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Metal recycling solutions

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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Metal recycling solutions
Address: 34/16 Hatmaout st. Ashdod
Phone: 972-50-5367535
Fax: 972-8-8525352
Email: [email protected]
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  • Micahel Pertez, Perez Metals Ltd.

    Micahel Pertez

    Owner & CEO

    Perez Metals Ltd.

  • Daniel  Abucasis, Perez Metals Ltd.

    Daniel Abucasis


    Perez Metals Ltd.

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About Perez Metals Ltd.

Perez Metals Ltd. was founded in 2011 by the businessman Michael Perez and nowadays it is ranked at the top of Israel’s iron and metal industry’s companies. Mr. Perez, the company’s founder, entered the iron collection and trading field as an independent agent in 2005, and then he already realized the vast potential of the collection industry which was dominated at the time by owners of small yards. In light of this understanding, Mr. Perez decided to expand the company’s operations while advancing the metal collection and trading industry another step forward. Thus, a business which started with a small pick-up truck for collecting iron, grew into a full-sized truck and then another truck, and today it is considered to be a successful and prospering company which takes in hundreds of tons of iron and metals daily, with numerous customers in Israel and abroad.

Iron and Metals Trading

The company is active in buying and selling iron and various other metals including aluminum, stainless steel, copper and more. The company buys scraps and waste of all types of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) at the highest prices in the market and processes them for the remanufacturing process while strictly adhering to the highest standard in the industry. As the trucks arrive at the company’s main yard in Kanot Junc., the various metals undergo a separation and sorting process. Particular attention is given to the precious Type A iron which is shredded in the company’s yard to sizes of up to 80cm (the global standard for iron) and from there it is transported to Israel’s only iron manufacturing facilities – Had Assaf in Akko and Yehuda Steels in Ashdod. Other metals undergo a sorting and pressing process in the company’s yard prior to being sold to facilities and companies in Israel and abroad. All of the metals that arrive to the yard undergo a quality process for determining their exact metal percentage. The higher the metal share in the product, the higher its price would be.

Transportation and Dismantling

The company owns a fleet of transport trucks which handles, inter alia, the collection and transportation of metals from collection yards to facilities. In addition, the company executes metal structures and facilities dismantling works on the premises of factories and companies with strict environmental protection practices. Perez Metals is one of the few companies in Israel with the capability to execute complex and complicated dismantling works, and it was responsible, for example, for the dismantling of the Israeli Navy’s slipway in Eilat, of the tunneling machine in the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, of the El-Al workshop in Ben Gurion Airport and more.

Construction Iron Marketing

Throughout the years, the company gained close relationships with construction contractors and in this niche it provides construction iron to order and according to construction plans. The company has the capability to speedily provide orders of any size.

Extensive Exports

In its Iron operations, the company exports surplus iron to Turkey by sea, and other metals are marketed in cargo ships to Germany, South Africa and Turkey, among others.

Innovation as a Leading Value

Perez Metals champions innovation as a strategic value in order to become Israel’s largest iron and metals company. For this purpose, the company’s executives visit the major heavy equipment shows across the world annually and purchase the most innovative and advanced equipment. Recently, the company procured a special shearing excavator which enables it cut iron quickly and efficiently in almost any required diameter. Furthermore, the shearing excavator transforms scraps into type A iron relatively quickly, and unlike as in the dangerous hot cutting, the cutting is executed through a particularly safe cold shearing process. The company notes that the unique shearing machine increased its profitability and it currently intends to procure an additional one.

Protecting the Environment

The share of mined metals constantly decreases every year, while millions of tons of iron and metal waste are accumulating across the world every year. The metal recycling that company is executing is the obvious green and clean solution for this environmental reality and is considerably cheaper than mining metals from natural mines. Nowadays, about 50% of global metals come from recycling processes, and this share is expected to increase dramatically over time.

A Team of Skilled Workers and Advanced and Modern Equipment

The company owns modern and advanced equipment including: cranes, excavators, scrap metal shredders, tractors, forklifts, roller-compactors and 10 of the most innovative and advanced 30-ton trucks. The company guarantees service in any point in Israel within 24 hours. The combination between some of the most advanced equipment in the world and the longstanding experience of the company’s employees and managers enables the company to provide its customers with high-quality professional service within short timeframes and at a particularly competitive price.

The Company’s Headquarters in Kanot

The company’s headquarters and main yard are located in the Kanot Industrial Zone. In addition, the company is working with regular suppliers who operate yards in cities such as Ashdod, Hazor HaGlilit and more. The company receives about 300 tons of iron and 30 tons of other metals daily, in accordance with the demand and supply in the market. The company employs around 30 employees, including truck drivers, excavator operators, administrators, procurement and marketing personnel and more. The company has an annual turnover of around NIS 100 million and it is consistently growing.

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