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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 4 B.S.R. Tower, 7 Masada St., 40th floor,
Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-6969080, 972-3-6968070
Fax: 972-3-6968040
Email: [email protected]
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About Sharon Nahari Law Firm

The firm, founded in 1998 by Sharon Nahari, comprises three lawyers with extensive experience in criminal law. The firm has acquired major reputation in criminal law in Israel and is one of the field’s leading firms in Israel.

The firm, founded in 1998 by Sharon Nahari, is a boutique firm comprised of several departments and which employs lawyers with extensive experience in the areas of: civil-commercial law, contracts law, divorce, family law, criminal law and white-collar offenses. The firm has acquired its reputation particularly in the areas of criminal law and white-collar offenses, and is one of the field’s leading firms. The firm specializes in a wide range of criminal offenses from white-collar crimes including bribery and money laundering to sexual offenses, drugs, embezzlement, fraud, theft, violence etc. Another unique area of specialization of the firm is extradition and the firm specializes in providing opinions regarding international crimes in legal issues.

All of the firm’s departments are headed by skilled lawyers in collaboration with a retired judge, and the firm’s flagship department, the criminal and white-collar department, is headed by Adv. Sharon Nahari himself.

The firm scored great achievements in many criminal and white-collar cases covered by the media. Each client is handled personally, while the firm acts on the notion that a suspect’s right to representation is a fundamental one, and while the firm is characterized by the motto “Legal Creativity”.

Sharon Nahari, Professional CV

In 1997, Sharon Nahari began his legal career with the public defender’s office and has been party to many legal achievements, precedent-setting High Court rulings and acquittals. In 1998, he graduated an IDF reserve legal officers’ course and now serves in the Military Prosecutor’s office. This experience provides him with the advantage of a broad perspective on both sides of the law, having worked for the prosecutor and the police. In 1999, he opened his firm and has since represented private clients. By 2002, he was named by the media as one of the “next generation” of Israel’s up-and-coming criminal lawyers. Since then he has won many media awards. In 2009, he was chosen by “Calcalist” as one of Israel’s leading criminal lawyers being the youngest on the newspaper’s list. In 2010, he was chosen by “Globes” as one of Israel’s most promising lawyers under the age of 40 and received a prize from the Bank of Israel’s Governor. Sharon Nahari is currently ranked as one of Israel’s top ten criminal law firms by D&B.

In 2017 the firm was ranked among the leading firms in Israel’s the white-collar crimes field by BDI.

World View

Adv. Sharon Nahari manages each case in his firm thoroughly and struggles for his clients based on his world view that every person is entitled to representation even if he committed the most severe offense, when the firm’s motto is “Legal creativity”.

The criminal department’s team is comprised of a lawyer with 20 years of experience, 2 lawyers who previously worked in the state attorney’s office, providing a unique view from the other side of “the ring”, and a retired judge, who provides a judge’s unique point of view once the case is analyzed.

The team of lawyers is dedicated to each case, investigating and looking for findings, with special emphasis on preliminary proceedings for charges (arrests, investigations and hearings at the State Attorney’s Office, closing cases). The firm keeps the rights of the suspected, in face of the tendency of the police and the media to accuse suspects before being found guilty.

Unique Expertise

Our firm specializes in extradition in Israel and overseas, struggling against extradition petitions in cooperation with local and international firms in the USA, Europe and more. Since its inception, the firm handled many criminal cases including cases with international characteristics such as: computer crimes, fraud, “Nigerian scams”, gambling, online pharmacy crimes, clearing, credit card forgery, etc. The firm also represents Israelis in trouble with the law in various countries.

Notable Achievements in the Past Decade

Acquittal of the late Yoni Alzam by the High Court for murder – the verdict became a landmark in criminal law and is studied at Israeli universities. It redefined the rules for handling police informers, investigation techniques and preventing a client from meeting his lawyer. 

Acquittal in the Beersheva District Court on a double murder charge. 

Farchi ruling (Supreme Court) - Disqualification of DNA evidence. 

Release of Rabbi Eliezer Berland in the case of his extradition from Holland to Israel. 

Release of a famous singer accused of rape. 

Achievement in the Jewish terrorists’ affair when it was ruled that even in security offenses an attorney cannot be prevented from meeting his client. 

In 2000, Sharon Nahari acted in the Dotan affair, and court deliberations led to a precedent which ruled that despite legal presumptions of dangerousness of drug dealers, each case should be distinguished according to its circumstances. This ruling was given despite the fact that law does not make such a distinction between the actual facts in each case, but uses the general term “drug dealer”. 

Indictment cancellation of a magician accused of indecent sexual acts on a minor, after the prosecution case was completed. 

Computer offenses and Internet crimes – inadmissibility of young defendants in the Trojan Horse affair. 

Closing many cases for public figures during the hearing stage. 

Representing Zichron Yaakov’s and Emanuel’s Heads od council. 

A fraud and money laundering case at Israel Railways. 

A serious fraud case involving a particularly sensitive Israeli entity. 

A bribery and fraud case involving the Rishon Letzion Municipality. 

A bribery scandal involving fraud and money laundering at IAI. 

Closing the case involving the Director of the Licensing and Supervision Department of the Municipality of Rishon Lezion.

The Firm’s Clients

The firm was involved in the case of former president Moshe Katsav, advised him during questioning and represented him prior to his indictment.

The firm has represented first-time offenders such as doctors, psychiatrists, police officers, elected officials and public servants, lawyers and accountants and bank and corporate executives. The firm has represented clients for serious and complicated crimes.

Special Activities

Sharon Nahari served on the Israel Bar’s committee for amending the Criminal and Penal Codes. He appeared on a TV program as an expert commentator on criminal law and writes expert columns for “Yediot Ahronot.”

He has written many articles, some of which are published in the media and online. He serves as a military prosecutor in the IDF reserves.

Contribution to the Community

Represents the Israel Magicians Association, charities in Israel and abroad, and handles pro bono cases for the needy.

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