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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Patents Drafting and Registration
Address: Head Office
5 David Fikes st., Science Park, Rehovot
Herzlia-Pituah Branch
32 Maskit St, Herzlia-Pituah
Tel: 972-9-9501060 
Fax: 972-9-9365092
Phone: 972-8-9365090
Fax: 972-8-9365092
Email: [email protected]
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  • Paulina Ben-Ami, Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

    Paulina Ben-Ami

    Founding Partner

    Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

  • Gadi Benett, Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

    Adv. Gadi Benett

    Mananging Partner

    Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

  • Avi  Avital, Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

    Adv. Avi Avital


    Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

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About Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys

Paulina Ben-Ami, Patent Attorneys is a boutique firm that brings a new approach in working with inventors and companies. Members of our staff have a high professional profile and some held high-level managerial and entrepreneurial positions in the industry, and thus are well positioned to evaluate the best patent strategy to achieve your business goals. Paulina Ben-Ami has a team of Patent Attorneys and technical advisors that can handle and provide advice on intellectual property matters in most technological areas, particularly in all fields of Life Sciences and Chemistry including, among others, inventions in the pharmaceutical, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, nano-technology, material chemistry, diagnostics, cosmetics, agricultural and veterinary areas, Medical Canabis, as well as in a variety of High-Tech fields, such as Telecommunications, Computer software, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Computer hardware, Electronics, Electro optics, Internet-related applications, Business Methods, Medical devices ,and many other areas.

Paulina Ben-Ami, over 45 Years of Professional Experience in IP

The firm was founded by Paulina Ben-Ami in Rehovot in 2001. Paulina is the first woman certified as a patent attorney in Israel and she opened the office after a vast career in the industry, academy and government bodies. Paulina began her career in 1968 in the Israel Patent Office. During the years she rose in managerial positions’ ranking and was appointed responsible for all patent examiners in the field of Biotechnology (a chemist in her qualification). In parallel, she executed many missions for the UN and the World Intellectual Property Organization as an expert who assists patent offices in South and Central American countries such as, among others, Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras. In fact, the first book about intellectual property in Brazil was written by Paulina. Later, the family moved to Rehovot, where she worked as intellectual property manager in Ares Serono, an Italian pharmaceutical company and then served for 11 years as Vice President of Patents and Intellectual Property of the Weizmann Institute of Science, which is considered the leading academic institution in the world for patent commercialization.

A Team with Senior Entrepreneurial and Managerial Experience

The dynamic office staff therefore enjoys Paulina’s experience of over 45 years in intellectual property in Israel and abroad. The staff members have extensive managerial experience and some have experienced senior managerial roles in industry and past entrepreneurial practices. The technical and business experience enables the firm to apply a stronger patents strategy that will fit the business needs of every company and organization. With the firm’s customer one can find universities, research organizations, biotechnological companies, hi-tech firms, start-up companies (including private entrepreneurs who have an idea and hadn’t yet begun fund raising) and large public corporations.

The Area of Expertise – Patents Applications Drafting and Prosecution

The office’s main service is drafting and prosecution of patent applications. This service is provided in every country in the world the inventor wishes to market the product or service. Additional services offered include trademark registration that protects the brand of the product or service, and designs registration that protects a product’s external form.

Worldwide Searches and Legal Opinions

The firm also provides two kinds of searches Patentability search and Freedom to Operate. When there is an initial idea and the entrepreneur wishes to know what the odds are that it could be patented, it is important to conduct a worldwide Patentability search to identify and analyze relevant publications and so to estimate the chances for patent approval. Freedom to Operate is related to the ability to manufacture or market a product in a specific country. The search will reveal valid patents that may limit the ability to market a product and sometimes it will be favorable to avoid from marketing a certain product to abstain from being exposed to prosecution. According to a review, it is possible to know what needs to be changed in a certain product in order not to violate existing patents.

The Partners

Gad Benett joined the firm in 2004, after an extensive Hi-Tech career mainly in Silicon Valley and Europe, working in product management and business development on cutting-edge products such as the Nokia 9000 – the very first smartphone in the world or advanced location-based services. As Managing Partner, Gad oversees the firm’s activities as well as working with clients in protecting their inventions in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, medical devices, cyber, drones and more.
Avi Avital has joined the firm in 2005 after a long career in the IDF/Military Intelligence where in his last position as Head of the Chemical and Biological Branch he was responsible, inter alia, for managing, directing and leading the whole communal intelligence research in fields of Chemistry and Biology.
Avi drafts and prosecutes patent applications in all fields of life science, including organic chemistry, biochemistry, peptides, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, formulations, diagnostics, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, material science, alternative energy, and medical device, and drafts patentability and freedom-to-operate opinions.

Team of Patent Attorneys with a Broad Education and an Extensive Industrial Experience

The firm’s management is characterized by advanced academic education combined with extensive industrial / entrepreneurial experience, enabling the firm to tailor patent applications in according to specific needs and business model of each customer. For example, it happens from time to time that an Examiner (typically in the US) will suggest to allow the application if certain changes are made to the claims. Instead of immediately rejoicing that the patent application is allowed, the patent attorney will carefully review with the client the consequences of accepting the Examiner’s suggestion, i.e., which competitor cases will infringe the patent and which will no longer infringe. Only after the client understands the consequences, a wise decision can be made to accept or reject such a proposition. Cases like these constitute an example of the sensitivity and responsibility for legal and technical nuances which are at the base of service given by the firm to all customers.

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