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Execution and initiation of residential, commerce, public institutes and tourism construction projects

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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Execution and initiation of residential, commerce, public institutes and tourism construction projects
Address: 9 HaGiva St., POB 867, Nof Hagalil 1710801
Phone: 972-4-6564477
Fax: 972-4-6559078
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tawfik.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Muhammed Zidan, Tawfik Zidan Ltd.

    Muhammed Zidan

    CEO and Owner

    Tawfik Zidan Ltd.

    Sharif Zidan Owner
    Aiman Zidan Owner
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About Tawfik Zidan Ltd.

Tawfik Zidan’s operations go back to the early 1970’s, to the execution contracting operations that were conducted by Mr. Tawfik Zidan, during which the experience, reputation and values that accompany the company to this very day were accumulated and established. In 1991, Tawfik’s son, Muhammed Zidan, joined the business with the vision, motivation and approach to develop and grow, while maintaining the existing quality and reputation. In 1996, the company was incorporated and started a process of organic growth in its projects scopes and contractor classification, up to its current classification, C-5 (unlimited).
The company’s solid growth is based on a strategy of executing key works for large organizations, with uncompromising execution quality, meticulous schedules compliance, responsible management of the worksites with an emphasis on safety and avoiding interruptions to existing operations. The company’s management reviews the executed projects carefully and thoroughly, in order to maintain the financial strength and resilience for which the company is renowned.
The company employs around 40 employees, including about 10 engineers, practical engineers and senior work managers, all of whom are first-class professionals and persons. The company also selects the best employees, and trains them with in-house and external trainings. Furthermore, the company also maintains stable and long-term relationships with subcontractors of all types, which enable it to keep permanent teams with hundreds of employees.
These long-term relationships enable the company to benefit from a constantly high level of construction quality, with in-depth understanding of the nature of its operations and the organized work procedures, and enable the suppliers and subcontractors to benefit from peace of mind and the company’s good payment ethics.
The company is a recognized government contractor, with a C-5 contractor classification, and an ISO-9001-certified quality management system. The company has 2 safety supervisors and no less than 15 safety assistants, and it is constantly attentive to the industry’s situation and the customers’ needs, while sparing no resources in order to further its accumulated proficiency and capabilities.

Main Areas of Operation

Residential Construction: the company executes high-density and detached houses residential construction projects, including a comprehensive solution for all of the initiators needs, from development and infrastructures to finishing and landscape works.
Initiation: Following years of vast execution operations, the company also started initiation operations, from the recognition that the Initiation and Execution Model creates a deep commitment towards the end-client and the projects and guarantees maximal construction quality. The company provides its customers with close support throughout the entire project with a reliable human response without distractions and bureaucracy.
Public Institutes: The company specializes in construction large and diverse institutional projects from planning to delivery including development, demolitions, infrastructures, expansion, adjustments and renovations, including parking areas and all types of finishing works.
Healthcare and Research Facilities: The company’s know-how and capabilities enable it to execute construction works that require the implementation of innovative work methods and materials and compliance with strict standards. Some of the executed projects in this field include clinics and health centers, MRI rooms, research labs for various engineering fields, and clean rooms (while utilizing innovative materials and meeting sterility requirements).
Tourism and Hospitality: The company offers comprehensive construction solutions for the development and construction of hotels, vacation resorts and guest houses with all of their various facilities. Some of the prominent executed projects in this field include the construction of the new and luxurious wing and the renovation of the old wing of the hotel of Kibbutz Lavi, and the Technion’s guesthouse.
Sports Facilities: the company builds and executes sports and leisure projects: swimming pools, gyms, sports halls, country clubs, etc.
Offices and Commercial Centers: the company builds extensive office and commercial centers projects, including all of the systems, for private and public developers, with a commitment to strict construction standards and compliance with tight schedules. In these as in all its projects, the company emphasizes the construction quality, the high level of finishing (which is essential in light of the extensive traffic and wear) and green building values.
Complex Architectural Projects: Tawfik Zidan’s high and precise execution capabilities make it the contractor of choice for many architects. The company specializes in faithfully executing complex architectural plans and turning them into beautiful buildings.

Prominent Projects Under Constrction

Gan Yavne: Co-initiation and execution, 137 apartments.
Migdal HaEmek:
Co-initiation and execution, 60 apartments.
38 apartments, Hagalil neighborhood.
58 apartments, Hagalil neighborhood.
Or HaMizrah, Harish: 233 apartments.
HaRova, Haifa: Residential Complex, 198 apartments, commerce areas and underground parking.
Psgaot Modi’in and Nofim: 120 apartments.
Lev Akko: 102 apartments and underground parking.
Afeka, Rosh HaAyin: 63 apartments above a commerce floor and parking garage, total area:12,000 sq.m.
Residential, Kiryat Motzkin: 3 towers with 70 apartments.
Kibbutz Nitzanim: 50 detached houses.
Expansion of Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov: 35 detached houses.
Kidmat Afek: 33 duplexes.
Rupin Dormitories: 146 dormitory rooms on a total area of 7,500 sq.m.
Ron Gifted Children Center, Rishon LeZion: An education complex with a unique and complex architectural design, 1,600 sq.m.
Emek Yizrael College: Dormitories and Nursing Faculty Building: 165 beds, overall area of 9,200 sq.m.

Prominent Initiation Projects

Residential Project, Rosh HaAyin: Co-initiated and fully executed by the company, 89 apartments.
Galil View: 55 co-initiated and executed apartments. Completed and populated.
Galil Towers, Nazareth: Initiation and execution, 38 apartments. Completed.

Future and in-planning initiation projects

Upper Nazareth/Nof HaGalil: A long-term rental project (“Dira LeHaskir”) – Co-initiation and execution – 180 apartments.
Nazareth: initiation and execution, 38 apartments – commencement of construction expected soon.

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