Amir Cohen-Dor from S. Friedman & Co.
Amir Cohen-Dor מחברת S. Friedman & Co.

Amir Cohen-Dor

Senior Partner

S. Friedman & Co.
International Activities, High-Tech, Securities and Capital Markets, Maritime, Aviation & Transportation, Commercial & Corporate, Israeli and Global Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Litigation & Class Action, Higher Education, Banking, Finance & International Deals, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Antitrust, Tenders, Torts & Insurance
Year of Birth: 1961
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Shipping law (cargo and marine injury claims and casualties, charter party disputes and arbitrations, collision, pilotge, G.A. and salvage claims, enforcement of maritime liens), drafting and negotiating charter parties, joint ventures and slot charter agreements, representation of carriers and agents in regulatory matters, including before the Antitrust Authorities.
Position: Senior Partner
Past positions: External Lecturer in Shipping and Marine Insurance law in the Haifa University and the Ruppin Academic Center (The College for Marine Sciences), Lecturer in practical workshops for Shipping Agents in the of the Chamber of Shipping at the Ruppin Academic Center, Lecturer in the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and various Professional Conferences in Shipping and Marine Insurance law.
Education: LL.B Tel Aviv University (1988)
Member in: Israel Bar Association, Supporting Member of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA), Member of the Seaman's Disciplinary Tribunal of the Israeli Ministry of Transport, Vice President of the Israeli Maritime Law Association, General Counsel of the Chamber of Shipping of Israel and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haifa and the North.
Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish and Italian