Amos  Shemie  (1937-2014) from S.G.S. Building Company Ltd.
Amos  Shemie  (1937-2014) מחברת S.G.S. Building Company Ltd.

The Late Amos Shemie (1937-2014)

S.G.S. Building Company Ltd.
Construction and Civil Engineering both as a Developer and a Contractor; specializing in High-Tech, Industrial, Hotel, Residential, Office and Commercial Facilities for Long-Term Leasing; The company has vast operations in the Urban Renewal field in TAMA 38 projects, demolition and rebuilding, as well as in B.O.T, B.O.O and P.F.I Projects
Year of Birth: 1937
Additional Positions: S.G.S. Building Company Ltd.; Director, Vitania Ltd.; Director in other companies of the Vitania and S.G.S. Group.
Education: B.A., Economics & Banking (63).
Community Activity: Personal and company contributions to associations in areas of children, people in need, education and medicine.