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Banking and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Funds, Commercial and Hi-Teach

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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Banking and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Funds, Commercial and Hi-Teach
Address: Amot Mishpat Tower, 8 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5415555
Fax: 972-3-5415550
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  • Ziv Dr. Preis, Preis, Baharav & Co.

    Ziv Dr. Preis

    Founding Partner

    Preis, Baharav & Co.

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    Ziv Dr. Preis
  • Ronen Baharav, Preis, Baharav & Co.

    Ronen Baharav

    Founding Partner

    Preis, Baharav & Co.

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    Ronen Baharav
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About Preis, Baharav & Co.

Preis, Baharav & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of business law.
The firm was established on the grounds of providing excellent service and counsel, rendered by the firm’s partners while striving for excellence, efficiency and the best possible results for each client.
The firm and its partners have earned a great reputation, in Israel and the world, in their areas of specialization. They are constantly awarded and recognized for their achievements, in Israel as well as in the worlds of M&As, corporate, finance and banking, by the most prestigious rating publications, including Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, D&B, IFLR, and BDI.
The firm advises leading companies in Israel and overseas in deals and provides on-going legal support. Preis, Baharav & Co. was founded in 2011 by Dr. Ziv Preis and Ronen Baharav. Since its inception, the firm has represented large businesses and corporations from Israel and abroad, including private and public companies, startups, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, banks, funds and financial institutions, operating in a range of areas and various countries and industries.
This quality boutique firm specializes in all areas of business law and regularly handles complexities and challenges in financing, investments and mergers and acquisitions transactions. The firm provides on-going consultancy to large corporations and financial institutions in Israel, on corporate and commercial subjects.
The legal services that the firm provides to its clients meet the highest standards due to the many years of experience and professionalism of its partners. The firm and its partners believe in a personal and close relationship with clients throughout the transaction or matter, so that all the firm’s clients, large and small, enjoy the added value of individual involvement of the firm’s partners, their experience and uncompromising quality, legal and academic, at all times. 

Practice Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions: The firm handles all types of M&As and represents buyers, sellers, institutional investors and financial institutions in domestic and international deals in a variety of deal size and industries. The knowledge and experience acquired allows the firm to plan the best strategies for clients in every deal, in Israel or abroad, and implements them in the most effective and professional way. Dr. Ziv Preis is consistently rated as a highly recommended lawyer in the field of companies and M&As.

Banking: The firm consults on a wide range of issues in banking and financial services. The firm’s clients include several of Israel’s largest banks and financial institutions and international banks, medium-sized companies and borrowers. The firm has the knowledge, experience, and ability to support, lead and complete the complexities in financial deals. Ronen Baharav has in recent years been consistently ranked at the top of the leading lawyers in banking and financing by local and international ranking catalogs. 

Investment Funds: The firm advises founders of funds on the establishment of investment funds, as well as advising the largest institutions in the country on their investments in local and international investment funds. The firm counsels on all kinds of private funds’ investments, including funds of funds, private investments funds, hedge funds, VC funds, debt funds, real estate and infrastructures. In addition, the firm also advises on all stages of the establishment and operation of funds, from the planning stages, to fundraising and to the completion and operation of the fund.

High-Tech: The firm advises startups, for investors, entrepreneurs and VC funds. The firm’s approach holds that it builds relationships with startups that are akin to a long-term strategic partner who requires a deep understanding of the challenges facing both a startup company and investors and takes into account the firm’s commitment to the startup’s success in the short and long term.

Financing Companies: The firm is renowned for its major expertise and experience and the quality legal consultancy provided by the partners, on all aspects of deals for financing companies. The firm’s partners are regularly involved in the most complex and major financing deals.

Commercial and Corporate Law: The firm’s partners work closely with the management of every client both in day-to-day activities and planning and implementing domestic and international deals. The firm has major experience in providing consultancy to clients in varied and diverse fields. Some of the largest companies in the Israeli economy employ the firm on a regular basis. The firm provides comprehensive legal consultancy on all aspects of corporate law including corporate governance, financing, joint ventures, commercial law, and M&As. The firm’s partners also represent leading companies in Israel and abroad who benefit from major experience in international deals, allowing the firm’s partners to provide the highest standards legal services. 

The Partners

Dr. Ziv Preis is ranked as one of the most recommended lawyers in corporate law, and M&As. His main practice areas are M&As, high-tech, corporate and commercial law, private investment funds, VC funds, project financing and on-going consultancy for companies. He advises leading private and public companies, Israeli institutional investors and international companies in all aspects of corporate law, M&As and commercial law. He previously worked in the M&As dept. of the New York office of White & Case. He has won a number of prizes and scholarships including prizes for his work at Harvard Legal School. He has served as the lecturer in M&As and business law at Tel Aviv University.

Ronen Baharav is ranked as one of Israel’s leading banking and financing lawyers. His main practice areas are corporate law, financing companies, bank financing and all aspects of bond transactions and regulation of banks and financial institutions. He has major expertise in representing lenders and borrowers in complex financial and M&A deals and the regulatory approvals required to complete them. He has advised all Israel’s major banks, leverage funds, and large corporations in all aspects of financing and is experienced in providing legal consultancy to clients preparing and conducting talks for commercial deals.