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Established: 1986
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 2 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 6423902
Phone: 972-3-6099914
Fax: 972-3-6099915
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  • Navit Negev, Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices

    Navit Negev

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    Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices

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    Navit Negev
  • Iris Niv Sabag, Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices

    Iris Niv Sabag

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    Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices

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    Iris Niv Sabag


    Yana Fogel-Slotsnik

    Dafna Steinberg
    Rotem Elbaz
    Michal Shorer
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About Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices

Sheinman-Negev-Niv Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading White-Collar Criminal Law boutique firms, representing businesspersons, public officials, lawyers, doctors, accountants and others in criminal, disciplinary, ethical and investigative proceedings. Sheinman-Negev-Niv provides unique, personal, and in-depth service, has an eminent reputation and is renowned for its high standards of professional excellence. The firm is consistently recognized by international guides, peer rankings and the media, as one of Israel’s most outstanding practitioners. Over the past 30 years the firm has played a leading role, representing clients in most of Israel’s important, complex and high-profile cases, and has accumulated impressive achievements. The firm’s senior partners – Adv. Navit Negev and Adv. Iris Niv Sabag are two of Israel’s most renowned and esteemed criminal defense attorneys. As of 2022 Adv. Yana Fogel Slotsnik is a partner. The firm includes 4 associates, and articled clerks.

Unique Legal Approach

The firm is distinguished by its unique professional outlook, based on interdisciplinary analysis and encompassing a profound understanding of law, economics, accounting, business, psychology, politics, etc. The firm believes in personal and individual work, aided by a highly competent team. Sheinman-Negev-Niv stresses discretion, dedication, thoroughness, critical and innovative thinking and professional excellence.

Fighting for the Client

The firm is committed to fighting for its clients, while maintaining high ethical standards, and has consequently earned great respect from Courts and law enforcement officials. The firm ac-companies clients from investigations and interrogations and throughout the legal proceedings - personally and intensively. The firm’s goal is to exhaust all options before reaching court, and prevent trials when possible. The firm’s senior partners, Advocates Navit Negev and Iris Niv-Sabag are highly regarded for their credibility, clear and persuasive representation and argu-mentation, exceptional capabilities in cross-examination, seasoned judgment, and extensive in-depth knowledge of economic and public issues.

Areas of Expertise

Securities Offenses: The firm has special expertise in securities offenses, and has represented clients in most of Israel’s prominent and precedential criminal trials in this field - the Kvalim case, the bank share manipulation case, Discount Bank officers, Rotem, Discount Investments, Tamir Fishman, Ilanot, Opmat, Kardan, Y.L.R., Bank Leumi Funds, Elspec, Pacifica, Melisron, Haddad, Zoller (Dash Apex), Oshrat, RGR, Psagot, Itay Shtrum in the IDB case, Yair Podim, CPA Weinberg, Bikurei-Sadeh and more. The firm also handles ISA Administrative Enforcement proceedings, such as the Shufersal case, Barak Rozen, Yigal Ahuvi and Ravad, Kitov Pharma, All Year Holdings and the Excellence Nessuah case.
Financial and Tax Offenses: The firm represents leading businesspersons, such as Noni Mozes in the “2000” Case, Ron Ayalon in the Bezek-Yes affair, Gad Ze’evi in the Bezek and Malam cases, the CEO of Hapoalim Trust, Ilik Rozanski in the Delek Real Estate case and Boaz Chechik in the Visa CAL case. The firm represents accountants, companies and individuals in eco-nomic and tax offenses, such as Guy Poran in the Pixel affair, David David in the Phoenix affair, and clients in the Poliran and Shikun & Binui affairs. The Firm represents Shraga Brosh in the El’a affair.
Public Officials: The firm represents government ministers, MKs, and mayors, including minister Haim Katz in the hearing and immunity proceedings, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in the “Rishontours” case and the appeal in the “Holyland“ case, Minister Yaakov Ne’eman (Dec.), MK Omri Sharon, MK Isaac Herzog, Eilat Mayor Hochman, Haifa Mayor Gurel (Dec.), in the cases of the municipalities of Rishon LeZion, Herzliya, Ashdod and Ashkelon, the Sharon Park case and Police Commander Sarit Philipson in the traffic cameras case.
Lawyers: The firm represents lawyers in criminal and disciplinary proceedings such as Adv. Weinroth (Dec.) in the Weinroth-Vita case, Adv. Dori Klagsbald, Adv. Ilan Shavit, Adv. Shlomo Ness and Adv. Roy Bar.
Antitrust: The firm represented in the Strauss-Elite monopoly case, in the traffic lights case, the transformers case, Shmuel Dankner in the gas cartel case, represented Yitzhak Berman and Davidovitz company and officers in the bread cartel affair, the Contractors’ Association and its executives, in the pruning companies, IT companies and elevator companies cases. The firm also handles criminal environmental law cases – such as the Dan Sewage affair.
Negligence: The firm handles cases of death and harm by negligence, such as the Arad tragedy, The Maccabiah tragedy, the Ashdod Refinery and Osem cases, the Remedia affair, the Israel Railways tragedy, etc.
Medical: The firm represents physicians in disciplinary and criminal proceedings, such as Dr. Ashkenazi in the Fetilization affair, Dr. Yakirevitz in the appeal, Dr. Levy in the Herzfeld affair, and more.
Military and Security Offenses and State Inquiry Committees: The firm represents in military and security matters such as Col. Sa’ar in the Dotan affair and Major K in the Tze’elim B affair, and before State Inquiry Committees, such as the Shamgar Inquiry Committee in the Rabin Murder and the Zailer Committee.
International: The firm is highly experienced in handling complex affairs with international implications, such as the Mobileye, Shikun & Binuy and Frutarom affairs.

The Senior Partners

Navit Negev – Senior Partner and one of Israel’s most prominent white-collar criminal lawyers. Born in 1966, a Graduate (cum laude) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Tel Aviv University Master of Laws (cum laude). She has been practicing white collar criminal law for 30 years, and has an impressive record of legal achievements. She is highly esteemed by the Courts, law enforce-ment officials, peers and businesspersons, and is consistently ranked in various law guides. Adv. Negev is a fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL). She has handled large-scale and important white-collar criminal trials in all the Courts. She lectures in judge trainings and before lawyers, directors and accountants.
Iris Niv-Sabag – Senior Partner and one of Israel’s leading white-collar criminal lawyers. Born in 1973, a Law Graduate (cum laude) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she has worked in the field for more than 23 years, has appeared in numerous criminal trials with extensive public implications and has significant achievements. Adv. Niv-Sabag was ranked as in “40 most promising people” in “The Marker” (2009), “40 under 40” in “Globes” (2011), and “The Best There Is” in “Ma’ariv” (2013) and Channel 10 (2014). Iris Niv-Sabag has earned substantial professional appreciation from the Courts and peers. She lectures in advanced courses to directors, accountants and lawyers.
Dan Sheinman – one of Israel’s greatest criminal defense attorneys. In 2007 he retired and transferred the firm’s management to his partners-successors, while moving into the literary field. To date he has written four bestselling books.

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