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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Urban Renewal
Address: 5 Shoham St., Ramat Gan, Paz Towers, 19th floor (The Diamond Exchange Complex)
Phone: *3815
Email: office@Radco38.co.il
Website: http://www.radco38.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Yitzhak  Rafaeli, Radco 38

    Yitzhak Rafaeli

    President and Founder

    Radco 38

  • Rafael  Rafaeli, Radco 38

    Rafael Rafaeli

    CEO and Owner

    Radco 38

  • Nana  Hen, Radco 38

    Nana Hen

    Deputy CEO

    Radco 38

  • David  Maltz, Radco 38

    David Maltz


    Radco 38

  • Meni  Bar Menachem, Radco 38

    Meni Bar Menachem

    Chief Engineer

    Radco 38

  • Nadav  Yaffe, Radco 38

    Nadav Yaffe

    VP Engineering of Urban Renewal

    Radco 38

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About Radco 38

Radco 38 is a subsidiary company registered by Rafaeli Group which is a leading initiation and execution company in the urban renewal field, including Tama 38 and evacuation & construction projects. The company is active in a variety of projects throughout Israel and is currently at the execution and formulation stages of projects with an overall scope of hundreds of apartments.
The company employs some of Israel’s leading architecture firms and longstanding construction companies.
Rafaeli Group was founded in 1987 and is a leading family-owned business group with widespread economic operations in Israel and overseas, with turnovers of NIS hundreds of millions, in a variety of sectors and fields.
The vision and activity of Mr. Yitzhak Rafaeli, the group’s president, served as the foundation for the group’s development and strengthening. Its holdings include international companies that are active in real-estate initiation and investments and international commerce and it manages businesses in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

Professionalism, Experience and Financial Strength

Radco 38 by Rafaeli Group strictly meticulously complies with international standards and maintains strict construction standards and an uncompromising finishing level, which guarantees peace-of-mind for the residents for many years.
All of the projects that the company executes benefits from bank support from leading Israeli banks. The company believes that high quality and attentive service to its customers is the guarantee to the purchasers’ satisfaction.

The Executive Team

Yitzhak Rafaeli – President and Founder of the Rafaeli Group
Has an M.B.A., Business Administration, and Economics. Owns international companies that handle entrepreneurship and investments in Israel and abroad in a variety of fields, including commerce, initiation, services, and real estate.
Throughout all of his years in business, Yitzhak has been espousing attentive and modest management with an emphasis on integrity, professionalism and business fairness.

Rafael Rafaeli – CEO and Owner of the Rafaeli Group
Founded and managed in Belgium international companies that were active in commerce and consumer products with Asia-Pacific and East Europe. Under his management, the company has been initiating and constructing real estate and construction projects in Israel and abroad.

Nana Chen – Deputy CEO of the Rafaeli Group
Is responsible for real-estate initiation, investments, and international commerce. Has a B.A., Political Sciences from Bar-Ilan University. Member of Or-Yehuda’s City Council, Chairwoman of “One by One” - the Uno Valley Women Administration and member of the “Israeli Women Coalition”.

David Maltz – CFO of the Rafaeli Group
Is a certified public accountant, with a B.A., Economics and Accounting and an LL.M. He has more than a decade of experience as the controller and CFO of large commercial companies and publicly traded in the Industry and Real Estate sectors.

Meni Bar Menachem – Chief Engineer of the Rafaeli Group
Has a B.Sc. from the Technion and an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering. Has more than 15 years of experience in construction and real-estate development in Israel and Europe.

Nadav Yaffe – VP Engineering of Urban Renewal
Has a B.Sc. from the Technion and an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering. Has more than 19 years of experience in construction and real-estate development in Israel and Europe.

Selected Projects

Kiryat Rafaeli, Ashkelon
In 1996, The Rafaeli group purchased 430 dunams of land in Northern Ashqelon and developed and bettered them into an upscale residential neighborhood with 3,700 apartments, of which 2,400 apartments are already populated, with extensive communal infrastructures.

Savyon, Ramat Gan
An evacuation & construction project where 6 buildings would be demolished and 3 towers with about 300 new apartments, commercial spaces and offices would be built.

4-10 HaTana’im, Tel Aviv
The company was selected to execute a demolition and reconstruction project at the heart of the Ramat Aviv, a first-of-a-kind project in this area.

60 Tel-Hai, Ramat Gan
The demolition of a 6-apartment building and the construction of a boutique building with 21 new apartments in its place.

10 Yehuda HaNasi, Tel Aviv
In Ramat Aviv, a modern building with 64 apartments would be built.

15 Katzenelson, Tel Aviv
A demolition and reconstruction project in Tel-Aviv cultural heart.

95 HaAtzmaut, Herzliya
In a central street of Herzliya, a 3-story building with 6 residents would be demolished, and a 7-story modern building would be built in its place.

77 HaSar Moshe, Ramat Gan
In a quiet street, a building with 6 apartments would be demolished and a boutique building with 18 new apartments would be built in its place.

6-8 HaTzanhanim, Hod HaSharon
At the heart of the Magdiel Neighborhood, a seismic retrofitting project.

36 Rambam, Ra’anana
A seismic retrofitting project at the heart of Ra’anana, which would include an addition of 3.5 floors with 10 new apartments.

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