Shoval Nachshon Execution Ltd.

Planning, Construction and Developmet

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Established: 2018
Line of Business: Planning, Construction and Developmet
Address: 18 HaMesila St., Nesher
Phone: 972-4-8209550
Fax: 972-4-8202657
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Moshe Miller, Shoval Engineering Group

    Moshe Miller

    Owner & Chairman

    Shoval Engineering Group

    Motty Popovitz CFO
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About Shoval Nachshon Execution Ltd.

Shoval Nachshon Execution Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading construction contractors, handling the construction and development works of multi-purpose mix-use buildings for industrial workshops, storage and commerce, public buildings, commercial centers, industrial facilities, subterranean parking areas and offices. Most of SN’s operations focus on Design-Build (DB) projects, a method in which the company developed particular expertise.
The company has vast experience in the construction of complex buildings and it provides customers with a comprehensive solutions for materializing their vision – including the planning, handling all of the administrative aspects from the statutory proceedings onward, including approvals and permits, initial and final planning and turnkey execution until an occupation permit is received.
The company’s accumulated DB experience in the dynamic and unexpected construction market, enables it to prepare for and contend with a variety of events, in order to execute the cus-tomer’s vision accurately, with efficient execution solutions at the agreed-upon price and within schedule.

Company Classification and Certifications

TThe company has a C5 “Unlimited” contractor classification in the Construction Industry in the Contractors’ Registrar.
The company has an international ISO9001:2015 certification, for quality assurance, from the IIS.

Company Policy

The company is guided by three core values – Integrity, Reliability and Professionalism. The company maintains long-term relationships with its customers, while maintaining high standards and execution quality, complying with the schedules in accordance with the customers’ requirements and providing fast and reliable solutions. This policy and the conceptual framework from which it was derived led the company to strongly emphasize its human resources and integrate advanced construction technologies in its projects.

Executive Management and Officers

President and Owner – Moshe Miller, the founder of Shoval Group who has been heading it since 1985. Moshe has vast experience in managing and leading construction projects in Israel and abroad. He is active in the initiation and development of residential and yielding properties project in Israel.
CEO and Owner – Shai Nachshon, a civil engineer with broad knowledge and extensive experience in management, execution, planning and permits. Shai has longstanding experience in the execution of complex engineering projects, in public construction and in residential and commerce construction in Israel and abroad.
CFO – CPA Mordechai Popovitz, responsible for the financial management of Shoval Group, has vast executive experience in real estate.
Chief Engineer – Eran Druker, a civil engineer who graduated from the Technion. Eran has vast experience in managing complex projects, including engineering coordination, during their execution.
Planning Director – Oren Shraga, a civil engineer with an additional degree in business administration.
The company employs a technical team, engineers and experienced work managers, for managing the execution in its various sites, and a technical unit for backing up the execution and the public tenders. This team, alongside with the company’s administrative and procurement functions, manages a long list of suppliers, subcontractors and professional and skilled con-sultants, all of a high level and with many years of contracting with the company, and a complex logistics organizations that supports the projects’ construction.

Notable DB Projects

Zim Urban Life Kfar Saba – a project of commerce, offices, storage and a server farm with a total area of 100,000 sq.m.
Reisdor Bnei Brak – A DB office and commerce project, with 4 shared parking floors, 2 shared commerce floors, above which are two 30-story buildings with a total area of 100,000 sq.m.
456 – a commerce and offices buildings in the DB model, 3 buildings of 10 stories each, 4 shared parking floors, and a shared commerce floor with a total area of 58,000 sq.m. Built for a pur-chasing group.
Flying Cargo Karmiel – A storage and logistics building as a DB project, with a total area of 30,000 sq.m., including 10,000 sq.m. of galleries.


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