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Established: 1923
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Salomon Lipschutz House, HaHilazon 6, Ramat Gan
Tel: 972-3-5757712;
Fax: 972-3-5757725
1 Natanzon St., P.O.B. 303, Haifa 3303473
Tel: 972-4-8140500;
Fax: 972-4-8557038
Upper Nazareth Offices
16 Hamala’cha St. Lev Haaskeem
P.O.B 12960 Upper Nazareth, 17673
Tel: 972-4-6000780
Fax: 972-4-6000785
Phone: 972-3-5757712
Fax: 972-3-5757725
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    Jaacov Rivanowitch
    Ofer Schweizer
    Hanoch Morgenstern
    Nitza R. Posner
    Narda Ben-Zvi
    Dror Timor
    Eran Seraya
    Almog Doron
    Amit Gur
    Einat Carmi-Barak
    Noam Bar-David
    David Schottenfels
    Ori Kasir
    Itamar pantz
    Merav Arad-Salomon
    Ayman Sabbah
    Chen Dastagor
    Maher Dali
    Efrat Rahamim
    Moran Yosef
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About Salomon Lipschutz & Co.

93 years ago when Salomon Lipschutz was founded, it was one of the first law firms in the country. Almost immediately, its partners’ caring involvement, their indepth advice, and their hands-on representation brought the firm to the forefront of the Israeli legal scene and kept it there.

Today, the firm’s partners – many of whom grew up in the firm and all of whom have absorbed its ethos of care and quality - work energetically to maintain the firm’s traditions, to expand its range of quality services, to grow with and help the growth of the country’s economy and to cater to the firm’s satisfied and successful clients.

Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. provides its clients with one-stop-shop legal representation, tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Each client has direct contact with the firm’s partners, who personally supervise the work of the legal team assembled to suit the client’s needs.

The firm’s clientele includes many of Israel’s leading companies and groups in all economic sectors, among others, banks and financial institutions, energy and utility companies, real estate companies, industrial companies, high-tech and biotech companies, transportation companies, infrastructure companies, local and foreign investors in Israel and abroad and a wide variety of cooperative societies.

Salomon, Lipschütz & Co.’s quality, ability to set precedents and the appreciation of its clients have earned it broad recognition in international and local ranking guides, which have rated the firm as one of Israel’s leading law firms.

The firm was chosen by ABL (Alliance of Business Lawyers) – an international legal network - to be its sole representative in Israel. ABL connects selected law firms in Europe, North America and other areas around the world, allowing its members to provide quality international legal services.

The Firm’s commitment to internal growth has allowed it to maintain its close-knit ethos despite its ongoing expansion. Its clients feel that ethos in the way the firm relates to them as valued members of its family.

Diversification, creativity, and professionalism contribute to the ability of Salomon, Lipschütz & Co. to preserve loyal clients for many years. The firm strongly believes that the unique and distinctive combination of young and energetic attorneys, working hand in hand with the senior partners, who contribute, in turn, their experience and leadership, is the winning combination for its clients.

Practice Areas

• Banking and Finance
• Real Estate
• Yielding Real Estate
• Hi-tech
• Commercial Litigation
• Planning & Construction
• Intellectual Property
• Administrative Law
• Transport
• Class actions
• Commercial & Corporate Law
• Labor Law
• Energy and Natural Gas
• Urban Renewal
• Cooperative Societies
• Arbitration & Mediation
• Insolvency
• Crisis Management
• Environmental Law
• Municipal Law
• Antitrust Law
• Insurance & Torts

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