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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Real Estate and Civil-Commercial Law
Address: 5 Kineret St., Bnei Brak
BSR Tower 3,19th floor
Phone: 972-3-9197003
Fax: 972-4-9197004
Email: [email protected]
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  • Liran  Silberman, Silberman and Co., Law Office

    Adv. Liran Silberman

    Founder and Owner

    Silberman and Co., Law Office

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About Silberman and Co., Law Office

Silberman and Co., Law Office, which was founded by attorney Liran Silberman in 2007, specializes in Real Estate and Civil-Commercial Law and is one of the leading and most experienced boutique law firms in Israel in the field of urban renewal. The main focus of Silberman and Co., Law Office since it was first founded has been Urban Renewal.

The firm employs 8 lawyers, 15 staff members deployed in various projects that the firm supports across the country, as well as a management and administration team. The firm accompanies more than 300 projects in various stages of development, of which dozens of projects have been completed, delivering over 1,000 new apartments to tenants in the various projects.

In the Pinuy Binuy field, the firm accompanies tenants in large-scale projects, totaling approximately 28,000 housing units, including:

Gabrielov Project, Kiryat Moshe in Rehovot - (30 housing units for eviction, 178 new housing units) - Developers: Africa Israel Renewal and HaYeshuv HaHadash.

Pueblo Español Project in Rishon Lezion - (494 housing units for eviction, about 2,000 new housing units, and commercial spaces) - Developer: Bonei HaTichon.

Anne Frank-Sperber Project in Bat Yam - (128 housing units for evacuation, about 450 new housing units, and commercial spaces).

Eilat and Araba Street Project in Jesse Cohen in Holon - (144 existing housing units, about 570 new housing units) - Developers: Carasso-Levinsky-Ofer.

Kiryat Sharet Project in Holon - Sharet - Alufei Zahal - Hermon Complex (174 existing housing units, about 650 new housing units along with commerce and offices) - Developer: Azorim.

Ben Gurion Project in Givat Shmuel - (112 housing units for eviction, 367 new housing units) - Developer: Azorim.

Tirosh Street Project in Nof HaGalil - (120 existing housing units, 658 new housing units) - Developer: Barel Engineering Group.

Izrael-HaShikma Project in Nof HaGalil - (310 housing units for eviction, about 1,860 new housing units) - Developers: BST and Ayala Agam.

Jabotinsky-HaShriryon-HaEzel Project in Tirat HaCarmel - (96 housing units for eviction, about 600 new housing units) - Developer: Zemach-Hamerman.

Mexico 6-6a Project in Jerusalem - (32 housing units for eviction, 128 new housing units) - Developer: Rothstein Real Estate.

Silberman and Co., Law Office is a recommended law firm among numerous municipal authorities that deal with urban renewal, which include it in their list of law firms recommended for assisting tenants.

Silberman and Co., Law Office has many accomplishments in the field of urban renewal. In 2008, the office was privileged to assist with one of the first NOP 38 projects on 81 Gordon Street in Tel Aviv.

Over the years, the office has set many precedents for tenants’ security, disadvantaged populations’ conditions, and the elderly’s needs. Later, all of these were updated and amended by Israeli legislation to promote urban renewal.

The Urban Renewal Hotline Continues to Operate Successfully

The Urban Renewal Hotline was established last year by attorney Liran Silberman as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the field of urban renewal. As part of its activities, hundreds of applications from residents across the country were examined, from which dozens of viable projects emerged. Furthermore, the hotline provides answers to dozens of applicants on various issues related to urban renewal. The Urban Renewal Hotline continues to operate, and tenants and representatives from various buildings can contact it for information, explanation, support, etc., regarding the impacts of NOP 38 repeal on their building, alternative solutions, and trends in urban renewal. Through the hotline’s experts, one can also obtain assistance in promoting the project.
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Adv. Liran Silberman, Founding Partner and Owner

Attorney Liran Silberman, (former) CEO of the Bar Association in the Tel Aviv district, is one of the most experienced lawyers in the field of urban renewal (more than 16 years of experience in the field). Attorney Silberman serves as the chairman of the National Forum for Urban Renewal at the Bar Association, as well as the deputy chairman of the National Real Estate Forum at the Bar Association. Within these positions, Attorney Silberman is involved, among other things, in all aspects of legislation introduced in Knesset and in promoting the field with various authorities, including municipalities, tax, and planning authorities. He is a senior lecturer at the Bar Association.
In addition, Attorney Liran Silberman is a member of professional associations in the construction industry as well as other academic institutions in the field of urban renewal. Furthermore, Attorney Silberman is a qualified arbitrator for the Bar Association and the Tel Aviv District.

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