Skuza, Law Firm

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About Ori Skuza, Law Firm

Ori Skuza Law Firm is a boutique law office specializing in a variety of areas, including real estate, family law, wills and inheritances, ongoing power of attorney, civil/commercial litigation, and representation of victims of criminal offenses. The firm was established in 2010 by the founder and owner, Adv. Ori Skuza. Skuza has a wealth of experience and is accompanied by three in-house lawyers. The firm provides its clients with a combination of legal expertise, a warm and personal boutique service, attention to detail in every case, including developing a commercial strategy, and full availability. Because of these characteristics, the firm offers clients a wide range of services of the highest quality under one roof since its inception.
The firm has emerged as a leader in its field of expertise while representing large and well-publicized cases, including the parents of the children who were abused by Kindergarten teacher Carmel Meuda.

Adv. Ori Skuza, Founder and Owner

Before the establishment of his private office, Adv. Skuza served as chairman of the Chamber of Private Investigators in Israel and has 12 years of experience in the investigative industry. In his various roles, Adv. Skuza serves as chairman of the Central District Real Estate Committee of the Bar Association, as a member of the Central District Disciplinary Court of the Bar Association, and as chairman of the Shoham Settlement Property Tax Appeals Committee (status of Justice of the Peace). He completed his legal internship at the Legal Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served for about 8 years as a lecturer and frontline practitioner in a variety of academic courses at colleges of law.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate

The firm accompanies many real estate transactions both in the private and commercial fields and handles all the various real estate proceedings including sale transactions, purchase of second-hand real estate, purchase of real estate from a contractor, accompanying purchase groups, and joint home listings, sharing agreements, etc. In addition, the firm has deep expertise in real estate taxation and in all the procedures required to execute a real estate transaction. The firm’s staff provides clients with a comprehensive service throughout the process, from the stages of legal negotiations and drafting of the agreement to dealing with all parties and authorities and registering the transaction.
The firm also accompanies NOP 38 and Pinui Binui transactions in which it represents only tenants to avoid conflicts of interest, as well as handles various real estate issues and complicated transactions in the real estate field. Adv. Ori Skuza believes that every real estate transaction, even the smallest one, requires proper strategy and management from the planning stage to the conclusion of the case or the conclusion of the transaction since these transactions are accompanied by various financial considerations. Due to the firm’s boutique status, its staff places a great deal of emphasis on the client’s needs, desires, and well-being.

Family Law

The firm specializes in a wide range of family law applications including divorce cases, custody / witness arrangements, same-sex couples, alimony, division of property, financial agreements, property claims, child abductions, etc. The firm has unique expertise in cases related to domestic violence and parental alienation lawsuits. The office also deals with inheritances, including drafting wills, objections to wills, disputes over wills and inheritances, estate management, drafting of an ongoing power of attorney, and much more. The firm has extensive experience in representing its clients before all relevant courts, including the family courts and the Rabbinical courts.

Civil-Commercial Litigation

The firm provides professional and quality legal assistance and representation in the areas of civil and commercial law at all levels. The firm handles and represents clients in various matters, both standard and complex, and specializes in appearing in various courts, such as claims against contractors and eviction actions.

Victims of a Criminal Offense

Due to his expertise in the Military Police Investigating Unit and his practical and academic criminal experience, Attorney Skuza has in-depth knowledge of criminal law. The firm represents victims of serious criminal offenses such as sexual assault, violence, and abuse of the helpless. Lawyers at the firm examine the criminal investigation that is taking place, assist the investigating authorities, and ensure that every victim of a crime is heard and receives his full rights. In some cases, the firm assists in removing the attacker from the victim. It is of the utmost importance for the firm to represent victims of crime as often they have no idea what rights they are entitled to and are unsure of how to demand and receive them.

Giving Back to the Community

Ori Skuza Law Firm aims to give back to the community by providing pro-bono legal representation to incompetent and foreign citizens, as well as serving in cases related to the public good. The firm represents various voluntary associations such as “Kanaf shel Ahava”,
“Lahan”, “The Association for Children’s Justice - Headquarters for Combating Early Childhood Abuse”, and many others.

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