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Urban Renewal; Urban planning

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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Urban Renewal; Urban planning
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Gibor Sport Tower, Ramat Gan 5268102
Phone: 972-3-5555055
Fax: 972-3-5555066
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.raisman.co.il
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  • Amir  Raisman, Raisman-Gur law office

    Amir Raisman

    Owner and Manager

    Raisman-Gur law office

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    Amir Raisman
  • Moran  Gur, Raisman-Gur law office

    Moran Gur


    Raisman-Gur law office

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    Moran Gur
  • Meir Deutsch, Raisman-Gur law office

    Meir Deutsch


    Raisman-Gur law office


    Amir Raisman, Adv & Notary
    Moran Gur, Adv & Notary
    Meir Deutsch
    Or Dabush
    Nisim Aharon
    Meliza Gabay
    Tom Zilberstain
    Efrat Arbel Sehayek
    Meital Maoz Hanina
    Keren Lis
    Yosef Amar
    Michal Vakrat
    Harel Miller
    Hai Dabush
    Bar Soudai
    Sahar Varon
    May Lurie
    Hila Hacmon
    Hila Cohen
    Yael Gabai
    Emanuel Zvulun
    Meitar Kazaz
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About Raisman-Gur law office

Raisman-Gur-Deutsch Law Office is a boutique firm which specializes in urban renewal, including Tama 38, Pinui-Binui, combination deals and planning and building. The firm is one of the leaders and pioneers of this field, and grew in tandem with its development, with a 300% increase of the firm’s workforce over the past two years. By the end of 2017, the firm would complete the management of 80 built urban renewal projects. The firm’s team is young and dynamic but has deep knowledge and experience, and only practices its area of specialization, and thus the clients benefit from the personal service of a large number of fast, talented and professional team members. Adv. Amir Raisman, one of the pioneers amongst Tama 38 lawyers, accompanied many hundreds of urban renewal transactions over the past decade. He believes that only through hard work, tremendous patience, determination, and uncompromising professionalism can such transactions materialize. The firm focuses on the client’s interests, with personal and close support throughout the entire legal proceeding. Adv. Moran Gur, with more than a decade of planning and building experience, completed Land Appraisal studies in the Technion and acquired unique professional tools that provide a considerable advantage from the synergy between the urban renewal and the planning and building worlds. The firm provides a complete solution with a significant advantage over the competing offers, owing to the inherent provision of planning support, including in the plan and building permits process, betterment charges proceedings, and promotion of complex projects in front of various planning and appeal committees.

These years, Adv. Meir Deutsch joined the firm’s team of partners. Adv. Deutsch started as an intern and acquired 8 years of experience supporting and managing Tama 38 transactions. Adv. Deutsch gained an extensive reputation as one of the top lawyers practicing Urban Renewal.

The firm has extensive experience in all of the civil-commercial law fields, and offers diverse legal services in this field, with an emphasis on litigation, and particularly in the representation of developers and rights owners in condominiums in front of the Real Estate Supervisor in enforcement claims for Tama-38-based agreements. In addition, the firm specializes in commercial real estate, including real estate and land transactions, planning and building laws, demolition orders, preparation of zoning plans and representation in front of planning committees, and in private real-estate, including contractor-residents relations – representation of apartment buyers, construction defects claims, sale agreements, rent agreements etc. The firm practices companies laws and provides ongoing legal representation to commercial entities including banks, and handles corporations, liquidation, receiverships, and bankruptcies. In family law, the firm handles inheritances, wills, and estates, and in the administrative field, it handles municipalities and local authorities. The firm has extensive experience which includes the representation of large companies in the credit sector and other industries, representation and support of contractors throughout projects from contract to the registration of rights, and representation and support of individuals. The firm supports both initiators and contractors and apartments’ owners, and supported numerous transactions from the initial negotiations, through the contract, the reporting to authorities and the handling of the tax exemption applications and up until the sale of the new apartments that were built by the initiator/contractor. The ongoing support, often with daily accompaniment, and the focus on urban renewal transactions, enables the firm to be a leading player in this field. Additionally, the firm was involved in many rulings in the context of claims against objectors in Tama 38 transaction, and gained special expertise in the field, as evidenced from numerous rulings at the basis of which the firm was involved.

The firm’s exceptional specialization in the urban renewal field, its vast experience, the large and young staff, and its professional excellence serve as the basis for its excellent reputation, and the added value from which the clients benefit. 

Practice Areas

The firm has a vast experience in all of the real-estate “base transactions”, including combination transactions, considerations transactions, group purchases, planning and building laws, demolition orders, Pinui-Binui and development agreements. The profound knowledge and experience, which were gained over the years, enable the firm to accompany private developers, contracting companies and initiators throughout the process, with an emphasis on maximizing the transaction’s profitability for the clients.

Urban Renewal and Tama 38 - The firm accompanies Tama 38 transactions, and is proud to be one of the top and leading firms in this area. The firm has extensive experience in negotiations with apartment owners and developers who execute Tama 38 projects, and broad professional knowledge of all of the legal and commercial aspects which are relevant for such transactions, including property, planning and building and taxation aspects.

Pinui-Binui - The firm has a vast proven experience in all of the relevant legal and commercial aspects of Pinui-Binui transactions. Its accumulated professional knowledge and experience enable it to provide a quick and efficient response for its clients on the property, planning, and building and taxation aspects of such transactions. The negotiations with apartment owners and initiators in Pinui-Binui transaction require a unique experience and mediation skills such as understanding, attentiveness, and persuasion. The firm’s vast experience enables it to accomplish impressive results in the closing of deals in a relatively short time.

Litigation - The firm provides top-tier professional abilities and vast experience in court litigations, and particularly before the Real Estate Supervisors.

Corporate law and ongoing legal representation of commercial entities - The firm is highly experienced in companies’ openings and closings, supporting companies in current matters, legal counsel for various proceedings and ongoing handling of the company’s conduct.

Planning and building - The firm specializes in planning and building and the accompaniment of plans and permit applications from the planning opinion stage, before contracting, up until the provision of the desired permit, including handling all the challenges clients endure. The firm has rich experience in the management of the planning process and, with the assistance of the urban renewal department, an immediate response is provided for every issue and leads to optimal results in all of the procedure’s necessary stages.

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