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S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group
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Established: 1987
Line of Business: Real Estate Initiation, Construction and Management
Address: 12 HaHaroshet St., Or Yehuda 6037580
Phone: 972-3-5179300
Fax: 972-3-5179100
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.shay-gil.co.il
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  • Igal  Gil, S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group

    Igal Gil


    S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group

  • Shirel  Yaakov Baziz, S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group

    Shirel Yaakov Baziz


    S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group

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About S.I. Gil & HaBonim Group

The S.I Gil & HaBonim Group is managed by Shirel Baziz (the companies’ CEO) and Yigal Gil (the companies’ chairperson), and is active in the initiation, supervision and construction of numerous projects in the Israeli construction industry. The group comprises the companies S.I Gil and HaBonim. S.I Gil is a longstanding company which has been active in construction since 1987 and has a contractor classification of C5 (Unlimited). Throughout the years, the company has built residential, industrial structures, logistics and factories construction projects, and executed concrete and metal works, and more. HaBonim Ltd., the group’s second arm, is a project management and supervision companies that mainly handles particularly complex and prestigious projects in the fields of hotels, luxury residences, special projects, etc. Nowadays, the group strives to continue and develop its initiation operations, and also to lead and further the execution quality in the construction industry.

A Major Advantage in the Execution Planning

The two companies work as a merged group under one roof and this provides them with a tremendous advantage from the execution planning aspect. Thus, to every project it accepts, the group brings a broad battery of consultants, architects, engineers, finance experts etc., and the execution professionals and work managers join them later. This combination leads to the most comprehensive service for customers which sign agreements with the group, from the location of the land up to construction completion and the delivery of the keys.

Very High Financial Resilience

The company has high financial strength and is distinct in its lean and smart headquarter staff which meticulously adheres to construction quality at the strictest standards. Shirel, the CEO, and Yigal, the Chairperson, participate in the vast majority of meetings in the various sites in order to closely supervise the quality and progress of the works. The company strives for excellence and implements an internal control system in every project, and in most cases remains ahead of the contractual time schedules. In addition, the company emphasizes safety in its various sites, with each site employing a safety supervisor which commands the workers safety arrangements, and this has led to zero lethal work accidents in the company’s work sites.

Selected Projects

High-Density Construction

Herzliya: The company is in advanced execution stages of three buildings with 40 new apartments in this city.
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Beit Shemesh: The company is executing seven buildings with 109 new apartments.
Neve Zedek: The company is building a luxury project with 25 sea-view apartments. The building includes 3 floors and a receding floor.
Beitar Ilit: The company is building a residential project with 24 new apartments in this Ultra-Orthodox city.

Logistics Centers

The Fiat Logistics Center: The construction of logistics buildings in Park Re’em with washing rooms and a building for receiving new cars. The company participated in all of the metalworks and gates of the buildings, which encompass about 2,000 sq.m.
The Ford Logistics Center: Constructing a logistics center for a new trucks brand of Ford. The center has an area of about 4,000 sq.m. and it includes offices, headquarters, a repair workshop and more.
Delek Motors: Builidng an Industrial structure for a Mazda-Ford repair workshop. This industrial structure has an area of about 16,000 sq.m., and the company was entrusted with planning the project and executing all of the development works, the water, electricity and sewage systems, and the machinery.
UMI Logisitcs Center: A logistics center that was built in Shoham on an area of about 6,000 sq.m. The company was responsible for the steel frame works and the covering of this complex metal building with insulating panels.
The Teva Medical Logistics Center: a project for the erection of electricity, plumbing, and firefighting systems and earthworks and complete environmental development in Teva Medical’s Logistics Center in the Be’er Tuvia Industrial Zone on which encompasses around 6,000 sq.m.

Power Plants

The Ashkelon Power Plant: The company executed the basing works for the plant’s gas turbines and boilers, and also for metalworks at the highest standards.
The Teddy Kolek Stadium, Jerusalem: The company executed extensive metalworks in this famous stadium.
Marble Factory, Jerusalem: Building a factory in the Har Tov Industrial Zone on an area of about 4,000 sq.m. The project included the construction of manufacturing halls, offices, water reservoirs, water purification facilities, earthworks and crane rails.
Towels Factory, Arad: The construction of a factory in the Arad Industrial Zone on an area of about 8,000 sq.m. The project included the construction of storage chambers, manufacturing halls, a 2,500 sq.m. gallery, offices and dressing rooms. The company also executed earthworks and environmental development.
The Nordia Hatchery: A 2-story structure on an overall area of about 2,000 sq.m. in Nordia. The first floor includes offices and management rooms and cooling and evaporating chambers, hatching rooms, reception and delivery halls. The second floor serves as open storage.

Industrial Facilities

Renault Nissan: The construction of a logistics building for Renault Nissan Ltd in the Park Re’em Industrial Zone, with five industrial buildings with an area of about 32,000 sq.m.
The Karaso Repair Workshop, Rishon LeZion: Building a garage for the Karaso Group in the West Rishon LeZion Industrial Zone. The building’s total area is about 60,000 sq.m. and the project included concrete, steel and paneling works, and the work process was executed from end to end by S.I Gil Projects.
The Ego Produce Refrigeration Plant: The company built precast buildings for Ego Produce from Yesha in Southern Israel, on an area of about 5,000 sq.m., with refrigerated storage, packing halls, labs, office and more.

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