Importing, marketing, and distribution of a large and broad product basket for labs in the fields of molecular biology, diagnostics and personalized medicine, with a very high level of support and service.

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Importing, marketing, and distribution of a large and broad product basket for labs in the fields of molecular biology, diagnostics and personalized medicine, with a very high level of support and service.
Address: 20 Hasatat St., Modiin, P.O.B 180 7171101
Phone: 972-8-9558888
Fax: 972-8-9969688
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.rhenium.co.il
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Leading Executives

    Dror Israeli CEO and Founder
    Orna Shoshan VP BioScience
    Hila Amiel VP Diagnostics Division
    Eran Ziser VP Operations
    Gadi Tsiony Controller, CPA
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About Rhenium

Life Sciences has progressed in the past two decades and Rhenium, which was established 27 years ago, is one of the largest and leading companies in this field in Israel. Rhenium is the exclusive distributor of major leading global brands, providing products, equipment, biological and applicative support and services for academic, medical and forensics laboratories and commercial companies in the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, diagnostics and personalized medicine. The companies headquarter is located in Modi’in’s Industrial area. Rhenium is characterized as a company with a familial atmosphere alongside with high-quality service and professionalism.

One Stop Shop

In Rhenium, customers can find the most diverse and comprehensive portfolio of life science products and services under one roof. The professional support and sales teams, comprising of highly experienced expert biologists, know how to provide excellent solutions for every request and requirement – from simple consumables to the most advanced equipment. Rhenium’s professional team accompany the customers from the project/experiment design up to the results analysis stage. All the above characteristics lead the company’s broad clientele – from academy researchers, through large medical facilities and startups – to a sense of confidence and long-term loyalty. 

Professionalism and Expertise

Rhenium is committed to renewing, refreshing and deepening the professional knowledge of its employees through continuous learning the ongoing technological developments and new evolving products. The knowledge is acquired by participation in dedicated seminars abroad as well as trainings in the research and development centers of the distributed brands The company employs 150 employees, most of whom have advanced degrees and training in biology and chemistry, service engineers and technicians and operation team members, who can support this commitment to its clients.

Leading Teams, Professional Excellence

Since it was founded, the company has focused on products and equipment in the molecular and cell biology field, which includes Next Generation Sequencing, Flow Cytometry, and Microscopy, and continued to grow and evolve in recent years into the personalized medicine field (early detection) and in January 2017, Rhenium, in cooperation with Teva Medical, founded Rhenium Medical, which specializes in diagnostics (analysis equipment for blood, urine, and chemistry tests).

The sales unit includes account managers, who visit the labs on a regular basis, and application experts for specific fields and products. The account managers to personally guide and direct the costumers, thus providing the appropriate solution for the customer’s requirements.

The company’s operational division includes the procurement department, which handles the importing and shipping processes and the ongoing vendor relationships. The customer service department which handles price quotes, order processing, inventory tracking and continuous contact with the customer. The biological support department provides real-time support for customer queries through telephone and/or E-mail. An additional link in the operational chain is the company’s logistics department, which distributes the products to the customers through the company’s employees, who are skilled in handling sensitive materials and delicate products. 

Our Customers

The company’s customers include research labs in all of Israel’s academic research institutes (The Weizmann Institute, Technion, Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University), medical institutes (hospitals, HMOs and private medical labs) and commercial companies, ranging from small startups to mega-corporations who are publicly traded (from the field of the pharmaceuticals, biotechnological, food, environment and more), and government research institutes (the IDF, the Israel Police and Forensics).

A Longstanding Reputation

Over the years, the company has earned a positive reputation amongst the customers due to the quality of its premium products and the high professional level of its employees, all in order to guarantee that the customers have the optimal equipment, service and application support for guaranteeing the success of their research. 

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