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Execution Contractors - coordination, planning and execution for all types of building systems and finishing works - up to the delivery of a perfect business space for the costumers

Shevet Binyamin Ltd.
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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Execution Contractors - coordination, planning and execution for all types of building systems and finishing works - up to the delivery of a perfect business space for the costumers
Address: B Building, 26 HaRokmim St., Holon
Phone: 972-3-7575757
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shai Gindi, Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

    Shai Gindi

    Founder and CEO

    Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

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    Shai Gindi
  • Ofir Mahalal, Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

    Ofir Mahalal


    Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

  • Roi Gabrielli, Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

    Roi Gabrielli

    Chief Business Development Officer

    Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

  • Adi Cohen, Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

    Adi Cohen


    Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

  • Ronen Tal, Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

    Ronen Tal

    VP, Execution and Engineering

    Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

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About Shevet Binyamin Ltd.

Shevet Binyamin (“The Tribe of Benjamin”) Ltd. is an engineering-contracting company that specializes in coordination, planning and execution of all of the building’s systems and finishing works – until a perfect business space is delivered to the customer. The company builds luxury office buildings in a unique and attentive Hi-Tech style. The company, established in 2003, combines a tradition of quality with the leadership of a cohesive tribe, which follows the good old values on which the tribe was formed and based.

Shai Gindi, Head of the Company

The tribe is headed by Shai Gindi, a registered contractor by profession and a certified work manager, who started his professional career in his early 20s. As a powerful leader, Gindi believes in relationships which are based on benevolence, integrity and emotions. All of the above, as well as his experience and expertise, are evident in every project. Shai is nicknamed “The Chieftain” by the company’s customers and a contractor’s DNA flows in his blood from a young age. Following his honorable discharge from service in the IDF’s Mista’arvim unit, Gindi applied to pastry and baking studies, but they decided that it’s not for him. This led him to continue in his father’s footsteps and he turned to registered contractor studies. Gindi is no stranger to the construction industry. He has worked in construction sites in his youth, with his father, and that was when he became passionate about this field, and aspired to work in finishing works of luxury homes. For 17 years, he executed dozens of luxury renovations, built luxury homes in Israel’s most prestigious neighborhoods and started creating collaborations with the best architects in Israel.

Transferring the Knowledge of Building Luxury Homes to the Offices Field

The connection with luxury offices started about 5 years ago, when Gindi started to recalculate his route, yet to remain in the finishing works field which was in his blood. He transfers the knowhow, experience and methodologies from the private sector to the offices field, in order to bring the execution level and accurate finishes to offices as well. Instead of the white acoustic walls, the boring plaster walls and the wooden doors, which are typical in the offices industry, he decided to switch to the full spectrum of materials, high execution level and spaces that correspond to the latest trends. You cannot miss Gindi’s private homes experience in his projects; The warmth is felt in the air and is translated to a spectacular Hi-Tech finish. Gindi is present in the field in every project as the authority figure that makes decisions and finds solutions. He and his team cooperate closely with the project’s architects and designers, and work as a powerful execution arm, as befits a cohesive tribe.

The Human Capital

Shevet Binyamin has unique human capital, with about 45 employees, each one an expert in their respective field, including engineers, practical engineers, project managers, manual workers, procurement and pricing professionals etc. The tribe’s core is the Bills of Quantities department, which is at the forefront of operations and aims to achieve 100% accuracy for the benefit of its customers.

The Quality

In order to maintain a high quality of finishing, Shevet Binyamin follows a creative work methodology that includes a procedure of planning and execution by stages. All by an experienced team, meticulous compliance with the preset schedules, high-quality materials and complete synergy with the project’s architect and supervisor. The company’s work methodology includes the following stages: initiating the project and preparing a timetable, handling the project-related guarantees, standards, procedures and insurance, meeting with the building’s management for coordinating the works, selecting sub-contractors, a tour of the area with all of the contractors, advisors, architects and supervisors, executing the works according to the exact planning and under full supervision in order to prevent errors and loss of precious time, initial delivery inspection and final delivery inspection. The company strictly adheres to each stage of the organized methodology it developed in order to streamline its processes and achieve accurate results quickly.


In order to create the most efficient work processes and provide full transparency to the customer, Shevet Binyamin implements the latest technologies in the field, such as advanced project management systems, and a QA app. This app enables project managers and customers to monitor the progress and receive relevant data and reports.

The Projects

Shevet Binyamin is one of Israel’s pioneers in the revolution of luxury-level finishing works for the business sector. Nowadays, the best architects and leading supervision companies cooperate with it, creating inspirational projects that correspond to leading design trends. Some of these projects include:

WEKA: Shevet Binyamin was unanimously chosen to build the offices of this world-leading cloud storage start-up. The office is located in Ha’Arab’aa towers, Tel Aviv, covering about 1,000 sq.m. The project was executed on a “Plan and Build” basis. The company meticulously executed the construction of infrastructures, walls, glass walls and unique design elements. The project includes complex ironworks elements, laying paneling of different types in an unusual composition, and a combination of exposed ceiling, plaster ceiling and acoustic ceiling with customized woodwork.

Arm: Moving the offices of the international company Arm from Kfar Neter to Ra’anana. The new offices cover an area of 6,000 sq.m. and the execution challenge was evident throughout the entire project, due to the variety of designed spaces, from an open space area that was designed as a “neighborhood” in space to intimate work spaces with transparent walls. In addition, the space includes seating areas, Scrum-style standing desks, play areas etc. The building to which the offices moved was relatively old and the creative solutions eventually led to a spectacular result.

Hinoman: the offices of Hinoman Ltd., a company that extracts health food from a unique plant, are located in the upscale business tower “Azrieli Rishonim” in Rishon LeZion. The company elegantly conducted the challenging execution works that included, inter alia, the integration of plants, impressive ceilings and working with natural raw materials. Countless hand-made elements were integrated into the project, such as 3D wooden ceilings that create the atmosphere of a Vietnamese forest.

Samsung Next: The execution works of this project in Tel Aviv included integrating futuristic technology into an old 20th-century building. The main difficulty was creating the necessary infrastructures in the old building, a challenge that the company faced with great success. The project includes high-accuracy laying of elegant flooring elements, attentive metalworks and an interesting space division into glass-walled private rooms and relaxed open-space working areas.

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