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Semel Kitchens
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Established: 1981
Line of Business: Kitchens’ Design and manufacture
Address: 2 Hidkal St., Yavne Industrial Area
Phone: 972-8-9326326
Fax: 972-8-9326324
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  • Sabrina  Totchani, Semel Kitchens

    Sabrina Totchani

    Development and Design of Company Models and Partner in Semel Stores

    Semel Kitchens

  • Vicky  Sadeh, Semel Kitchens

    Vicky Sadeh

    Development and Design of Company Models and Partner in Semel Stores

    Semel Kitchens

Senior executives

    Berto Muhadev Founder & CEO
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About Semel Kitchens

Semel Kitchens leads the luxury kitchen industry in Israel, and creates a unique culinary and hospitality experience for thousands of customers in Israel, every day.

We, at Semel Kitchens, strive to provide the best product imaginable, on all criteria: style, technology, and materials. The guiding principle behind our work is maximizing value for the client, and so we produce kitchens of the highest quality – design and technology-wise, at reasonable prices. 

Throughout the years, Semel Kitchens has been a local trend-setter, and takes credit on being the first to import new cutting-edge models into this industry.

Semel Kitchens holds one of the most advanced assembly lines in the world, and the company is sure to keep itself up to date with the latest developments out there – in order to attain the best possible results.

Recently, we upgraded the manufacturing process of painted kitchens by Semel, by installing a one-of-its-kind painting facility. Using technology originating from the automotive world, Semel has managed to improve this process, making it quicker and more precise, while resulting with a higher product quality. This process extends the life-expectancy of the kitchen, and reduces its costs for the client over time.

Semel’s greatest challenge is to innovate and keep the consumer intrigued, in face of the many options and choices on the market. One of the ways to create unique, top-tier kitchens, is by using the best materials available, and to combine them in the creation of an inimitable kitchen. Among the materials used by Semel are wood (of all kinds) – from aged wood to wood of different textures and finishes, metals of varying sorts, gemstones, industrial materials, etc.

We are proud to present the latest upgrade by Semel: the Super Nano doors. These doors are made of an innovative, unusually durable, and sustainable substance, thus bringing the “Nano” category to new heights. The Super Nano doors are manufactured in Germany using advanced technologies, while meeting the strictest standards. The doors’ exceptional qualities and unique features, which include antibacterial substances, stability, and a unique texture, make the Super Nano the most cutting-edge and desired material in the field of kitchens.

In addition, Semel is a retailer for complementary products of the highest quality, and boasts a professional and courteous service. In our stock, one will find products by leading companies, in great prices. By purchasing these products at Semel, one can ensure the best match between their kitchen and these items, while saving time and money. By buying in bulk, Semel holds contracts with major companies in the field, which ensures the best prices.

This combination of high quality, spectacular design, and unprecedented manufacturing techniques make Semel stand out, and maintain its stature as a leader in the Israeli.

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