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Established: 1982
Line of Business: Smart packaging and transport solutions
Address: Kibbutz Gadot, Upper Galilee 1232500
Phone: 972-4-6939393
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Ofer Karmon, Plasgad

    Ofer Karmon



  • Ido Shifroni, Plasgad

    Ido Shifroni

    CEO Plasgad USA


  • Daniel Lahayani Zruia, Plasgad

    Daniel Lahayani Zruia



  • Ori Dembo, Plasgad

    Ori Dembo

    Israel Sales Director


  • Pinhas Alon, Plasgad

    Pinhas Alon

    VP Operations


  • Iftah Poran, Plasgad

    Iftah Poran

    VP R&D


  • Joxe Indo, Plasgad

    Joxe Indo

    Europe Sales Director


  • Inbal Tal-Smith, Plasgad

    Inbal Tal-Smith

    CEO Assistant


  • Konin Naama, Plasgad

    Konin Naama

    Marketing & Sales (Asia) Director


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About Plasgad

Plasgad develops and manufactures reusable packaging and transportation solutions and enables its customers to deliver their products at their best to the end customer. These solutions allow companies to distribute their products around the world while maintaining quality, efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability.
The company was established in 1982 and owns two production sites in Israel and an additional one in the United States. Plasgad has sales and distribution infrastructure in more than 30 countries and caters to thousands of companies worldwide.
The company has 2 subsidiaries in Spain and the United States and boasts extensive international operations. More than half of the company’s sales are export-based.

The company is focused on the Israeli, American and European markets.

One-Stop-Shop for Reusable Packaging and Transportation Solutions

Plasgad offers vast knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing reusable plastic packaging, transportation, and storage solutions products. Our R&D encompasses both the product and logistical aspects to achieve the precise solution ideally suitable for the specific requirements of our customers.

Plasgad Solutions

We offer a diverse range of solutions for various industries:
Pallets - lightweight plastic pallets with excellent space-saving characteristics, the 360° pallets designed for maximum number of round trips, and logistic pallets suitable for automatic warehouses and conveyors that work very well with heavy loads.
Crates - the sealed crates provide a solution for environmental-sensitive goods that require strict hygiene conditions. Ventilated crates provide maximum ventilation and are ideal for packaging and shipping agricultural and food products, rapid-foldable crates that offer functional advantages
Auxiliary solutions - Plasgad offers a number of such solutions, including dollies, containers, and bins in a variety of configurations for customers in such sectors as food, catering, pharma, and others.

Optimal Solution for a Variety of Industries

The company’s primary customers are commercial chains and large business corporations. We provide a range of solutions for a variety of industries, from agriculture and food, through airlines, shipping, tourism, pharma, and textiles to digital trading companies and the DIY market. Plasgad’s packaging, storage, and transportation solutions enable its customers to reach any point in the world: at any given moment thousands of companies throughout the world use our products.

Protecting the Environment

Following the circular economy model, Plasgad produces solutions for reusing products and reducing their environmental footprint. We let customers return out-of-date products to the company’s factories, where the products are shredded, recycled, and ultimately used to create new products. Plasgad is committed to international standards in the fields of environment, safety, and health at work and is certified for quality management according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard at all levels of the organization, for environmental management according to the ISO 14001 standard, and for occupational health and safety management according to the OHSAS 18001 standard. Plasgad has never compromised on product quality, maximum reliability, transparency and excellent customer service to create real value for its customers.

Adapting Itself to the New Logistical World

Plasgad’s solutions are fully in-line with the tremendous advances in the global logistic field, which can be seen in the comprehensive automation systems, high precision engineering requirements, modern transportation and storage systems. As a niche player in the logistics market, Plasgad focuses on development of advanced, smart solutions to meet the needs of an evolving market.

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