Peleg – Nia Group

Parts Machining, Stores and Institutes Furniture Design and Manufacturing, Springs Design and Manufacturing through the Oren Springs subsidiary

Peleg – Nia Group
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Established: 1962
Line of Business: Parts Machining, Stores and Institutes Furniture Design and Manufacturing, Springs Design and Manufacturing through the Oren Springs subsidiary
Address: 6 Nachal Snir St., P.O.B. 81224, Northern Industrial Area, Yavne
Phone: 972-73-2111900
Fax: 972-8-9432230
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    Pinchas Oslerne Chairman, Koor Metals Group
    Ilan Ben-Gigi CEO
    Arie Pasha Peleg Machining Div. Manager
    Doron Nachmenson Nia Div. Manager
    Avi Oren CEO of Subsidiary Company Oren Springs
    Haim Segev General Manager, Ramim Engineering Works
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About Peleg – Nia Group

The Koor Metals Group is one of Israel’s largest industrial groups in the fields of machining, designing and manufacturing mobile structures for defense applications, manufacturing of Electricity Towers and Constructions, as well as Spring design and manufacturing and metal furniture for stores and institutes. The Groups consists of the following manufacturing companies and operations.

The Peleg Nia Group

Peleg Ltd. specializes in machining and turning of small and medium parts, in medium and large quantities. The company provides complete manufacturing solutions, like a one-stop-shop, with a variety of machining technologies, including surface treatments, quality control, and assemblies, as required.
The company employs about 200 skilled team members, including engineers, practical engineers, technicians, manufacturing workers, and administrators, who support all of the manufacturing and supply processes. The company has more than 60 Turning and Milling machines, which are upgraded regularly, in order to improve the quality and accuracy of the products produced by the various production lines.

Nia Ltd. is a leading and longstanding producer of custom-produced furniture for stores, public areas and sales points of varying sizes.
Its customers include retail chains, food and marketing chains and numerous public and private stores.

Oren Springs Ltd. is an expert in the manufacturing of top-quality springs of varying sizes.
The company designs and manufactures flat, compression, spiral, extension, volute, torsion and shaped springs, contacts and fixing clips.
The company applies advanced planning and manufacturing methods and employs a highly professional and experienced team of employees.
Owing to its capabilities and vast proven experience Oren Springs is positioned as the industry leader and serves as a major supplier of the Defense and HighTech industries, and industries such as agriculture, metal, aerospace etc.

Ramim Engineering Factories

The company has two areas of operations:

Mobile Communication Shelters:
Transportable prefabricated Communications Shelters, Mobile Tactical Shelters, Telecommunications Shelters, Mobile Laboratories, missile launch packages, drone UAV storage boxes, mobile structures, ammunition and light weapons storage containers, packaging systems and more.
The factory has unique technologies with high entry-level, unique in Israel and one of very few in the world.
It has the engineering capabilities to develop, design and manufacture mechanical/electronic integration, including racks, electric and electronic wiring, air conditioning and more.
The Shelters are used for diverse military and civilian applications, such as UAV command and control, warning stations, communications, meteorology and more.

Electric Poles and General Metalworks

Manufacturing HV Lattice Towers and Electric Poles for the IEC and the private market, for the Palestinian Authority including the East Jerusalem Power Company.
General metalworking, light and heavy structures and cellular polls. The facility has a manufacturing capacity of 500-600 tons per month.

Simat Industries

The company has 25 years of proven experience in manufacturing assemblies for armored vehicles with a specialization in processing hard metals such as armored steel, stainless steel and titanium, including special capabilities for processing large parts with complete solutions for the customers’ needs from model manufacturing to mass production: engineering, metalworking, welding, machining, painting, surface treatments and assembly.

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