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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Insurance, Execution
Address: 24 Ben Gurion St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6207047
Fax: 972-3-6207048
Email: [email protected]
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  • Eran Peer, Peer - Levy Law Office

    Eran Peer

    Founding Partner

    Peer - Levy Law Office

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    Eran Peer
  • Benjamin Levy, Peer - Levy Law Office

    Benjamin Levy

    Founding Partner

    Peer - Levy Law Office

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    Benjamin Levy


    Dimitry Flashko, Adv. Partner
    Ariel Bar-Lev Cohen, Adv.
    Dorin Manolovich, Adv.
    Avishay Solomon, Adv.
    Netanela Ben - Shoshan, Adv.
    Tzahi Hook, Adv.
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About Peer - Levy Law Office

Peer-Levy, Law Office is a boutique firm that specializes in torts, elementary insurance, and execution. The firm represents leading insurance and car companies along-side private individuals in the fields of property and bodily harm claim in various cases.

The institutional clients tell that the success stems, inter alia, from the firm’s investment in every case as if this is the only case that the firm has and its ability to provide high-quality service.

The firm has been handling tens of thousands of litigation cases, with its lawyers handling dozens of cases daily in courts across Israel. In addition, the firm provides para-legal consulting such as advice for managing insurance businesses and also collegiate counsel for other firms on firm management, organization and procedures.

Leading in Bodily Harm Damages

Peer-Levy is reputed in the field of property damages and bodily harm including fire cases, floods including elementary aspects, fires and floods in structures, vehicle damages (with an emphasis on heavy equipment and buses, trucks and motorcycles), including bodily harm.

Since its establishment, the firm chose to focus and excel only in these fields, and this is expressed in the impressive results it achieves for its clients.

According to the firm’s founders, Advocates Peer and Levy, the insurance practice has interfaces with every other legal field, including criminal, civil, companies, defamation, libel, real estate, inheritance, contracts law and more, and they and their expanded team provides an umbrella of services for the clients for all of the case’s legal aspects. The firm’s execution department supports the enforcement of the verdicts in cases where the defendant refuses to pay the clients.

A Firm that is Recommended by Insurance Agents

The firm’s team currently includes 13 employees including 7 lawyers, 3 secretaries, an execution clerk and 2 interns. The firm represents numerous private clients who arrive to it on an ear-to-mouth basis and through personal recommendations from insurance agents who work vis-à-vis the firm. The representation of both insurance companies and private clients who sue such companies provides the firm’s team with the deepest familiarity with the right angles for handling each case, and thus achieving great satisfaction from the clients and the esteem of the legal system.

The Firm’s Founders

Adv. Eran Peer, Founding Partner

Served in an elite unit of the IDF. Prior to founding the firm, he worked for seven years in a leading insurance company, where he rapidly climbed through field jobs and up to senior management roles. In his last role, he managed the company’s legal cases and outlined its legal policy. By education he has an LL.B. (cum laude) and he interned in one of the leading torts and insurance firms. The extensive experience that Adv. Peer over the years and his in-depth familiarity with the minutiae of the insurance world greatly contributes to the firm’s legal work and wins victories for its clients.

Adv. Benjamin Levy, Founding Partner

Before the firm was founded, Adv. Levy was employed by a leading communication company which he represented in the various courts while accumulating vast experience in litigation and legal regulation. By education he has an LL.B., and he interned in a leading insurance and torts law firm. He accumulated a great many hours of court appearances in all levels of the courts. This extensive experience is expressed in the management of the firm’s litigation department and its effect on the proficiency of the firm’s lawyers, who appear daily in many court sessions.

Prominent Achievement

Canceling a Payment Demand from an Insured who Didn’t Admit Responsibility

The firm managed to cancel a deductible payment demand that a person received from his insurance company. The firm proved that the client preliminarily informed the insurance company that he wasn’t responsible for the accident, and therefore, even though the company committed to paying the damages in the framework of an external arbitration proceeding, the demand is illegal.

Reduced Payment (NIS 1,500 in lieu of NIS 50,000+) for a Person who was Convicted of Damaging a Car

The firm greatly reduced the damages that a car rental company demanded from a person who hit one of its vehicles. The firm proved that the damage assessment was very inflated, and an appeal that was filed by the company in the district court was rejected while the original magistrate verdict was upheld.

Clearing a Company’s Reputation in the Court and in the Insurance Industry

A case where a large company from the car industry sued an insurance company where a car was damaged. The first lawyer who represented the company neglected his responsibility and this led to a severe criticism on the company from the court and caused it a tremendous reputational damage and also financial damage through the astronomical court costs that were ruled in favor of the state. The case was transferred to the firm for an appeal with the aim of clearing the insurance company and canceling the court costs. In the framework of the appeal, the firm managed to prove that its client is right and the ruling was caused due to the negligence of the first lawyer and not because the company had fraudulent intentions, in the court costs were cancelled, which is a rare thing as the Supreme Court guided that in most cases, an appeal court won’t interfere with the court costs that were determined by a magistrate. Thus, the firm succeeded in the mission and cleared the company’s reputation.

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