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Established: 2019
Line of Business: Real Estate Law
Address: Rubinstein House, 20 Lincoln St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6081960 
Fax: 972-3-6081970
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shay Adulam, Shay Adulam & Co., Law Office

    Adv. Shay Adulam

    Founder and Owner

    Shay Adulam & Co., Law Office

  • Keren Or Finkelstein, Shay Adulam & Co., Law Office

    Adv. Keren Or Finkelstein


    Shay Adulam & Co., Law Office

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About Shay Adulam & Co., Law Office

Shay Adulam & Co. Law Office is a leading boutique firm that specializes in all aspects of real estate development projects and transactions, including the purchase, sale and leaseback of income yielding properties; real estate development; purchasing groups’ projects; urban renewal; planning and zoning, and more.

Adv. Shay Adulam, the firm’s founder, has more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer, and for the past decade he has specialized in handling some of Israel’s largest real estate projects for residential, office, commercial, logistic and industrial use, mainly for yielding properties and purchasing groups.

The Firm’s Team

Adv. Shay Adulam: Has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was admitted to the bar in 1999. Since 2012 and prior to founding the firm, Adv. Adulam was a partner in the real estate department of the firm FBC & Co. He specializes in providing comprehensive and complete legal counsel to real estate developers, from land acquisition to project completion; comprehensive legal counsel to purchasing groups; and legal counsel for combination transactions, sales, acquisitions, rentals, yielding properties, and more. Earlier in his legal career, Adv. Adulam specialized in civilcommercial litigation, handling significant and complex cases.

Adv. Adulam regularly lectures at the IBA’s Lawyer Training Institute and mentors graduate students at IDC Herzliya specializing in real estate law.

Adv. Keren Or Finkelstein: Has an LL.B. from Netaya Academic College and was admitted to the bar in 2009. She has more than a decade of experience, and is one of Israel’s pioneers in the field of urban renewal. She specializes in representing developers and shareholders in urban renewal projects, from the stage of feasibility studies through to the projects’ completion. Moreover, Adv. Finkelstein handles real estate transactions in a variety of other fields, including residential and commercial projects, combination transactions, financing agreements and ongoing counsel for developers and private clients. Before the firm was founded, Adv. Finkelstein worked for leading real estate law firms and, in addition to specializing in real estate and urban renewal, also handled different types of civil litigation cases, with an emphasis on contract and real estate law. 

Extensive Experience in Litigation and Real Estate Transactions

In the past 14 years, Adv. Adulam has been focusing on fields connected to real estate. His vast repertoire includes representing some of Israel’s most prominent companies; providing legal counsel for some of the country’s largest purchasing groups; representing public companies and other entities that manage and develop yielding properties; representing major developers who specialize in large-scale urban renewal projects; representing developers and contractors in swap transactions and in residential, office, commercial and logistics projects; representing private clients in diverse real estate projects and more. Notable projects and transactions led by Adv. Adulam include the “Toha” project of Amot Ltd. and Gav-Yam Ltd., for which he provided legal services, including during the land acquisition stage and when representing the project owners in contracts for renting space in the project’s first stage, including the contract with WeWork, which rented about 20,000 sq.m. in the project. Among other projects: most of the purchasing groups organized by the “Sufrin-Weiss” Group in recent years, including “Cu” and “Beit Ha’rofim” projects in Ramat Ha’Hayal; “Ha’Shahar Tower” project in Givatayim; Hachsharat HaYishuv “Argaman” project in Bnei Brak; “Ha’Tnufa” project in Talpiot, Jerusalem; “Techno Park” project in Holon and “Milestone” project in Hod HaSharon. In addition, Adv. Adulam represented public companies and insurance companies in a variety of large-scale transactions involving the acquisition of shopping malls, office buildings, industrial and logistic buildings and other yielding properties, and in sale and leaseback transactions, including for the establishment of Shufersal’s online center in Modi’in. In his work as an independent lawyer, Adv. Adulam continues to play a key role in numerous large-scale transactions.

The Litigation Experience as an Added Value

Adv. Adulam’s long practice in litigation and his extensive experience managing numerous and diverse civil-commercial cases in the courts are greatly beneficial to negotiation processes, drafting contracts and providing legal counsel for real estate projects and transactions - thanks to his familiarity with potential obstacles and possible disputes that may arise during a transaction or a project, and his in-depth understanding of the options for avoiding or solving them in advance.

Business Orientation

The extensive experience that Adv. Adulam and Adv. Finkelstein have accumulated while handling numerous complex real estate projects and transactions also provides an advantage and added value for the firm’s clients - not only from a legal perspective, but also for aspects of similar transactions and projects that the firm handles. Furthermore, the firm’s team carefully review the business parameters of each transaction or project that the firm takes on, since the legal service would be deficient without a full understanding of the economic model behind any transaction or project.

Uncompromising Quality

The firm is committed to providing high-quality legal service to its clients and to thinking creatively out of the box. The atmosphere in the firm’s office is very friendly and pleasant, since Adv. Adulam and adv. Finkelstein are “people per-sons”. This friendly atmosphere is felt by the clients, who are perceived by the team as partners in a journey. The personal relationships between the parties lead to a very high level of mutual commitment and motivation to succeed.


Notable Cases

The firm represents “Beta Group-Urban Renewal” in several projects, including a large-scale urban renewal project in Beit Ha’Kerem in Jerusalem, executed in collaboration with Liora Ofer of “Ofer Holdings”. In this project, the developer will demolish old buildings consisting of approximately 150 apartments, and, instead, will build residential towers with about 400 new apartments. The firm continues to accompany the “Sufrin-Weiss” Group in several projects that the Group is planning, including an office and commercial project in Hod Ha’Sharon together with “Big Shopping Centers”, and in the organization of purchasing groups for large-scale projects at various stages of planning and organization. In addition, the firm represents numerous well-known clients in diverse transactions, amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels, and provides legal counsel for numerous residential, logistics, commercial and office projects.


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