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Family and Personal Status Law, Wills and Inheritance, Divorce Case Management, Agreements, Adoption & Guardianship

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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Family and Personal Status Law, Wills and Inheritance, Divorce Case Management, Agreements, Adoption & Guardianship
Address: 2 Nim Av., Azrieli Business Tower Rishonim,
Rishon LeZion 7546302
Phone: 972-3-5049954
Fax: 972-72-2449299
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About Shani Libman, Law Firm

Shani Libman, Law Firm, which was founded in 2012, practices family law and handles, inter-alia, divorce cases, pre-nuptial and joint living agreements, joint parenting agreements, civil marriages, common law spouses, wills and inheritance, child-in-need cases, guardianships, temporary reliefs, marital harmony and parental alienation. In addition, the firm offers litigation and representation services in family courts and rabbinical courts.
The firm’s team is at the clients’ service throughout the process, from the case opening and up to the trial and its completion. The firm provides  preliminary counsel services and professional support that is tailored to the clients’ needs and expectations. The firm’s areas of operation are diverse and every case is strategized based on the firm’s experience, mainly in witness and expert examination.

Main Practice Areas

Family Law and Family Disputes
Dealing with family-related cases can be challenging and highly emotional as it involves closely related parties. The management of family disputes requires the ability to listen, contain, understand and possess broad case-related professional knowledge. The firm’s main goal when it handles such cases is to lead the clients who are at the midst of a complicated family crisis into a better future that awaits them on the other side of the conflict. The firm accompanies, supports, and helps clients plan their current lifestyle considering the appropriate legal and family framework that would provide them with the desired outcomes. The firm adjusts its tactic and strategy as to serve the clients’ goals and achieve at the end of the process the best results for them. 

Divorce processes, as an act that symbolizes the disassembly of the family and often requires extra responsibility of minors, also requires professionalism and experience, caring, great sensitivity and empathy from lawyers who handle them. Shani Libman, Law Firm, supports its clients closely during divorce cases, including particularly complex cases, which are often considered to be “lost causes” in advance. The firm utilizes additional experts, with whom it cooperates; in order to achieve the desired results and as to tailor the case management to the client. The firm occasionally makes use of the services of private investigators, financial or pension advisors, marital counselors, parenting counselors, psychologists and mediators, all in order to provide the appropriate solutions according to each client’s personal concerns and needs, and in order to maximize the results of the legal process toward theirs best economic and family future.

Assistance to Other Attorneys

In addition to the many services the firm provides, the Lawyer Mentoring Project assists and supports other lawyers in managing various legal proceedings in accordance with their needs.
In addition, Adv. Shani Libman is a founder and partner of the “Family Crises Management Institute”, which provides practical seminars on family law topics for lawyers.

Adv. Shani Libman

Adv. Shani Libman, who has been practicing family law for over ten years, is the firm’s Founder, and the owner and co-ceo of the “Family Crises Management Institute” that trains lawyers in the field.

Adv. Libman has an LL.B. and an LL.M. (Public Law) from Tel Aviv University, and an LL.M. (International Law) from Northwestern University. She is a certified mediator in family matters and also certified to prepare a lasting power of attorney.
Simultaneously with the management of the firm and her additional positions, she lectures throughout Israel in front of lawyers and the general public. In March 2017 she published her book “Divorcee Toolbox*” which was sold in bookstores across Israel and received extensive media attention. Adv. Libman spends a great deal of time in community service and the promotion of social legislation. She offers her services pro bono to the underprivileged and operates through various media outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in order to support her clientele and other family lawyers. Adv. Libman is the administrator of large social groups on Facebook and WhatsApp and regularly uploads various relevant counseling and guidance clips to her YouTube channel.
Adv. Shani Libman is personally involved in the various cases of the firm and does everything in her power in order to achieve the best results in accordance to the clients’ personal needs, alongside leading professionals, all with the aim of creating an optimal family, legal and financial future for her clients.

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