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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Labor law
Address: S.A.P. House, 3 Hayetzira St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-7505959
Fax: 972-3-7505955
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi, Shlomit Guterman-kaspi, Law Offices

    Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi

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    Shlomit Guterman-kaspi, Law Offices

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    Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi
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About Shlomit Guterman-kaspi, Law Offices

Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi Law Offices is a prominent, well respected boutique firm, specializing in labor law, and which renders highly professional services to Israel’s top employers, companies and corporations. The firm focuses on all areas of labor law, both individual and collective, and provides a full package of holistic solutions, personally tailored to each client’s needs. These legal services include day-to-day legal support, drafting contracts and agreements, providing legal consult and conducting negotiations and litigation in court.

The firm’s clients include large and leading Israeli organizations and companies in the fields of high-tech, health, communications, commerce and trade. The firm provides these clients end-to-end services on issues including privatization processes, disciplinary inquiries, sexual harassment, organizational structural changes, support in initial steps to unionization, dismissal permits for the Labor Ministry and more.

The firm’s team provides clients with innovative, professional and creative solutions that combine applying labor laws in the organization’s procedures while still protecting business interests. Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi Law Offices serves as a professional, committed and involved partner to its clients, personally available to them, always responding swiftly and with devotion. 

Special Expertise in Collective Law

The firm has special expertise in collective labor relations in general and in initial steps towards unionization in particular. The firm’s team supports employers throughout the entire process from the initial unionization steps, through conducting collective negotiations, drafting and formulating collective agreements to including providing legal support during strikes and other special events. 

Practice Areas

Individual Labor Law: The firm support clients in conducting contacts with employees, providing reviews, consultancy and rep-resentation as required. The firm is involved from the prevention stages including supporting managerial procedures with repercussions for employees and their employment terms, consultancy and guidance on individual procedures, taking preventative measures to reduce risks and preparing an appropriate response to future scenarios. Services include employment and termination procedures, drafting of contracts and agreements, Mobilization, hearing procedures, retirement agreements, protection of assets and commercial trade secrets, IP and more.

Collective Labor law: The firm is highly experienced in collective law for which it provides the highest level of professional services. In addition to support and conducting collective bargaining and managing the required legal proceedings, the firm also assists clients after collective agreements are signed, to conduct negotiations with employees and their representatives in the most optimal way, while protecting the employer’s interests.

First Steps in Unionizing: Initiating the first steps towards unionization in labor law is a new phenomenon, which changes all the employment rules in the work place, and for which it is necessary to prepare, not only in legal terms but also to understand the existing rules and deciding on organizational conduct to meet legal requirements. Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi Law Offices has expertise and a thorough familiarity with the first steps in unionizing both in public organizations and private companies including high-tech. The firm assists employers to prepare before facing the employees’ representatives, checking the representativeness of the workers’ organization, supporting conduct of the new routine, conducting negotiations and formulating optimal collective agreements. Thus the first assists clients to maintain stability and control over internal developments while providing exact and relevant support at every stage.

Class Action Suits in Labor Law: The firm has proven experience in conducting class action suits proceedings filed against employers, which require both a deep understanding of labor law and of the rules of class action suits.

M&As, Sales and Reorganizations: Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi Law Offices supports clients throughout changes occurring in organizations including merger deals, sales and reorganizations including due diligence, drafting and supporting acquisition agreement in everything regarding employee rights and bargaining with employees, as required.

Sexual Harassment: The firm supports clients in all aspects of Sexual Harassment Laws, in preparation and prevention of the subject, in legal support for examining complaints and representing employers in court if needed. The firm also serves as an external examiner of sexual harassment complaints in complex and sensitive cases.

Restrictive Practice and Restricting Competition: The firm is skilled in rendering support and consultancy on restrictive practice of employees after their departure in light of their legal right to practice their profession versus the need to protect an organization’s commercial assets acquired during their work. The firm focuses on the initial phase of preparing the work contract, provides advice during the hiring or termination process of key employees, and represents clients in court, if necessary.

Representation before the Ministry of Economy: The firm represents clients before the enforcement authorities of the Ministry of Economy in receiving special permits and approvals including firing pregnant employees, work and rest hours, laws regarding contractual employment terms, foreign workers, etc. The firm also represents clients before government ministries on financial sanctions against organizations as part of administrative proceedings. 

Adv. Shlomit Guterman-Kaspi, Founder & Owner

LL.B. Law, Tel Aviv University. Member of the Israel Bar since 1993. Management Member Israel Association for Labor Law and Social Security 2011-2016. Lecturer in legal forums and the Institute for Certified Public Accountants. Clerked at Nachum Feinberg & Co. and was a Senior Partner at Tamar Golan & Co. for 18 years. Expert in all aspects of labor law representing employers – private companies and public organizations. 

The firm’s team includes lawyers with major experience particularly in the labor law sector.

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