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Established: 1999
Line of Business: IT and Communication Services
Address: PCMachine, Yarka Industrial Zone
Phone: 972-77-9090000
Fax: 972-77-9090098
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.pcmachine.co.il
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  • Rami Aziri, PCMachine Ltd.

    Rami Aziri

    CEO and Founder

    PCMachine Ltd.

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About PCMachine Ltd.

PCMachine Ltd. is a leading IT and communication services company that operates as a one-stop-shop for a variety of services, including cloud storage, design, help desk, establishing and managing communication networks, security, implementing antivirus software, network security, and more, for business and private clients. In addition, the company imports and markets IT and information security solutions such as switches, firewall systems, and 100G and 400G optical modules.

The company was founded in 2009 and its offices are located in Yarka in the Western Galilee. The company’s management system is ISO 9001-certified, and employs 13 skilled first-class employees, including software experts, information security professionals, marketing professionals and computer technicians. The company is headed by the entrepreneur Rami Aziri, and the executive team also includes his brothers, Samer and Muhammed Aziri, who are considered to be IT and communication experts of the highest level.


As mentioned above, the company provides diverse and comprehensive services for its clients, from ongoing technical service to equipment sale and supply. Below are the company’s main fields of service:

Business IT Services: The company offers comprehensive communication services for businesses of all sizes, and handles the installation, management and support of networks and servers. In the framework of the comprehensive service, the company accurately maps the company’s specific needs and determines the required and suitable equipment for establishing the networks. The services also include installation and operation of business systems and software, support for business e-mail systems, information security and security measures against digital risks and more.

Cloud Computing: The company’s cloud computing services cover a broad range of capabilities, from data storage, through computing power and up to natural language information processing and AI, as well as standard office applications. The company also provides cloud backup services through external servers, which significantly reduces the risk of compromising or losing important and sensitive business information.

Information Security: The company provides and implements information security software in its clients computer systems, including business antivirus, management of passwords and authorizations, installing firewall systems, regular scanning of the organization’s e-mail messages and regular scanning of all of the organization’s computer systems, managing IT security audits and identifying weak spots, fixing vulnerability problems and enforcing security policies with comprehensive capabilities for managing system configuration, and more.

Help Desk: PCMachine provides remote support services in order to solve technical malfunctions during the operation of the computers and software in the businesses. Malfunctions can arise in a variety of cases: communication breakdowns in the firm’s network, problems in user accounts, failure of a certain software etc. The company’s provides help desk services for companies of all sizes and sectors, and particularly for SMEs. These services are also applicable for non-tech companies, which often require technical support while the office employees aren’t necessarily proficient in solving problems in IT systems.

Network Management: Any office that has computers which are connected to the internet and to each other requires network management and support services. PCMachine provides remote network management services that enable clients to receive assistance for office network malfunctions at any time.

Mail Servers and End Stations: The company provides implementation and repair services for comprehensive management of end stations of all types, including mobile phones and tablets. PCMachine also implements cloud-based e-mail servers which replace the enterprise’s mail server and enables to manage advanced mail and business information systems with significant cost-saving.

Equipment Sale and Supply: The company is considered to be a leading sub-distributer in this field, and it sells and markets equipment, accessories and computing and communication systems from leading global brands, including: Samsung, TCL, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, LG, Asus, Acer, HP, IBM and more.

The Company’s Clients

PCMachine works across the country and its client base includes private entities, business corporations, local authorities and public companies. Some of the company’s clients in the public sector include the municipalities of Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Motzkin, Sahnin, Nazareth, Akre, the local councils Misgav and Ramat Asher, the Technion and more. In the business sector, the company provides services to the Dabah Corporation, Feisel Market, Partner Ltd., ZipCom, Big Shopping Centers and more.

The company is also considered to be a leading vendor of computer and communication equipment for dedicated stores across north Israel.

Notable Projects

The company has been active in its field for 12 years, during which it executed large-scale and complex projects for its clients across the whole of Israel. Below are several selected projects:

The Dabah Corporation: Implementing IT solutions in the production floor of the group’s slaughterhouse – the work included characterization, software writing, server installation and infrastructure installations.

Kiryat Bialik Municipality: Implementing computer and software systems in the city’s new school complex.

Dir El Assad Municipality: Implementing computer and software systems in the council house and the schools.

Zipocam (winner of a public tender of Mifal HaPayis and the Ministry of Education): A broad cooperation and the execution of communication and learning projects in schools in several cities across Israel.

The Technion: Planning and executing a security

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