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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Real Estate and Development
Address: 55 HaMasger St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-3039999
Fax: 972-3-3039990
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  • Ilan Sasson, Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

    Ilan Sasson

    CEO and Owner.

    Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

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    Ilan Sasson
  • Shilo Mori, Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

    Shilo Mori

    Chief Engineer

    Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

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    Shilo Mori
  • Erez Podamski Shaked, Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

    Erez Podamski Shaked

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

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    Erez Podamski Shaked
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About Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd.

Rom Kineret Properties and Investments Ltd. is a highly experienced real-estate developer which specializes in complex and large projects throughout Israel. The company specializes in creating added value in the areas where it operates while leaving its unique mark both from the aspect of the architectural design and its incorporation into the urban landscape, and from the aspect of using advanced materials while adhering to environmental values.
Rom Kineret’s mission is to constitute the cutting edge of innovation from the architecture, design and advanced materials utilization aspects, with nature and landscape preservation and strict professional integrity, transparency and first-class quality, and collaborations with leading Israeli and global designers and architecture firms. Thus, the projects that are headed by the company become architectural icons which add value to the areas where they are built.

Urban Renewal

In the urban renewal field, Rom Kineret is currently constructing Tama 38/3 projects in Bat Yam and Givatayim and is working vigorously to maximize the potential benefits of these projects. The company commences its projects after an in-depth analysis and study of each family’s individual needs, in order to lead to the maximal improvement in its quality of life. The company views such projects as the future of Israel’s construction, with the development of city centers. The company formulated an innovative initiative of mobilizing the added building rights after the Tama is executed in older neighborhoods, to the new luxury projects in order to establish upscale areas and thus facilitate a process of citywide rejuvenation and reinforcement, without depending on the economic feasibility of any single project. 

Selected Projects

Houses of Color
Rom Kineret’s “Houses of Color” project is Israel’s leading creative loft space rental project mainly to high-tech companies and start-ups. The project currently includes five buildings in Tel-Aviv: The Red House on 3 Yokne’am Street, the Yellow House on 19 Beit-Alpha Street, the Purple House on 68 HaRakevet Street, the Green House on 5 Mikonis Street and the Pink House on 40 Yavne Street, with a total area of 12,000 square meters the “Houses of Color” provide a natural and inspiring work environment that takes the needs of employees into account. The project’s success is expressed in the synergy between the clients, the collaborations and the interactions between the clients in the buildings. The project has received extensive media attention and has gained an excellent reputation owing to its meticulous finishing, which takes into consideration all of the elements that comprise the project, from the selection of materials to the lighting and the creation of a uniquely textured space that supports a culture of creativity. Rom Kineret is committed to extending this project and constructing additional buildings in various colors. The company intends to add another 6,000 square meters to the project in two new buildings with new bright colors.

The B Towers project in the center of Bat Yam is a unique, innovative and advanced complex which will concentrate all of the city’s main attractions, including culture, shopping, lifestyle and residence, located at the heart of a new and dynamic area that shows tremendous momentum. This residential project is combined with a commercial center, an office tower, and outpatient clinics, in a huge complex on a built area of some 130,000 square meters at the highest point in Gush Dan, with an incredible view of the entire Tel-Aviv area and a spectacular panoramic view of the Mediterranean. The project is close to all of Gush Dan’s major transportation routes.
Architects: MYS Architects

Sea Tower
The Sea Tower real-estate development project group is a major pillar of the new Park HaYam neighborhood, which will be constructed as an upscale and high-quality neighborhood in Bat Yam, which is currently undergoing rejuvenation. It will include approximately 200,000 square meters of green lung, including a flowering, vehicle-free park that will enable sports activities and will include a children’s playground. The project includes five spectacular towers with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, and will create a luxurious neighborhood with common-use spaces for the benefit of the residents. The highlight of the project is the direct access to an extensive beach and the spectacular promenade.
• Sea Tower 1+2 – MYS Architects.
• Sea Tower 3 – Arch. Ilan Pivco.
• Sea Tower 4 – Arch. Ilan Pivco, currently marketed.
• Sea Tower 5 – Arch. Ran Blander.

Sea Hotel
The company is a partner in the Sea Hotel project and the organizer of the investor group for this Bat Yam project. Upon completion, Sea Hotel will be one of Israel’s most luxurious hotels with the highest standards. The hotel is constructed on the Mediterranean seafront, on Bat Yam’s beautiful beach, and its guests will benefit from direct access to an adjacent spectacular beach. This 26-story hotel will include approximately 430 spacious rooms of varying sizes, some for hotel use and others for permanent residence.
Architect: Feigin Architects, Design: the British company HBA – one of the leading hotel designers in the world.

Specializes in representing clients in disputes and litigation relating to various topics which interface with a variety of real estate areas.

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