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Insurance Law, Torts and Medical Malpractice

Rennert Salomon Law Firm
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Established: 1980
Line of Business: Insurance Law, Torts and Medical Malpractice
Address: 91 HaHashmonaim St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5611282 
Fax: 972-3-5610381
Email: [email protected]
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  • Joseph Rennert, Rennert Salomon Law Firm

    Adv. Joseph Rennert

    Rennert Salomon Law Firm

  • Shoham Salomon, Rennert Salomon Law Firm

    Adv. Shoham Salomon


    Rennert Salomon Law Firm

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About Rennert Salomon Law Firm

Rennert - Salomon Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading insurance law, torts and medical malpractice firms. The firm has been providing diverse legal services in all aspects of torts and insurance law, for more than 35 years. During its years in operations, the firm accumulated broad and extensive legal knowledge which is used in its daily practice and for the benefit of its clients.

The Best Professionals 

The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience and broad legal knowledge. The firm hires the best professionals in their respective fields. The professional team, which accompanies each client includes professionals from various disciplines in accordance with the relevant legal issue: Appraisers, engineers and safety consultants, physicians, and experts from various fields. Our professional team works cooperatively, discreetly and reliably with a commitment to a professional and personal solution in accordance to each client’s varying needs.

Availability and Personal Attention

The firm has extensive reputation as a longstanding and leading team yet innovative, creative and trailblazing in its legal practice, case management as well as its customer service. A modern and innovative firm which is characterized by creative thinking and a full commitment to the clients’ needs. Our clients benefit from personal attention and constant availability throughout the entire process. Our lawyers and professional team are available anytime and accompany the clients and their family members from the initial counseling meeting, through the entire case management stages, until they receive everything they are owed with full compensation.

Experience and Expertise

The firm has extensive experience in litigation, torts, various insurance fields, professional liability, product liability, medical malpractice, etc. The cases that are handled by the firm are some of the leading and most significant cases in this practice area. The firm’s lawyers often appear before all of the courts across the country, and in mediation and arbitration proceedings. The firm’s clientele includes insurance companies, leading institutional entities in Israel and private plaintiffs who are represented in lawsuits on grounds of schoolchildren accidents, traffic accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, insurance claims, etc.

Practice Areas

The firm handles a variety of bodily harm claims such as workplace accidents, schoolchildren accidents, and bodily harm resulting from hazards in the municipality’s jurisdiction. The firm also specializes in representing victims of traffic accident and medical malpractice, and in various insurance and property damage claims. During our years of practice, we have been successfully managing tens of thousands of cases for satisfied clients.

Insurance - The firm specializes in the various branches of insurance. Its lawyers have vast experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in matters concerning property damage, product liability, water and flood damages, fire damage, agricultural damages, bodily harm, long-term care insurance, work incapacitation insurance and life insurance. Insurance practicing requires expertise, proficiency along-side familiarization with the insurance companies’ claim mechanisms.

Accidents and Bodily Harm - The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits concerning bodily harm following accidents. When we represent plaintiffs, a special service is provided for clients and their families, which includes personal support throughout the entire process. The service includes, inter alia, accompanying the client to the various committees. The firm sees that the best experts are available to its clients in order to help them receive what they are entitled to with compensation care, and according to the damages they have sustained.

Medical Malpractice - The firm specializes in representing plaintiffs in the medical malpractice field. Specialization in this field requires a very high level of professionalism alongside with extensive experience in court appearances and understanding in various areas of medicine. The firm’s lawyers have vast experience in handling complex medical malpractice cases. All of the knowledge that we accumulated in dozens of years of practice is now directed solely for the representation of plaintiffs.

Litigation - Over the years, we accumulated experience in representing clients in the various courts, alongside with using alternative dispute resolutions techniques: mediations, compromise proceedings, and arbitrations. In its torts litigation practice the firm represents plaintiffs and defendants on matters concerning insurance and liability, accidents and bodily and medical malpractice. The firm represents hundreds of cases annually.

Adv. Joseph Rennert

Has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University. Admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 1979.

Specializes in torts and car accidents law, insurance law, medical malpractice, litigation, commercial law and real estate and in corporate law and class actions. He represents leading Israeli insurance companies such as Phoenix and Bituach Haklai and corporations such as IEC. He also manages complex real estate transactions for the firm’s clients. Adv. Rennert served for many years as the general counsel of medical and business institute such as the Clalit HMO, the Israeli Labor Party and other insurance companies. Adv. Rennert served in the IDF’s Advocate General Corps in the international law wing and specialized, inter alia, in international law and real estate law. Adv. Rennert served in the reserves for many years in was honorably discharged at the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Adv. Shoham Salomon

Has an LL.B. and a B.A., Criminology from Bar Ilan University. Admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 1995. Specializes in torts, road accidents, workplace accidents, insurance law, medical malpractice, litigation and commercial law. Adv. Salomon represents leading Israeli insurance companies such as Phoenix and Bituach Haklai and corporations such as IEC, and served for many years as the general counsel of medical and business institute such as the Clalit HMO, the Israeli Labor Party.

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