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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Law Office - Commercial/High-Tech
Address: Azrieli, Square Tower, 27th Floor,
Tel Aviv 6701101
Phone: 972-3-7947777
Fax: 972-3-7947778
Email: info@raz-dlugin.co.il
Website: http://www.raz-dlugin.co.il
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  • Rafi Raz, Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

    Rafi Raz

    Managing Partner

    Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

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    Rafi Raz
  • Ran Dlugin, Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

    Ran Dlugin

    Senior Partner

    Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

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    Ran Dlugin
  • Michal Donner, Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

    Michal Donner


    Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

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    Michal Donner
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About Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices

Raz Dlugin is a High-Tech oriented boutique Law Firm specializing in representation of venture capital funds, Israeli and foreign private investors (angels), entrepreneurs, startups and companies in the fields of commercial law, high-tech, software and hardware, internet, Bio Tech, Medical Devices, Fin Tech, Auto Tech, Agro Tech, game developers/distributors, etc.

The firm was established in 2008 by Adv. Rafi Raz and Adv. Ran Dlugin. 


Raz, Dlugin & Co. is one of Israel’s leading players in the field of high-tech, with unique expertise in representing investors, corporations and high-tech start-ups (all over the world), from the stages of planning and setting up companies and up to the representation of companies in exit stages. In addition, the firm holds a special expertise in the field of escorting angels (early stage investors) in Israel and abroad. 

The firm’s staff has a unique specialty in the gaming world, a huge industry in an unprecedented momentum. Raz, Dlugin & Co. is a pioneer in this field in terms of professional knowledge and understanding, and in terms of its in-depth familiarity with this industry. 

Direct and Fast Access to the Firm’s Partners

Although the firm is one of the leading and busiest in its area of expertise, the partners are committed to the principle that all the firm’s clients shall be granted direct and immediate access to one of the senior partners, at any given time. 

The foregoing principle creates a work environment in which the firm’s clients enjoy a personal and highly professional response of the senior partners in every stage of their activities while maintaining a quick response rate to meet clients’ needs. 

Clients and Deals    

Raz, Dlugin & Co. represents venture capital funds and the upper echelon of investors (angels), who frequently appear at the outstanding angel’s lists and are responsible for the majority of the high-tech related transactions every year.

In this framework, the firm is proud to represent Mr. Gigi Levi, who was ranked as the leading Angel investor in Israel (and one of the world leading) by Forbes magazine, as well as Mr. Zohar Gilon, who is also one of the leading Angel investors in Israel for more than 30 years. 

The firm is involved in the biggest merger and acquisition transactions, capital raisings and international commercial agreements, in Israel and worldwide including in the USA, Europe, the Far East, etc. 

The firm has a vast and varied clientele, with exponential growth each year. 

Meteoric growth

Since its establishment in 2008, Raz-Dlugin & Co. has been and continues to demonstrate a process of meteoric growth.

Both in the volume of its activity and in the quality of its customers, which are unprecedented for such an office in Israel. 

The Firm’s Partners

Adv, Rafi Raz

Managing Partner in Raz, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices.
A former partner in the High-Tech Department, of Berkman, Wechsler, Bloom & Co. law firm, managed complex merger and acquisition transactions, assists start-up companies from founding stages to their transformation into big companies, capital raising for technology-oriented companies, technology licensing transactions, etc.

Adv. Raz is highly experienced in finding out-of-the-box solutions for complex matters as part of assisting M&A transactions, capital raising, assisting start-ups, and more. 

Adv. Ran Dlugin

Senior Partner in Ran, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices.
In the past acted as a lawyer at the American firm McDermott Will & Emery LLP, where he focused on a variety of fields such as complex mergers and acquisitions and current consulting with respect to SEC reporting requirements, securities, meeting stock exchange rules, etc.

Upon his return to Israel, he worked as a lawyer in Goldfarb Zeligman, being involved in some of the most outstanding merger and acquisition deals in Israel. 

Adv. Michal Donner

Partner in Ran, Dlugin & Co. Law Offices.
In the past acted as a lawyer in Porat & Co. Law Firm. Adv. Donner assists the firm’s clients in a variety of fields including complex capital raisings, technology deals, merger and acquisition deals, etc.