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    Hadar Tal
    Terry Almozlino-Arnon
    Oded Rehan
    Merav Gilboa
    Yoad Perets
    Assaf Cohen
    Amnon Sharon
    Hadar Arbel
    Enav Abekasis
    Zohar Broner
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About S. Friedman & Co. - Real Estate & Infrastructure

The firm advises clients on major projects in Israel and abroad, and is involved in cross-border financing, planning and acquisitions. The real estate department works alongside the tax, corporate and litigation departments to provide integrated services. The firm advises consortia on planning and building (including BOT and PFI) and turnkey projects, in forming joint ventures, tender consortia, and in financing and implementing projects.

The firm handles a range of real estate and infrastructure deals including purchases and sales, combination deals, support on the subject of development and financing deals, project management and infrastructure agreements.