Yoav Shnitzer from Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.
Yoav Shnitzer מחברת Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Yoav Shnitzer

Founding Partner

Email: [email protected]
Fields: The field of Civil, Commercial Law. Adv. Shnitzer is the firm's founder and has a reputation in multidisciplinary commercial law and the capital market. In addition Adv. Shnitzer is an expert in real rstate law and rich in experience in complex real estate deals. Adv. Shnitzer has supported and supports many public and private companies as well as government and municipal companies.
Position: Founding Partner
Seniority in position: 44 years
Education: LL.B. Tel Aviv University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association