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Established: 1923
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Salomon Lipschutz House, HaHilazon 6, Ramat Gan
Tel: 972-3-5757712;
Fax: 972-3-5757725
[email protected]
1 Natanzon St., P.O.B. 303, Haifa 3303473
Tel: 972-4-8140500;
Fax: 972-4-8557038
[email protected]
Nuf HaGalil Offices
16 Hamala’cha St. Lev Haaskeem
P.O.B 12960 Upper Nazareth, 17673
Tel: 972-4-6000780
Fax: 972-4-6000785
[email protected]
Phone: 972-3-5757712
Fax: 972-3-5757725
Email: [email protected]
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    Jaacov Rivanowitch
    Ofer Schweizer
    Hanoch Morgenstern
    Nitza R. Posner
    Narda Ben-Zvi
    Dror Timor
    Eran Seraya
    Almog Doron
    Amit Gur
    Einat Carmi-Barak
    Noam Bar David
    David Schottenfels
    Ori Kasir
    Bat-Sheva Adiv
    Itamar Pantz
    Merav Arad-Salomon
    Ayman Sabbah
    Chen Dastagor
    Maher Dali
    Efrat Rahamim
    Moran Yossef
    Dror Apfeldorf
    Moran Lantosh
    Lena Mor
    Adi Revah-Vinzer
    Yohay Dor
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About Salomon Lipschutz & Co.

Salomon Lipschutz & Co. has been one of the largest and leading law firms in Israel since it was founded in 1923, engaging with over nine decades of large-scale and diversified legal activity. Clients of the Firm enjoy comprehensive legal advice in commercial, civil and public law.

Our worldview rests on customer needs. Understanding that changes currently occur faster and more frequently than in the past, we make sure to maintain daily contact with out clients and operate out of flexible thinking and speedy response.

We understand that the definition of success changes from one person to another and from one company to another. Therefore, we make sure to be updated with the actual activity of the companies and businesspersons we represent and get to know their business goals in order to provide the best legal service – out of genuine understanding of the needs in a way that is compatible with the strategy of each and every client.

We know that business is done between people. Therefore, the human capital is our cutting edge and is based on attorneys who have specialized and developed in the Firm and help maintain the family character of our relationship in handling clients and in professional conduct. The joy of creation, dedication, creativity and specialty of Salomon Lipschutz & Co. attorneys are among our most prominent hallmarks. The unique combination of the professional team’s young and energetic feature and adherence to the guidance and leadership of the veteran associates and partners is a winning combination for our clients.

We believe that the name of the game is professionalism, credibility and reliability, which is our guiding principle. Our professional team is thorough, pays attention to every detail and is uncompromisingly dedicated to providing clients with personal treatment. The Firm’s partners are highly involved in each case and emphasize rendering reliable, thorough and comprehensive service. There is no wonder we hold prominent legal achievements, forming milestones in Israeli law and winning long-term recognition by Israeli rating guides such as BDI, Duns 100 and international rating guides such as Legal 500 and WTR.

We are proud of our clientele; those who walk with us for decades as well as those who have joined us along the years and are already part of the family of Salomon Lipschutz & Co. Our long-term clients include commercial and industrial corporations prominent in the Israeli economy, banks and financial institutions, energy corporations, real estate companies, industrial plants, high-tech and biotechnology companies, transport companies, infrastructure companies and public companies, municipal corporations and cooperatives.

The extensive legal activity of Salomon Lipschutz & Co. is also expressed in contacts we maintain with the global community, being the exclusive Israeli representative of the ABL (Alliance of Business Lawyers) chain, incorporating renowned law firms worldwide.

Practice Areas 

Administrative Law
Antitrust Law
Arbitration & Mediation
Banking and Finance
Class actions
Commercial & Corporate Law
Commercial Litigation
Crisis Management
Energy and Natural Gas
Inheritance Law
Insurance & Torts
Intellectual Property
Labor Law
Mergers & acquisition
Money laundering prohibition
Municipal Law
Planning & Construction
Real Estate
Urban Renewal

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