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Established: 2015
Line of Business: Development of Construction Projects
Address: Yahav House, 80 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-73-7800999
Fax: 972-77-4701334
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://en.terra.ltd/
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  • Baruch Blau, Terra (Hitchadshut)

    Baruch Blau

    Chairperson and Partner

    Terra (Hitchadshut)

  • Yona Green, Terra (Hitchadshut)

    Yona Green

    CEO and Partner

    Terra (Hitchadshut)

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    Yona Green
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About Terra (Hitchadshut)

Terra (Hitchadshut) is a leading developer, which is active in the urban renewal field, with an expertise in development, planning, managing and executing Pinui-Binui and Tama 38 projects in Jerusalem. The synergy between the financial resources that support the company along-side the extensive experience and deep knowhow that it accumulated, generate the added value from which the customers benefit. The company’s customers benefit from tailored services and support throughout the entire project. Terra (Hitchadshut) was chosen by the Urban Renewal Index as one of Jerusalem’s leading companies in this industry in 2020. The company, which started operating about a decade ago focusing mainly on Tama 38 projects has successfully entered, over the past 4 years, to the Pinui-Binui segment as well.
Over the past few years, the company entered a partnership with Rothstein Ltd., with which it cooperates in large Pinui-Binui projects.
The company is entrusted with over 10 large-scale Pinui-Binui projects and more than 20 Tama projects which are spread across all of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods, including the city center, Neve Yaakov, Armon HaNatziv, Neve Yaakov, Gilo and more. In the past year, the company expanded and started to operate in the high-density construction, construction projects and public tenders bidding areas. The team that leads the company comprises architects, engineers, lawyers and economists, in order to promote urban renewal projects in Jerusalem with the professional excellence for which the company is renowned.

Financial Stability, Transparency and First-Class Residents Service

Terra (Hitchadshut) is a dynamic company, which is currently in a construction growth momentum and which benefits from unique financial strength, that enables it to cover a wide variety of projects over short periods of time. The company sees the residents satisfaction as its guiding value and considers them as its partners through the process. Thus, the company established a special in-house customer service and changes department. The department offers its services to tenants and buyers, allowing them to receive on-going updates as well as carry out changes and enjoy services tailored to their need.
The company is distinct in its professional excellence, which stems from the meticulous attention to the finest details in each of its projects, in order to keep its customers satisfied at all times. The deep familiarity and the vast experience it accumulated in every facet of the segment in Jerusalem, in combination with a large planning department that enables the completion of the planning vis-à-vis the residents and the permits proceedings as fast as possible, create the company’s unique strength. The company benefits from financial strength and from the trust of the banking system, in light of its cash flows.

Tama 38 in Jerusalem

The company has been working with the Jerusalem Municipality for many years, and it has the capability to complete approval processes for all of its projects in accordance with and subject to the municipal zoning plan 10038. Furthermore, the company is responsible for all of the planning, architecture, engineering and execution services of Tama 38 projects in Jerusalem, and it fully cooperates with its customers, with complete transparency of the all of the options that they may have, in order to optimally implement as many of the residents preferences as possible.

Notable Projects


Neve Yaakov 28/32 Complex: Jerusalem’s northernmost Jewish Residential neighborhood would undergo acerated renewal over the next few years, be case of the railway that would pass in it and connect it to the city center.
Armon HaNatziv Complex: This neighborhood, which is located at the southeast of Jerusalem on Mt. Etzel’s southern slopes, has about 15,000 inhabitants of a mixed population, both traditional religious and secular, who operate a “Young Neighborhood” program which is responsible for developing the communality and the help to the residents.
5-15 Bar Kokhva Complex: The French Hill neighborhood, which is characterized by a population from a mid-high socioeconomic segment, benefits from exclusive proximity to the Hebrew University Har HaTzofim Campus.
92 Agripas: A project at the heart of Jerusalem, a few minutes of walking from Mahne Yehuda Market, on the corner of Agripas and Sha’arei Tzedek. The project’s unique location and the area’s charm creates demand to the project among populations of a particularly high quality.

Tama 38/1

14 Faran + 3-5 Sheshet HaYamim: These projects are located in the quiet and well-cultivated neighborhood of Ramat Eshkol. The construction is immersed in rich green areas and offers numerous nurtured public spaces.
126 Ma’alot Dafna: This high-quality and in-demand neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, with close proximity to Ramat Eshkol, is desired by hundreds of families. The project is built in a sober style, and is surrounded by green areas.
26 HaHida, Bayit VaGan: This peaceful and old neighborhood, which appeals to the religious population, attracts immigrants from France.

Tama 38/2

This project, which is currently under construction, is located in the upscale neighborhood Baka in south Jerusalem, which was founded in the early 1900s and is characterized by construction with many architectural preservation elements. Half of the neighborhood was announced as a conservation neighborhood by the municipality. This is one of the city’s most expensive and in-demand neighborhoods, inter alia, because of its education institutes and population.

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