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Industrialized Construction for industry, commerce, offices and agriculture

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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Industrialized Construction for industry, commerce, offices and agriculture
Address: 29 HaPardes St., Hatzav
Phone: 972-8-8693113
Email: [email protected]
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  • Eran Golan, Sharonnim Construction and Development Ltd.

    Eran Golan


    Sharonnim Construction and Development Ltd.

  • Sharon  Nahum, Sharonnim Construction and Development Ltd.

    Sharon Nahum


    Sharonnim Construction and Development Ltd.

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About Sharonnim Construction and Development Ltd.

While Sharonnim Ltd. was founded in 2005, it relies on more than 3 decades of construction and development experience. In today’s entrepreneurial world, where buildings become more and more complex and integrate sophisticated technological systems – one must remain constantly abreast of all aspects of planning, executing and developing construction works. These are exactly the customary practices of the industrialized construction company of Sharon Nahum and Eran Golan, the Company’s CEOs.
Sharonnim specializes in industrial construction works including the construction and development of industrial projects, offices and commerce centers, logistics centers, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses, selling centers and agricultural centers, covering the vast majority of logistics construction in Israel. Most of the company’s works include cast and precast elements, steel constructions, light paneling and more, but the real expertise in in the thought process that accompanies the construction planning.

The Story Behind the Company’s Establishment

Sharon and Eran first met when Eran interviewed for an entry-level practical engineer position in the company where Sharon was employed. Sharon, the interviewer, chose Eran, and the rest is history. Later on, Sharon became the CEO of that company, and Eran was his second-in-command. Sharon is a farmer’s son, and to this very day the only area where he claims expertise is tomato picking. He got his construction background on his feet, starting as a common worker in a construction site at the bottom of the industry’s food chain. Already then, he found ways to make work faster and more efficient, which naturally won him the esteem of the owners, for whom he saved significant costs. The road to management went directly from there. When Sharon embarked on an independent journey, despite very tempting offers to serve as a CEO, and about a year after establishing the company (nowadays Sharonnim) he brought Eran, with whom he remained connected, as a co-owner.

Proven Efficiency and Shorter-than-Customary Time Tables

Just like Sharon, Eran, who grew up in Omer away from the big city, build himself in the industry while working. Immediately after his post-army trip he joined the construction industry, and steel frames in particular, and has been living and breathing it ever since. The pair shares the joint vision of the company where efficiency is the name of the game and one of its core values. The most important challenge of in every project is to meet a short time schedule without compromising on the construction quality, and the company is happy to meet any such challenge, and presents its customer with short time tables that are unparalleled in the Israeli construction companies market. These short timeframes are possible due to the combination between a team of experts and pre-planning and efficient project management.
In addition, the works’ efficiency is also expressed in the emphasis on environmental friendliness with maximal environmental protection throughout the entire construction process. The company’s construction process enables lower labor costs and clean and green building – without scaffoldings, noise and environmental polluting. An equally important value of the company is giving back to the community. The company supports and actively participants, with Eran as a volunteer, in the “Little Heroes” movement for special needs children.

Early Planning Customized to the Customers’ Needs

The company believes that nowadays, one must adapt the planning and execution to the values of innovative, creativity and a comprehensive macro-perspective of the Israeli construction market. For example, when buildings logistics centers, one must take into account numerous factors, such as the area of the inner space, the number and sizes of openings, the shelving, the layout of pillars and convenient access for merchandise receiving or sending. Alternatively, when building advanced logistics centers that are adapted to a variety of merchandise types, the work process must be based on all of the unique needs of logistics centers from agricultural produce to appliances. A good example for such a project that the company contracted is a 31.5-dunam logistics center in Kibbutz Hafetz Haim, with 15,000 sq.m. of storage halls, 2,500 sq.m. of storage galleries above the distribution and about a 1,000 sq.m. of offices.
Whether if the project is an offices complex or an exhibition hall, Nahum and Golan realized from the start that the name of the game is customized planning from the earliest stage. “It is important that already upon receiving the architect’s initial plan, we would be able to find, in cooperation with other planners, the proper way to integrate the architectural vision with the functioning of the structure and all of its systems” the company explains, “in order to create an efficient structure as cheaply as possible while meeting the functions that are required. The building’s planning is executed in accordance with the required safety standards and systems, from the first stage while adjusting for the specific safety requirements of structures of this type. Our familiarity with the requirements of various safety-related standards make proper execution much easier and fast and easy approvals upon completion”.

Creativity and Innovation

Other examples of such solutions are in the Hillel Hazan project in the Idan HaNegev Industrial Zone with the planning and execution of a large industrial structure on an area of 10,000 sq.m. for a panels factory, storage and offices. The project includes earthworks, foundations, steel frame and structure, precast element and systems works, paneling and finishing, in addition to infrastructure and development works.
Another project is the “Ideal Wall Closets” in the Modi’in Industrial Zone where the company built, on a planning and execution basis, a large factory and storage logistics center with a total area of about 9,000 sq.m. The project included full execution of every profession to delivery and occupation form, from casting concrete onsite, precast frame, steel construction and KalZip roof covers and wall paneling with the Alucobond system, and massive development works.

Forward Facing

What makes Shronnim’s pre-planning smart and constructive is the “calculation” of the building already in the sketches stage – the identification of errors in order to prevent them before construction begins. This often means that the company serves in the double role of bots executor and planner, with the material difference from traditional planning being the early planning which improves both the construction process and building’s user experience.

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