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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Global branded toys and games manufacturer and distributer
Address: 34 Habarzel st., Entrance B, 4th floor,
Tel Aviv 6971052
Phone: 972-3-7585757
Fax: 972-3-6904827
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.pmi.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Boaz Dekel, P.M.I

    Boaz Dekel

    Founder, CEO, Chairman


  • Omer  Dekel, P.M.I

    Omer Dekel

    VP International Sales


  • Ram  Ronen, P.M.I

    Ram Ronen

    Vice President


  • Ohad Lederman, P.M.I

    Ohad Lederman

    Sales and E-commerce Manager


  • Dima Zaretsky, P.M.I

    Dima Zaretsky

    Product Designer & Development Manager


  • Eduardo Mizrahi, P.M.I

    Eduardo Mizrahi

    Sales and E-Commerce Coordinator


  • Claudia Guggenheim, P.M.I

    Claudia Guggenheim

    Marketing Coordinator


  • Sapir Shabat, P.M.I

    Sapir Shabat

    Logistics Coordinator


  • Mariana Toledano, P.M.I

    Mariana Toledano



  • Yarden Ben Harosh, P.M.I

    Yarden Ben Harosh



  • Izhar  Shkedi, P.M.I

    Izhar Shkedi

    Art Director


  • Marcelo Vasta, P.M.I

    Marcelo Vasta

    Business and Product Development Coordinator


  • Eitan Orgad, P.M.I

    Eitan Orgad

    Graphic Designer


  • Shir Dahan, P.M.I

    Shir Dahan



  • Arie Kafzan, P.M.I

    Arie Kafzan



  • Racheli Zalewski, P.M.I

    Racheli Zalewski

    Senior Accountant


  • Jacob Segal, P.M.I

    Jacob Segal



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About P.M.I

PMI Ltd. (Pocket Money Items) was founded in 1995 and has been active in acquiring manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights of trending children’s brands. From establishment, the Company was involved in most of Israel’s biggest children’s merchandise hits, including Pokémon, Power Rangers, TMNT, teen telenovelas, spinners, Beyblade, Gormiti and Supergoal. Today, PMI trends worldwide.
The Founder Boaz Dekel was born in Jerusalem to a strongly rooted Israeli family. His paternal grandfather was one of the original five settlers of the city of Herzliya, and his maternal grandfather was among the signatories on the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. Back in the 1940’s, his parents served in the elite Palmach Defense Forces and were among the pioneers and founding settlers of the south-central region of Israel known as Hevel Lakhish.
Boaz grew up in Ashkelon and as a young man, was a scout leader and head of his school’s students council. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion were evident from an early age, driving him to already establish his first business ventures during his high-school years. He served as an administration officer in the elite Intelligence Unit 8200, where he met his future wife, Dr. Hadas Dekel, who currently serves as an executive member of the academic staff at The Kibbutzim College, leading innovative and educational initiatives, and Human Factors and Ergonomics for the University. In the early 80s, following honorable discharge from his military service, he became an importer of unique hand-knit sweaters from the Greek Islands. In 1989, at the age of 30, he founded Bar Ltd., a logistics company, and during his 20-year tenure as CEO, he led the growth to a company employing 3,000 employees with an annual turnover of NIS 0.5 billion. In 2009 he sold his shares in Bar, while splitting off PMI Ltd., one of Bar’s subsidiaries, remaining CEO of the former.

The Value of Childhood Joy

PMI expresses the pioneering spirit of the Dekel Family in the modern era through its relationships with children - children are always the pioneers of their own lives, with fresh experiences and vast untapped potential.
This spirit is also expressed in the Company’s vision and integrity, and in its ability to rapidly respond to novel markets and situations. For example, during the current outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Company was the first to import and distribute branded facemasks in Israel and across the world, an indication of its ability to respond quickly and accurately to complex and dynamic events.

The Company’s Operations are Based on Four Central Assets/Pillars

The Company’s foremost asset is its worldwide merchandising rights - the Company has the worldwide rights to manufacture, market and distribute merchandise, mainly toys, for the following brands: Fortnite, Harry Potter, Space Jam, Justice League, WWE and Viacom Nickelodeon Brands such as Paw Patrol, Baby Shark and Peppa Pig, and for UEFA and player rights. The Company sees these rights as the best indication of the trust gained from the world’s leading super-brands. This trust is justified through PMI’s deep commitment to protecting the brands’ image and unlocking their full commercial potential. The Company is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the toy and merchandise industry, upholding extensive work relationships and longstanding proven results.
The second pillar on which the company relies is its development department, the department receives graphic files from the rights owners and transforms them into actual product designs, with the emphasis placed on safety and on authenticity, products capturing the brand essence and enriching the child’s connection and interaction with the brand.
The third pillar is their manufacturing operations in China, which are conducted in five cutting-edge plants that meet the most stringent standards for high quality and safety standards – including FDA and CE certification. The Company maintains daily presence and contact with the factories through their direct employees located in China. The Company’s longstanding presence in China results from an early exposure to this fast-growing economy - another demonstration of the Company’s strategic and forward-looking perspective stemming from their pioneering spirit. The fourth pillar and asset is the Company’s distribution organization, covering more than 100 countries through their specialized distributors. The multi-channel distribution is conducted both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, based on wholesale or retail, and includes Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS, and leading European and Asian retail and toy chains.
The Company’s far-reaching global operations are managed from its Tel Aviv Headquarters by a diverse, highly skilled and seasoned team, consisting of employees from all sectors and genders of the Israeli society. The Company’s most important function, the Sales organization, is headed by Omer Dekel, VP International Sales. Omer was born and raised in the world of children’s merchandise. Being familiar with the company and its operations since childhood, he rose through its ranks from junior field sales positions and up to senior executive roles, gaining practical experience and invaluable connections, alongside cultivating a deep understating for the needs of retailers, distributors and at the point of sale.

A Family of Family-Owned Companies

PMI is held by the family’s holding company-Ogayu Holdings Ltd, engaging in direct worldwide real estate operations. Ogayu also holds both of PMI’s sister companies – P.C. Medical and PMI E-Commerce.
PMI E-Commerce works in synergy with PMI, selling merchandise directly to consumers through various online and mobile platforms.
PC Medical, currently specializing in pandemic-related products, is managed by Guy Dekel, veteran of the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkel) and partner in the development of the innovative MyZone Social Distancing Device that was launched with extremely fast time-to-market, based on existing manufacturing infrastructures in China. The device, supporting reopening measures by preventing infection, is already being sold through existing distribution channels.

Community Service

PMI’s work is carried out with the deepest commitment to community. Beyond the important role in children’s lives, PMI and Company executives also donate, volunteer, and support the community through numerous activities. Boaz Dekel is an aficionado of the history and heritage of Israel and acts accordingly to promote knowledge thereof. Examples being the founding of the HaReut Museum (Fellowship Museum) in the Galilee in Northern Israel which retells the history of the 1948 Independence War battles in the Galilee, and his various collaborations with the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, including the initiative to support the Atlit Detention Camp Museum and the building of an extension for the museum to be called “Zrif Moshe”, memorializing the heroic immigration journey of Ethiopian Jews, with the aim of deepening their integration into Israeli society.
In addition, over the years, the Company supports children with special needs through the Variety Organization, donates to cancer research in cooperation with Prof. Nadir Arber, and has led initiatives such as the construction of a soccer field for the Foster Child Hostel in Kfar Chabad. Currently, during the world pandemic, 7.5% of PMI’S profits from all pandemic-related products are being donated to the Save the Children Fund.
These activities all serve as an additional link to the chain connecting the generations of the Dekel Family, PMI, and Israeli Society, for a better future based on knowing one’s past.


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