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Provident funds, study funds, pension funds, insurance and savings, central severance pay funds, mutual funds, ETNs, portfolio management, research and brokerage services

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Established: 1963
Line of Business: Provident funds, study funds, pension funds, insurance and savings, central severance pay funds, mutual funds, ETNs, portfolio management, research and brokerage services
Address: 14 Ahad Ha’am St., Tel Aviv 6514211
Phone: *6899
Fax: 972-3-7968889
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  • Barak Soreni

    Barak Soreni


    Psagot Investment House Ltd.

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About Psagot Investment House Ltd.

Psagot Israel’s largest investment house managing approximately *NIS 190 billion on behalf of over one million clients. Psagot began its activities 52 years ago under the helm of Bank Leumi. Over the years, Psagot expanded its areas of activity and today offers a variety of long-term savings products such as provident funds, and pension funds, short-term savings products and financial services, such as investment portfolios in Israel and abroad, mutual funds, ETNs and a platform for managing independent investments, as well as various insurance products. Leading firms, public institutions, institutional investors, foreign investors and private clients have chosen Psagot to manage their assets.

In managing the public’s assets, Psagot constantly seeks to maximize value for its clients and business associates.

Responsible and professional assets management, while obtaining notable returns over time

Psagot’s investment philosophy, emerging due to the understanding that management of public assets involves tremendous responsibility and conservative management, focused on achieving notable returns over time. This philosophy allows for success and continuous growth. Psagot believes that intelligent management of clients’ assets should be based on systematic investment methodology and extensive allocation of resources for research. Psagot’s investment and research division consists of six specialized research units, employing a team of 80 analysts, investment managers and traders. The division is the largest and of the highest quality among the investment houses in Israel and concomitant with its daily activities also draws on the knowledge of leading research institutions in Israel and in the world. 

Maintaining and safeguarding the rights of investors and savers while promoting ongoing institutional involvement

Together with traditional investment management, Psagot promotes active institutional involvement, an essential tool in obtaining long term outstanding performance on behalf of its investor public. This principle has long been defined by Psagot, resulting in clear and transparent rules secured in the “Psagot Institutional Involvement Convention”, the aim of which is to protect the rights of investors and create more appropriate behavior norms on the part of companies operating in the capital market. Psagot Investment House is the first and sole company that has established and earmarked an exclusive department to engage in the field of institutional involvement, continuously seeking to implement the Convention’s principles and to maximize value for its clients. 

Increasing savings and financial education in Israel and the development of a digital channel

In recent years, economic and financial risks have significantly intensified. In addition, key processes that are shaping the local economy such as the shift of responsibility for pension savings to the public, the sophistication of financial products, heightened discourse on economic issues in the media and greater consumer awareness, strengthen the need to increase the Israeli public’s financial knowledge. Psagot has raised the banner in promoting savings and financial education in Israel and in an effort to increase knowledge and avoid common financial errors, and established the “Psagot Knowledge Center for Financial Education”. In addition, Psagot also acts through collaborations with leading economic factors, public authorities and business organizations to promote financial education in Israel developing a wide digital channel for the benefit of its clients. The range of digital-financial tools launched by the investment house includes the “Digital Financial Academy”, the “click to save” and the “Psagot trade” applications. 

Psagot Investment House offers a variety of savings and investment products:

Medium and long–term investment and savings products – Provident funds, study funds and central severance pay funds - Psagot Provident Funds and Pension is Israel’s largest provident fund company. Psagot offers a wide range of provident funds, study funds and central severance pay funds, notable in their outstanding performance and high rankings over time. Among others, Psagot manages “Gadish” - Israel’s largest provident fund.

Pension funds – Psagot’s pension funds offers a range of insurance and investment tracks, designed to allow maximum compatibility between the savings tracks and the nature and needs of the investor.

Insurance – Psagot Insurance Company offers a range of life insurance products and savings policies. 

Investment products and short term savings

Portfolio management in Israel and abroad – Psagot the largest portfolio management company in Israel, manages investment portfolios on behalf of companies, institutional investors and individual investors.

Mutual Funds – Psagot Mutual Funds is one of Israel’s leading mutual fund companies in Israel demonstrating outstanding performance over time. Psagot operates 160 mutual funds in a wide variety of tracks that are suited to various types of investors.

ETNs – Psagot Exchange Traded Notes is the most senior company in Israel’s ETN market with a broad offering of 180 ETNs and certificates of obligation.

Brokerage and research services – Psagot’s brokerage department offers it’s private and insurance investor’s professional trade in securities and advanced trading room equipped with updated trading, communication and data systems that can be found in leading global trading rooms. 

Mutual funds Manager - Psagot Mutual Funds Ltd. - * As of 31.12.2015. ^ The above should not be seen as a commitment to achieve certain returns. The abovementioned does not constitute investment marketing/advice and/or pension marketing/advice and/or a substitute for advice/marketing as mentioned and/or tax advice that takes into consideration the special needs of each individual and furthermore does not constitute an offer to purchase units in the funds and/or of ETNs and/or of securities, which should be solely performed in accordance to a valid prospectus and immediate reports. The above-mentioned should not be seen as a commitment on the part of Psagot to achieve a certain return. Psagot Securities Ltd. - a portfolio manager and a member of the stock exchange - and Psagot Investment House Ltd. – an investment marketer (hereinafter “the companies”) are engaged in investment marketing (and not in investment advice) and are members of the Psagot group. The companies are affiliated to financial assets managed by the second company and are also affiliated to the financial assets managed by the companies belonging to the Psagot group. The companies may prefer said assets over other financial assets. Psagot Provident Funds and Pension Ltd. engages in pension marketing (and not pension advice) and is affiliated to pension products under its management.

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