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Commercial Litigation and Class and Derivative Actions

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Established: 1988
Line of Business: Commercial Litigation and Class and Derivative Actions
Address: 22 Rothschild Ave., 20th floor, Tel Aviv 6688218
Phone: 972-3-7549999
Fax: 972-3-7549998
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dekel-law.co.il
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    Ram Dekel – Law Offices

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    Ram Dekel
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About Ram Dekel – Law Offices

Ram Dekel – Law Offices, is a leading law firm that has been specializing in court representation of clients in most of the civil law fields, and particularly in business dispute resolution, class actions and the support of clients in their conflicts with banks and public institutes, for more than 30 years.

The firm gained an extensive reputation in major confrontations against banks and public institutes.

The firm’s founder and owner, Adv. Ram Dekel, has been practicing these fields since 1988. At the beginning of his career, he handled petitions to the high court of justice, and during the 90s he became an expert in claims against banks. He already started working extensively in the field of class actions 20 years ago, since he sees it as a tool which can lead to a change in the way wealthy and powerful entities handle themselves in front of the common person. Today, the firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in class and derivative actions, in significant amounts, in addition to its main practice of civil litigation in large cases and complex business disputes, and handling large real-estate transactions and significant contracts.

The combination between Adv. Dekel’s personal service, caring and involvement in each case, and the professional efficiency, high availability and fighting spirit for which the office is renowned, create the added value from which the clients benefits, and lead to its numerous successes.

The firm focuses on commercial and business issues, and its lawyers appear before courts and various tribunals, including for unique matters in extraordinary and individual cases, such as commercial disputes in the family, creditors arrangements, bankruptcies and liquidations, unique real-estate cases and more. In dozens of cases, the firm reached settlements and arrangements between its clients and various banks.

Recently, the firm has been focusing on counseling and supporting its clients in solving banking crises, in cases of resolution for particularly high debts and when necessary also in managing large-sums lawsuits.

In recent years, the firm filed more than 50 class actions on various topics, in Israel and abroad. The class action field is a relatively new and evolving field, which requires expertise and a great investment of time and resources, and the firm has been achieving a lot of success in it. The firm believes that class action filing also serves as a service for the public and a primary tool for private enforcement in cases where the regulators are ineffective or the criminal law doesn’t provide a satisfactory solution. The firm’s public awareness is extensive. For several years it represented the “Yerukim” (environmental) association pro bono, in addition to vast environmental operations. The firm filed petitions to the high court of justice concerning cellular radiation, lawsuits against bus companies concerning air pollution, and a unique class action concerning the contamination of the Yarkon River. In 2008, Adv. Dekel served as a member of the Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality on behalf of the municipality’s “Yerukim” faction.


Practice Areas

Class and Derivative Actions - The firm has been practicing in this area since 1997, and handled about 100 class actions (representing both plaintiffs and defendants) on various topics including securities, banking, companies, antitrust, consumer protection and environmental protection. The firm’s vast experience in this field also led to the representation of defendants in consumer protection and other class actions, including leading Israeli retailers. The firm formerly participated in several class actions in the US against Israeli companies that are traded on the NASDAQ, in cooperation with American law firms. Some of the claims were settled for very high sums.

Derivative Actions is an adjacent practice area of the class action practice. The firm filed several applications for the approval of derivative actions on behalf of public companies against their directors, in cases of personal liability to the company. One of the best-known cases among these was the action concerning the purchasing of Ma’ariv newspaper by Discount Investments, which was settled after the defendants paid NIS 100M to remove the action.


Commercial Law - The firm represents various companies and businesses on an ongoing basis, including opinions, preparation of commercial contracts, negotiations, business disputes, collection and various lawsuits, permit procedures, administrative appeals and petitions to the high court of justice, correspondence with authorities, share purchase and sale, partnerships, labor agreements etc. The firm mainly focuses on representation in such claims in various courts and arbitrations.


Banking - For many years, the firm has been managing the practice of representing clients in conflicts and negotiations with banks, including large and medium clients, companies and individuals, local authorities, Kibbutzim, factories and businesses, and handling hundreds of cases in a variety of proceedings, from monetary lawsuits that were filed by banks against the clients, or vice versa, liquidation cases, bankruptcies, mortgage foreclosures, various sureties etc. The firm accumulated vast experience in working with liquidators, accountants, comptrollers and banking experts.

In the framework of proceedings that the firm managed against banks, its clients received refunds amounting to NIS millions. Some of the claims were also managed as class actions on behalf of a broad constituency of customers. For example, a lawsuit against the large banks concerning a suspected violation of anti-trust laws regarding fees, which led to a refund of NIS 35 million to the public.


Environmental Protection - The firm believes in the great importance of environmental protection. All its operations in this area are pro bono, and the firm considered it a service to the public. In this area, as in its banking and class actions operations, the firm acts against large and powerful authorities and entities, and sees it as an immense challenge.

The firm represented the HaYerukim association and HaYerukim faction in the Tel-Aviv municipality for years. In addition to its ongoing environmental operations, the firm filed two petitions to the high court of justice on behalf of HaYerukim concerning cellular antenna radiation and limiting TV commercials that encourage minors to use cellphones. In addition, the firm filed lawsuits against the bus companies Egged and Dan concerning air pollution, a class action against the Yarkon River Authority and 12 local authorities that border the river, concerning its contamination. The firm also filed a class action against the Netanya Municipality concerning the collection of entrance fees to the Poleg Beach. This case was also initiated by the firm, with the aim of correcting a longstanding wrong.

The firm continues to operate against the degradation of the environment, and the air and water quality, and recently also against “mental pollution” – the massive attack by the billboards, which multiply uncontrollably in huge proportions.

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