Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

Real Estate, Urban Renewal

Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Real Estate, Urban Renewal
Address: 20 HaShnaim St., Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-6191221
Fax: 972-3-6193355
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Israel Sheinfeld, Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

    Israel Sheinfeld

    CEO and Founder

    Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

  • Haya Sheinfeld, Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

    Haya Sheinfeld


    Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

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About Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd.

Sheinfeld Properties and Investments Ltd. was founded in 2010 and it is active in contracting, initiation and development of high-quality residential projects. During its decade of operations, the company accumulated an extensive résumé in the real estate industry. The company is well-established in the industry, and accumulated a vast reputation in the fields of Tama 38, architectural conservation building and seismic retrofitting. To date, the company has built dozens of luxurious high-quality apartments in central Israel, and also high-rise projects. The company’s team is a professional team with vast real estate experience, and each team member has a particular specialization in their field.

Building – And Contributing

The company is owned by Israel Sheinfeld, who has an LL.B. and an N.L.P. degree, and it is characterized as a family-owned company. Simultaneously, Israel heads the “Uniting Line” association, which helps children who suffer from cancer and rare illnesses, and orphans and underprivileged families. The association helps and supports cancer and rare and incurable diseases patients, by producing leisure camps, events and parties for the patients and their families, thus alleviating their suffering, even if only a little.

Uncompromising Quality and Expertise

The company’s success is attributed to the meticulous insistence on building in particularly high standards, using some of the highest-quality raw materials in the market and a high finishing level, without compromising on any part of the process. Everything is carried out with an understanding of the customer’s needs and customized to their requirements. The company is renowned for its strict compliance with the time schedules and the personal attention, and its customers benefit from a direct relationship and end-to-end professional support. In light of the aforementioned, dozens of satisfied customers purchase their homes through the company, for the second and even third time.

Excellence as a Way of Life

The company’s roots go back 50 years, when the family established a properties and development company and built thousands of apartments across Israel, and during these years it accumulated vast practical experience in the field, both in private projects and in all types of urban renewal projects. This vast experience serves the company’s customers, who benefit from working with a stable and reliable company, which complies with the schedules uncompromisingly, maintains full transparency throughout the entire process and high-quality construction which increases the value of your property.

Executive Team

Adv. Israel Sheinfeld, Founder and Owner

Has an LL.B., N.L.P., is a mediator on behalf of the courts, and chairperson of the “Uniting Line” association for sick children.

Haya Sheinfeld, CEO

CEO of Sheinfeld Yetsiva Ltd. and director of the “Uniting Line” association.

Legal Counselors

Adv. Guy Battat, The Company’s Lawyer

Has an LL.B. and an M.B.A. Adv. Battat specializes in accompanying asset-swap and sale transactions, Tama 38 projects etc.

Adv. Yona Winder, The Company’s Lawyer

Has an LL.B. Specializes in real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, has extensive reputation in handling properties.

Notable Recent Projects

103 Herzl, Bnei Brak: The company’s flagship project – a boutique building in a luxury tower standard which is built at the heart of the bubbly ultra-orthodox city. The project is characterized by a particularly lavish technical spec, with attention to every detail in the spec, from the floors to the ceilings, in order to guarantee optimal results for customers who purchase luxury apartments in this boutique building.

The company provides the residents the option of meeting with the project’s architect and with an interior architect for the apartments’ interiors. The company is investing in an impressive spec, and cutting-edge technology, from the flooring, through the sanitation accessories, kitchens, wood floorings, a Shabbat elevator and more.

20 HaShnaim St., Bnei Brak: The company acquired the land in the framework of an asset-swap transaction, and built a 4-story building with 9 beautiful and spacious apartments, including a penthouse.

18 HaShnaim St., Bnei Brak: A transaction that the company acquired over the past few months, where a project is planned that would be unique in the city’s landscape, with heavy investment in the lobby and a Shabbat elevator, which is an unusual thing in this city. The company is building a dedicated lobby in each floor, for the benefit of the residents who would be able to store various things in there and leave the main lobby free and inviting. CCTV cameras would also be installed.

Other Projects in Planning

1-3 Dov Hoz, Bnei Brak: where the company is planning a high-rise building and commercial stores.

1 Shlosh HaSha’ot, Bnei Brak: With an approved zoning plan for a high-rise building.

Ein Gedi, Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikva: An upscale villas compound.

Urban Renewal Projects

1 HaSitvanit, Petach Tikva: A Tama 38/1 (reinforcement and construction) project where the company would add 2.5 floors and 7 new apartments to an old building with 8 existing apartments. The project is under construction and the residents would benefit from a large consideration such as a balcony, an additional room, a safety room and an advanced elevator.

23 Asirei Zion, Ra’anana: The company’s flagship urban renewal project, which is built with the financial support of the Michlol fund. In the framework of the project, the company is adding 12 new apartments to 16 old ones, with a total investment that is estimated at about NIS 25M. The existing residents would benefit from a sizeable consideration in the form of a balcony, an additional room, a safety room and an elevator. Construction is expected to start soon.

Special Fences for the Construction Sites

In light of the accelerated construction momentum in the cities of Israel, and in particular the framework of the widespread urban renewal activities, one can encounter, in many cities, active construction sites blemishing the streets. Consequentially, and in light of the world of values, giving and solidarity that Israel Sheinfeld wishes to promote, the company started to fence its work sites in an extraordinary manner: In HaShnaim St. of Bnei Brak, the fences consist of the moral ideas that appear in Pirkei Avot and in HaSitvanit St. of Ra’anana the fencing would include the photos of the buildings of charities that work in the city. The company intends to continue and fence all of its projects in the spirit of morality and social values.

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