Kitchen Production and Marketing. Home Appliances Importing and Marketing

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Established: 1968
Line of Business: Kitchen Production and Marketing. Home Appliances Importing and Marketing
Address: 17 Shlomo Ben Yosef St., Haifa
Phone: 972-4-6158601
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  • Eran Sayag, Samgal

    Eran Sayag



  • Elad  Sayag, Samgal

    Elad Sayag

    Vice President


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About Samgal

Samgal is one of Israel’s oldest and leading kitchens and home appliances companies. The Group was founded in 1968 as a company for electrical products and later became a company that manufactures baking ovens. Owing to the dedicated and accurate management of its founder, the Late Gabriel Sayag, the company grew continually and expanded its product offering and customer base. In 1995, the company’s Kitchens Division was founded, a natural move that was based on the in-depth know-how and familiarity that the company gained in its many years of operations, both in kitchens and its manufacturing. The company has grown steadily in its field of operations and today is managed by its two sons. Samgal operates in two synergistic divisions: Samgal Kitchens, which operates at the cutting edge of Israel’s kitchen design area, and Samgal Electric, which specializes in the marketing of high-quality appliances and the import of the Sonar brand, produced in five specialized factories in Italy. The integration and combination between the divisions enable the provision of better and more harmonious kitchens for the customer, with meticulous customization to their needs, while enabling time-saving and significant logistic advantages. The divisions maintain adjacent showrooms and their employees are experienced and proficient in implementing the combined advantages of the divisions in order to offer more integrative kitchens for the customers.

The group has three showrooms, three home appliances showrooms and an additional showroom which is dedicated to its private brand, Sonar and a concept store in Tel Aviv port.

Samgal Kitchens

Samgal’s kitchens division is one of Israel’s largest kitchens suppliers, and it provides kitchens to private customers as well as numerous project of leading constructors and developers, including Ginadi, Menrav, Shikun & Binui, Ashtrom, Ashdar, The Almond Tree, Y. H. Dimri and Yossi Avrahami.

Samgal’s organizational culture lives and breathes the kitchens and design worlds, and the division takes care to remain at the forefront of the kitchen design universe both from the design aspect and from the technological aspect. The company’s executives and designers regularly attend haute design shows and activities around the globe and bring to Israel the most advanced styles, materials, and technologies in the field. The company’s modern factory has very diverse and extensive production capabilities, from large-scale production of basic kitchens up to an individual production of kitchens that meet the demanding requirements of top chefs and the one percent, in a variety of sizes, levels, and styles. All of the manufactured kitchens meet the Israeli standards and the company’s strict quality assurance, with attention to the raw materials, smart and efficient planning, finish and safety, and are installed by the company’s certified and experienced installers.

 The company’s current design line is characterized by a combination between new and traditional raw materials, an invisible integration of appliances into the kitchen’s surfaces, a high-quality, natural and modern look and the implementation of innovative technologies including touch-operated drawers and smart storage and food arrangement systems, and attention to the revolution in the kitchen’s role, from an enclosed cooking area into a central family gathering area.

The company’s participation in Israel’s construction momentum – from settlement expansions, through government-price-capped projects and up to the most upscale projects – constantly builds its capabilities, as it manages to translate its widespread daily interactions with architects, designers, contractors, initiators, and customers into practical knowledge that is delivered to all of its employees and enables the creation of better-customized, prettier, safer, and more up-to-date and innovative kitchens.

Samgal Electric

Samgal’s Home Appliances Division provides an efficient and creative solution for appliance challenges that arise during the kitchen design process of the kitchens division and the needs of Innovative customers. The division offers a wide variety of appliances from the finest brands, and it also imports and markets the products of its private brand – Sonar – which is highly esteemed by experts and opinion-makers in the Israeli cooking and interior design market. The products are produced in Italy in longstanding factories that provide strict quality and design in the best Italian tradition, in accordance with strict specs, market researches, and adjustments that the company makes in order to customize them for the local preferences and market. The brand includes a wide variety of premium appliances with an exclusive design, including range hoods, kitchen stoves, refrigerators, garbage disposers, and ovens, with unrivaled service and a perfect match to the products of the sister-division, and thus supports the creation of the customers’ dream kitchens. Samgal has a chain of boutique stores throughout Israel, which showcase and market appliances’ super brands, with the professional accompaniment for the customers until the stage of installation and training in the client’s home, in both the design and technical aspects.

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