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Established: 1989
Line of Business: Family, Inheritance, Mediations and Real-Estate
Address: 5 Kineret St., 3rd B.S.R. Tower, 23rd floor, Bnei Brak 5126237
Phone: 972-3-5750304
Fax: 972-3-5750305
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.getready.co.il
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  • Orly Mena -Shani, Orly Mena-Shani, Law Offices

    Adv. Orly Mena -Shani

    Founder and Owner

    Orly Mena-Shani, Law Offices

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    Orly Mena -Shani
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About Orly Mena-Shani, Law Offices

Orly Mena – Shani, Law Offices is a leading and longstanding boutique firm that has been practicing family and inheritance law, real-estate and mediations, for more than 30 years. The firm believes in empowering its clients during the most difficult times of their lives and provides them with creative solutions for disputes of any type, including highly complex ones.
The firm was included in the rankings of BDI and D&B as one of Israel’s leading family and inheritance law and mediations firms.

The firm was founded in 1989 by Adv. Orly Mena – Shani, who holds a family law mediation certification from the Israeli Bar Association. During its many years of operations, the firm made its mark on numerous rulings that were set by the courts and the rabbinical courts in the field of family and inheritance law.

Adv. and Mediator Orly Mena – Shani uses mediation tools also in court-managed disputes. This unique strength enables the firm’s clients to reach arrangements during court proceedings, as to shorten the proceedings and reach a quick resolution for the best interests of the client, despite the high intensity of the dispute.
In addition, the firm specializes in real-estate, which enables it to support its clients during the sale of the joint properties of the divorcing couple and also during the purchasing of new assets upon their embarkment on a new journey. This unique expertise enables the firm to support its clients both during the process and during the subsequent rehabilitation, with comprehensive solutions for all of the aspects of real-estate tax, sale, and purchasing.

Actual Results, Sensitivity, and Availability

The firm believes in results rather than idle talk. The firm has been taking care to achieve actual optimal results and achievements to the benefit of its clients, and these successes serve as the basis for the reputation that the firm gained during its 30 years of practice. The firm provides its clients with a true perspective of their situation at any given point, would always prefer an agreed-upon solution to a long-lasting war, and takes pride in its ability to achieve optimal and successful results for its clients, whether if through agreement or through the management of proceedings in the various courts.

The firm acts with high personal and interpersonal sensitivity and takes care to be highly available 24/7, from the understanding that people in separation and divorce processes experience a form of “grief” that requires an attentive listener, personal empowerment, and maximal availability.

The firm collaborates with leading experts in their respective fields who complement the representation work, including private investigators, finance and pension advisors, real-estate appraisers, actuaries, mediators, psychologists and couple therapists.
The firm has extensive experience in representing both in the family courts and in the rabbinical courts, and it handles cases that are extensive, both from the financial aspect and from the legal complexity aspect. The firm meticulously remains abreast of the relevant information, legislation, rulings and customary practices in the fields of family and inheritance law, real-estate and mediation.
The firm has extensive experience both in mediation and in legal representation before the family courts, the various appeal tribunals and the rabbinical courts throughout Israel. The firm provides legal counsel and support from the introductory meeting up until the end of the legal proceedings through ruling or agreements, and even afterward.

The Firm’s Team

Adv. Orly Mena – Shani
Adv. Mena – Shani graduated from Tel Aviv University and is a family law mediator with an Israeli Bar Association certification. She has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association’s Family Law Committee for several years.
Adv. Mena – Shani has extensive experience in mediations. She is listed as a court-appointed mediator in Central Israel and navigates numerous couples who arrive to her at a state of war to the formulation of an optimal agreement amiably and within the minimal required timeframe.
Adv. Mena-Shani is also a graduate of the Directors Course of Bar-Ilan University and is a licensed realtor.
In addition, she is a member of The Israeli Women’s Network and operates as a mentor for young female lawyers as part of its legal forum. Furthermore, she volunteers for the promotion of women to leading positions in the economy, lectures and is interviewed in the media on family and inheritance law, mediation and real-estate topics.
In addition, Attorney Orly Mena-Shani serves as Chairman of the Bar Association’s Rabbinical Court Committee and a member of the Bureau’s Inheritance Committee.

Adv. Zviya Keshet
Adv. Keshet is an LL.B. graduate of the College of Management Academic Studies, Rishon Lezion, and a licensed attorney since 2006. Adv. Keshet is highly experienced in the field of family law, as well as a skilled mediator.

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