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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Family Law
Address: 90 Ha’ashmonaim St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6243593
Fax: 972-3-6243595
Email: [email protected]
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  • Iris Sheinfeld, Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary

    Adv. Iris Sheinfeld

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    Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary

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About Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary

Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary is a prominent and leading firm in Israeli family law. The firm has been operating for nearly 20 years, during which it handled hundreds of complex and significant cases on a wide spectrum of subjects. Among others the firm has handled issues of “new families” and regulating non-biological parenthood, fields where it is seen as a groundbreaking firm leading to legal precedents. This includes adjustments of rulings and legislation to fit the changes in the traditional structure of the family and the acceptance of new and diverse families, recognition of family rights for every family and fully equalizing them. In addition, the firm handles inheritance and estate cases, divorces with everything they entail, prenuptial agreements, surrogate parenthood and more.

Firm Values

The firm operates in accordance with a set of values and principles which have been guiding it since its first day. Among these one may find excellence, professionalism, creativity, innovation, acuteness, thoroughness, devotion and determination, all so as to offer firm clients the optimal solution for them.
In order for each client to receive an answer to various legal issue they are dealing with, under one roof, the firm has several departments. Divorce, inheritance and estates, mediation, surrogacy, real estate, labor, civil and commercial law.

Unique Areas of Expertise

Non-biological parenthood: for years, the firm has successfully guided clients (both heterosexual and same-sex couples) who are parents to children without biological ties and who have become parents using fertility technologies, surrogacy (locally and abroad), fertility treatments, egg donations, or adoptions. In these cases, there exists a need to legally regulate parenthood. The firm strives to regulate parenthood where it isn’t genetic, and regulate parental relationships per force of psychological ties or in cases where children were born on a non-genetic basis.

Parental recognition for use of fertility technologies: the firm leads the field of parenthood via fertility technologies, which is becoming more common but has yet to be regulated by rulings or legislation. The firm has motioned several times to the High Court of Justice to advance the rights of LGBT families with respect to marriage and parenthood, and Adv. Sheinfeld periodically sits in Knesset committees and relevant teams dealing with those issues.

Surrogacy: successful guidance for couples undergoing a surrogacy process and handling of various legal issues pertaining this

Promoting equality in parenthood: along the years the firm has led a significant number of join custody cases, while promoting a perception of fathers as equal parents with respect to appropriate custody rights, and rights to be involved in decisions regarding their children’s lives. The firm was among the first to deal with this sensitive field and it represents its clients along all stages of the divorce and division of property processes. Many cases have resulted in joint custody for men and a recognition of their equal rights. 

Prominent Legal Achievements

In many cases which have fallen into its care, Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary was required to motion for recognition of non-biological parenthood from state authorities, and has been successful in ending discrimination and in removing unequal demands which have faced these parents. The firm has many achievements in regard to LGBT families, and it has led several precedents in regard to fetal rights.

In addition, the firm has represented clients in three separate High Court of Justice motions dealing with ending discrimination against same-sex partners/parents and has succeeded in bringing a historical precedent where the policy for naturalization of same-sex partners has been equalized with the policy for heterosexual couples.

Adv. and Notary Iris Sheinfeld, Founder and Owners
Adv. Iris Sheinfeld holds 20 years of experience in family law and specializes, among other fields, in presiding over divorces, property claims, family companies, custody cases, alimony cases, inheritance and estate cases, mediation processes, prenuptial agreements and surrogacy guidance. Additionally, she has been a mediator for approximately 16 years (certified by Gome) and has handled many mediation cases.

Adv. Sheinfeld is considered a trailblazer and legal leader in regard to cases dealing with gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual partners, and for over 15 years has strived to promote legal recognition of LGBT families and non-genetic parenthood, including through handling legal issues concerning starting families, separation of LGBT families, filing High Court of Justice motions, participating in various Knesset committees and so on. Adv. Sheinfeld holds an LL. B from IDC Herzeliya and an additional B.A. in Social Work from the University of Haifa. Adv. Sheinfeld is a board member of the “Gay Dads” non-profit (for surrogacy) and is in charge of all matters legal in the organization. Adv. Sheinfeld has been trained and certified as required to grant continuing power of attorney. 

Firm Staff

Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary is comprised of five attorneys, and two family law attorneys practice by Adv. Sheinfeld’s side, Adv. Gal Hoffman-Cohen who has 11 years of experience in the field, and Adv. Dana Manzur with 10 years of experience in the field.

Alongside them, two attorneys who specialize in labor, civil and commercial law have practiced in the firm since its establishment, Adv. Gavriel Manor with 17 years of experience in commercial and business law, including corporate and labor law, and Adv. Niv Stern with 10 years of experience in real estate and civil law. Firm attorneys are first-rate professionals who hold vast legal knowledge as well as high interpersonal skills and excellent human relations. Firm staff have a roster of first-rate professionals at their disposal, including, among others, private investigators, psychological diagnosticians, social workers, accountants, actuaries, auditors and so forth.

Firm Lines of Business

As stated, Sheinfeld Family Law & Notary deals with the entire spectrum of Israeli family law, including divorce, inheritance and estates, continuing power of attorney, surrogacy processes including recognition of parenthood and naturalization of the child, mediations, prenuptial agreements, parenthood agreements, joint parenthood orders, custody and custody arrangements, alimony, civil marriage, LGBT families, domestic partnerships, and more. Along its years of activity, the firm has dealt with hundreds of family law cases and has developed legal and professional skills both in the courthouse and outside it. Alongside the vast experience it has accrued, the firm takes care to act with sensitivity, tolerance and transparency when servicing every client. The firm offers its clients solutions in labor, corporate, real estate and civil and commercial law.
The firm represents clients in High Court of Justice motions in discrimination and civil rights cases.

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