Solina Petroleum Distillates

Marketing, Selling and Transporting Fuels

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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Marketing, Selling and Transporting Fuels
Address: 4 HaHarat St., Afula
Phone: 972-4-8248759
Fax: 972-4-8248760
Email: [email protected]
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    Hamodi (Muhamed) Ibrahim CEO
    Ihab Ibrahim Owner
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About Solina Petroleum Distillates

Solina Petroleum Distillates is active in the marketing, sales and transportation of fuels both to private consumers and to commercial/public customers.

This family-owned company was founded in 2008 and it owns a gas station with a convenience store and café of the chain “Café Café”, in Afula Illit. As part of the company’s expansion plans it intends to build additional gas stations across Israel. Solina Petroleum Distillates offers its customers a variety of fuel types, including diesel fuel, petroleum, gasoline and home heating oil, and it has a fleet with 5 fuel tankers that supply fuels to gas stations across Israel, the commercial sector, industrial facilities and private entities.

The commitment to quality, the professionalism, the financial strength and the high reliability of the company, in combination with its willingness to supply fast solutions for any requirement, are the cornerstone of Solina’s success over the years.

Executive Team

The company is headed by the brother Ihab and Muhammad Ibrahim. They have vast experience in fuels marketing and transportation, which they accumulated during their years of work in the fuels company that was established by their late father in 1984.

This company also owned a gas station in the village of Daburiyya. About 12 years ago the two decided to embark on an independent journey and established Solina Petroleum Distillates which they own. The company currently employs 50 workers, including drivers, refuelers, salespersons, headquarters staff and bookkeepers.

Innovation and Environmental Protection

The company meets the strictest environmental protection standards for operating gas stations in Israel and its stations include cutting-edge IT equipment which complies with the industry’s regulatory requirements.

Service and Personal Attention to the Customers

As a boutique company, Solina is characterized by the personal and devoted service that it provides to its customers. This service is expressed in the attractive prices that the company offers its customers, its 24/7 availability and the immediate response to any request or demand. The company’s products are dispatched to the customers within short timeframes of up to 24 hours and most of the customers are loyal customers which have been with the company for many years in light of their satisfaction from the good prices and the dedicated service.

Home Heating Oil

In addition to the fuels for the gas stations and the factories, the company has been supplying, over the past few years, also HHO during the cold winter season. HHO is provided mainly to households in northern Israel and the company provides accurate and reliable service with 24/7 availability and solutions to the customer, also in cases where they ran out of HHO and require restocking quickly.

Transporting Agricultural Produce

Over the past year, the company decided to expand its areas of operations and established an agricultural produce transport arm. This division currently includes 2 trucks that deliver agricultural produce across the whole of Israel. The company’s service includes transporting produce from fields to packing houses and from packing houses to ports and marketing points.

Human Capital

Solina has a skilled, devoted, reliable and responsible team, which regularly undergoes trainings in transporting fuel and petroleum products. The office, the trucks and the drivers all of have licenses for transporting these materials and the company also employs a transportation safety officer and a supervisor for transporting hazardous materials and has in Israel standard certification.


The company aims to maintain its boutique and service-oriented uniqueness in the fuels field and to expand its customer base both in the private customers segment and in the commercial/public customers segment.


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