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Roz Construction Company Ltd.
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Established: 1989
Line of Business: Construction Execution and Development
Address: 7 Bilu St., Rishon LeZion
Phone: 972-54-6444676
Email: [email protected]
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  • Moshe Cohen, Roz Construction Company Ltd.

    Moshe Cohen

    Chairman & Owner

    Roz Construction Company Ltd.

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    Moshe Cohen
  • Eli Levy, Roz Construction Company Ltd.

    Eli Levy


    Roz Construction Company Ltd.

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    Eli Levy

    Keren Cohen Co-CEO
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About Roz Construction Company Ltd.

Roz Construction Company Ltd. is a leading boutique company that specializes in construction development and execution. The company has been entrusted, for more than 30 years, with a wide range of projects all across Israel, with thousands of apartments. Roz Construction Company provides a wide range of professional solutions and services to its clients in its fields of specialization, including urban renewal, construction development and investments, Pinui-Binui and promoting diverse projects in the various tracks that the company offers.

Over 30 Years of Experience and Success

Roz Construction Company Ltd. was founded by the company’s chairperson and owner, Moshe Cohen, in 1989. During its three decades of professional operations, the company accumulated vast knowledge, extensive experience and a track record of proven successes in executing and initiating projects. The company’s core values are excellence, quality and mainly the belief that the people are those who make the difference, and accordingly the members of the family’s continuing generation were integrated into key positions in order to further and lead the company’s vision and values, including choosing the Co-CEOs, Eli Levy and Keren Cohen, for marching the company forward. The excellent reputation that Roz Construction Company accumulated during its many years of operations relies on the professional excellence for which the company is renowned, the uncompromising quality of all of the projects that are entrusted to it, the cooperation with the best professionals in their respective fields and the prioritization of the company’s clients at all times. Roz Construction Company takes care to provide first-class customer service, so that the synergy from the integration of these values leads to the added value from which the customers benefit.

Full Responsibility, Financial Resilience and Devoted Service

Roz’s skilled and professional team provides the company’s customers with personal and devoted service, with a full warranty, in order to guarantee their peace of mind. The financial strength of the company and its adherence to strict construction standards and compliance with international standards, lead to its numerous successes and the full satisfaction of its customers in every projects.

Notable Projects

Malibu Reserve
The luxury project in the beating heart of Ness Ziona, Malibu Reserve - in the most sought after area of the city, 60 apartments were built where the average area of the apartments is about 150 meters not including a balcony, as well as garden apartments and pentacottages. The unique project was executed in partnership with Israel Brothers Ltd.

C Jerusalem Project
The luxury project of Rose Construction Company Ltd. in Jerusalem is located on the slopes of one of the most spectacular gorges in the country. The project has three luxury apartments of 10 and 11 stories each, enjoying the unique and magical view of Jerusalem. The project planning is careful to preserve the construction outline of the neighborhood, because the seven lower floors of the luxury apartments will be built below street level, and only the top four floors will be built above them. In addition, a magnificent 11-story apartment tower, which will offer an open view of the open spaces, all the way to the coastal plain. All of the 120 apartments in the project are five-room apartments, which cover an area of about 150 square meters, and offer balconies, while some of them are even characterized by a private garden. In this project, unique work is being done with the aim of preserving the ancient olive vineyard located in the rare beauty of the ravine, and a complex has been created A luxurious and special residence that blends in full harmony with the landscape of the Land of Israel of the Jerusalem mountains, which will be fully reflected in the project, while taking care of natural light, for the well-being and enjoyment of the tenants, and for the sake of the environment. The unique project was done in partnership with Pinchas Cohen Construction and Investments.

Projects in the City of Ashdod
Between the years 1990 and 2010, the company has been working on a variety of projects in entire neighborhoods such as the 8th 16th district and the City, in the construction and entrepreneurship of thousands of housing units for the well-being of the residents in a prime location in the city of Ashdod - in partnership with the Israel Brothers company.

North Rehovot
The company is building an upscale boutique project in a prime location in Rehovot, on 37 Yavne Road. These luxury apartments are located within a walking distance of Weizmann Institute and Park HaMada in the city. The project is bank-financed and includes spacious 5-room apartments with an area of 140 sq.m., 5-room apartments with an area of 126 sq.m. that face both the front and the rear, 3-room apartments and a spectacular penthouse. All of the apartments offer an upscale and upgraded technical spec.

60 Tchernichovsky st., Rehovot
As part of the company’s focus on demand areas in the center of the Israel, the company continues to expand its operations in the city of Rehovot, and this project will soon see the construction of an additional boutique building with 12 units with an exceptional level of finish and rich specifications, with the reinforcement is at the responsibility of the company’s professional execution.

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