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Development, construction, urban renewal

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Line of Business: Development, construction, urban renewal
Address: 180 Jaffa St. Jerusalem, TOWER SHALEM building
Phone: 972-2-5004646
Fax: 972-2-5002789
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.pituachgroup.com
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    Arieh Alter - Owner and CEO
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About Pituach Group

Pituach Group is a development company specializing in initiating residential, profitable, and commercial real estate and urban renewal.

The group is distinguished by the fact that, despite its impressive growth, it manages to maintain its uniqueness as a boutique company, allowing each customer to find their place within it.

The group views its tenants and customers as partners on an immersive and challenging journey. The process of urban renewal in Pituach Group begins with a mutual partnership and full transparency with tenants, ensuring their participation in the licensing and planning process, providing a prompt and clear response throughout the construction process, selecting floors, kitchens, and finishes, and ensuring that the work is completed satisfactorily.

The process of selling the new apartments commences with advertising and marketing, continues with the selection of the apartments perfectly suited to the customer’s needs, and culminates with the buyer’s participation in the construction process, in the selection of flooring, kitchens, and other elements until the apartment is handed over.

Group clients consider the group to be a safe haven, and some of them have even purchased several apartments in the group’s projects.The group provides buyers with a comprehensive guidance package in all stages of purchase and construction until the delivery, and also afterward.

Building Jerusalem

During this time, the group is promoting an urban renewal project as part of Pinui Binui in Kiryat Yovel neighborhood in Jerusalem, in which more than a thousand new apartments will be built, above parking floors and in tandem with careful environmental development.
Those who have examined the plans and are familiar with the company’s performance record have been accurate at defining it as someone who is “rebuilding Jerusalem”. The residents of the complex share the path the group embarked on together with them, and they are watching the progress of the licensing procedures and look forward to the day when work will begin.
In addition, in the Halamit complex in Bat-Yam, the group is promoting a Pinui Binui project as part of a complex that covers a huge area and contains dozens of residential buildings, public buildings, and commercial areas - in close cooperation with the Bat-Yam municipality and the local administration for urban renewal. Pituach Group includes other companies with impressive resumes in the field of urban renewal.

Financial Strength

Pituach Group enjoys high levels of trust from the banking system and non-bank financing funds, which extend credit in its favor in ever-increasing volumes, after confirming its financial strength. Among the entities with which Pituach Group works in close cooperation are Bank Hapoalim and Michlol - the financing division of Clal Insurance.
The project managers in the group work directly with the municipal, district, and national licensing authorities and receive an attentive response from all levels. They are assisted by architects and planners of the first rank, those whose opinion is heard and whose wise advice is accepted by consensus among all their peers. The group’s resume includes the construction of hundreds of housing units in the 17th district of Ashdod, commercial and employment centers in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Arad, and more. As part of urban renewal projects, the company operates in Petah Tikva, Bat Yam, Ashdod, Jerusalem, and Or Yehuda. The group also owns a construction company that carries out some of its projects.

Dreams Come True

Pituach Group, with extensive real estate experience, understands that it is not a quick journey and can take a year or two. Foundations are dug and poured, concrete pillars stick out of the ground, floor after floor is built, and the building keeps rising. The customer shares the journey, observes in astonishment, notices the progress, is exposed to the hard work of the skilled workers and sees his apartment dream come true.
The customer chooses the flooring, touches the tiles, and determines the shade that will dominate his home - and Pituach Group makes it happen.
After the environmental development is completed, as the green grass blooms and sows freshness throughout the space and the satisfied tenants remove the plastic wrap, the team members observe, share with them the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment and immediately proceed to the completion phase of the next project.

Professionals in their Field

During the long journey, the group’s team meets many professionals including electrical and plumbing experts, door and elevator installers, aluminum and ironsmiths, builders, plasterers, and painters. Prior to all these, they get to meet building engineers and development engineers, architects and planners, and many other professional consultants who are all full of enthusiasm for their work.
The building is built layer by layer by countless professionals, whose combined work produces the finished result, the new apartments. This is what the group has been doing every day all day for many years, and this is what they continue to do with love, attention to detail, endless dedication, and out of a sense of mission and responsibility.

The Group’s Vision

A priority goal for the group is to accompany as many people and families as possible to an apartment. It is this ambitious goal that fills the company’s team with satisfaction and joy, and the company’s employees are excited every time to enter together with a buyer into an apartment who has just received its key. The new tenant sticks the key in the lock hole, turns it excitedly, and when the door opens the scent of fresh paint hits his nose.
The company members eagerly await the moment when, together with the tenants, they breathe this fragrance, wander between the rooms, open and close the windows and notice the twinkle in the eyes and the boundless joy. The company team is passionate about being a partner in the journey and leading the customer along the path he chose. The company team strives to navigate, offer, assist, build from scratch, and create something new. If there is something the group loves more than creating a new vision, it is to fulfill the existing one and execute it quickly and efficiently.

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