Import of Seeds, Sugar and Oil

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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Import of Seeds, Sugar and Oil
Address: 7 Masada St. 4 BSR Tower, 27th floor,
Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-7511004/5
Fax: 972-3-7523508
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  • Shalom Hatuka, Shintraco

    Shalom Hatuka



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    Shalom Hatuka
  • Tsion Bar-On, Shintraco

    Tsion Bar-On

    Finance Manager


  • Ariel Dazent, Shintraco

    Ariel Dazent

    CEO Sugar


leading executives

    Asaf Shahak CEO
    Hamode Abu-Unes Comptroller
    Yoni Mor Logistics & Sales Manager
    Yaakov Hajbi Warehouse Manager
    Peleg Peer Warehouse Manager
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About Shintraco

Shintraco Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Shalom Hatuka and Proalim S.A. from Geneva, Switzerland. The company imports to Israel various grains and seeds including wheat, beans, corn and animal feed as well as sugar and pulses. Shintraco is owned by a partnership of Shalom Hatuka and Proalim SA from Geneva, Switzerland. The companies import volume totals to hundreds of thousands of tons annually. Revenue in 2015 was NIS 850 million, the company enjoys excellent bank credit lines in Israel and abroad. Shintraco has 35 employees who are all professional, efficient and experienced workers. The values guiding Shintraco are integrity, trustworthiness, quality and service awareness.


The Company’s Establishment

Shalom Hatuka began his carrier in the agriculture field, and the connections he made then with his customers in the Arab sector and his fluency in Arabic helped him when he later established his own company and became an importer.

The cancellation of restrictions by the Israeli government on milling flour that had required them to buy only US wheat, brought about a breakthrough in wheat import to Israel. Flour mills who imported wheat from other countries for the mixing of different types of wheat of flour, allowed lower prices.

Shintraco, through its international connections in the field, quickly became an importer with a good reputation for edible wheat and fodder grains.


Company Activities

The company purchased offices in the B.S.R. 4 project in Bnei Brak. In 2016, Shintraco established “Katzir Birkat Haaretz” company, which won the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development’s tender, for 45 thousand tons of local wheat for storage. In 2012, the company aquired a wind mill in the north and set up “Isra-Bar Oils and Grains Ltd.”, which imports oils for marketing to oil packaging factories in Israel. Shintraco owns 50% of this company.


Shintraco has three subsidiaries: Isra-Bar, Ishbar and Shlomzion Initiative K.P. Isra-Bar was established in 2012, and 50% is owned by Shintraco. The company specializes in importing and marketing edible oil. Shlomzion Initiative K.P. specializes in the import and marketing of engineering equipment, and machinery for metal factories.



Shintraco’s basket of diverse products includes imported seeds, animal feed such as milling wheat, animal feed wheat, beans, corn, fodder and more. These products are imported from the Far East, Western Europe and South America. The company is also engaged in the import of sugar, mainly from Europe. In addition, Shintraco imports millet (bird food) from China and Europe, and small amounts from the US, and imports raw and shelled sesame from Asian countries such as India and China and various African countries (Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and more). Following Shintraco’s partnership with Proalim SA in Geneva, which is a subsidiary of Cetaco, the company has been importing sesame seeds in a large quantity from around the world, and Shintraco enjoys attractive prices for sesame.

Shintraco has close relations with Arab countries that conduct trade relations with Israel.

The field of sugar is a sector in which the company has been active since its establishment. In the past few years, the company has significantly expanded activities in the field of sugar. Ariel Dezent was appointed as manager of the Sugar Department. He has a 9-year long track record with sugar suppliers overseas and in the domestic sugar market. Shintraco currently works in the field of sugar in partnership with all food sectors both large and small enterprises. In the past two years Shintraco has added 1 kilogram packages of sugar as well as edible oils to its range of products.

Shintraco’s customer network is comprised from most of the flour mills in Israel, as well as Palestinian flour mills, milling and dairy enterprises in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The company’s customers also include animal feed machinery, bakery manufacturers, food and beverage enterprises in both Israel and the West Bank.


Service Excellence, Quality & Diversity

Shintraco is committed to service excellence, and takes care of every customer’s requirement, while strictly adhering to quality and a broad range of products at realistic prices at all times, so that customers receive the highest level of service. The firm’s staff comprises immaculate professionals. Shintraco focuses on buying products abroad, transporting them to Israeli ports, and releasing them from customs. The company imports goods directly from suppliers and sells directly to various factories and flour mills but not end-consumers. The company holds inventory that meets all of the customer’s requirements, and which is available and accessible all year round. Shintraco strives tirelessly to increase sales and expand the range of products marketed to customers, while remaining strict about quality and maintaining its reputation for excellent customer service.