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Established: 2010
Line of Business: NOP (TAMA) 38
Address: 7 Masada St., B.S.R Tower 4, 24th floor, Bnei Barak
Phone: 972-3-5606808
Fax: 972-3-5602018
Email: [email protected]
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    Ilan and Haim Alkoby Partners
    Nadav Moshe CEO
    Tal Bracha Vice President
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About The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD

The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD is a leading entrepreneurial firm specializing in the realization of NOP 38 (TAMA 38) projects. The company holds vast experience in planning and executing projects in the most lucrative locations in Israel, which includes hundreds of residential units already at the planning and construction stages, in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem, and Rishon LeZyion.

The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD is always mindful of the new living environment its clients will attain, and hence maintains the highest building standards in every project. The firm collaborates with the finest suppliers in Israel, in order to provide its clients with an extensive and luxurious interior in their apartments, alongside stylish and innovative design and modern architectural planning, in cooperation with the best architects in Israel.

The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD, which forms part of the “Ram Shen Services and Investments LTD” group, was formed to provide a comprehensive answer to NOP 38 (TAMA 38), whose purpose is to reinforce buildings which do not meet the 413 standard for earthquake durability. The firm has rich and proven experience in managing such projects in all their complexity, including comprehensive inspection of buildings, architectural and engineering planning, rapid obtainment of building permits, executing strengthening of the building to withstand earthquakes alongside additions to existing structures – and all this while maintaining exacting standards with the support and oversight of the finest professionals in the field.

The firm is count among the best known and renowned in the field, in Israel, and is charged with several projects which are at the planning and execution stages, including hundreds of apartments in major cities in Israel, among which are Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem and Rishon LeZiyon.

The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD is owned by Ilan and Haim Alkoby (60% stake), and Tal Bracha, and Nadav Moshe (40% stake).

The company’s owners, Ilan and Haim Alkoby also own and are partners of various companies in the Israeli Market:
• V. H. Gv’aot Chen LTD, which owns a lot worth NIS 50 million, of which are registered rights for 109 residential units and over 29 floors.
• Pinui-Binui company Kfar Yona LTD, which runs the evacuation-reconstruction project in Kfar Yona, numbering 1900 housing units.
• In “R. M. Ishay Pumps”, a company dealing in concrete pumping, which owns 18 concrete pumps.
• The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings.
• Building a 10-apartment edifice on Mesilat Yesharim in Jerusalem.
• Transporting company “Yarok Hovalot”.
• Aviv TAMA 38 – Construction and Holdings LTD
• Owners and franchisers of (via Ram Shan Motors) of a company for the sale of Mercedes Taxis in Tel Aviv.
• Aklim Ram-Shan Cooling Solutions Ltd., which installs air conditioners and cooling units for commercial vehicles and transportation vehicles.
• A showroom where the company’s cars are presented. This showroom was constructed by a standard set by Mercedes-Benz in Europe. 

Ilan and Haim Alkoby also own Income-Yielding Properties:
• Penthouse units located with close proximity to the IDC, Herzilya.
• A supermarket in Kiryat Yam of which 1200 sq. m. are leased to Shufersal.
• A private gas station in the industrial zone of Atarot.
• A section of the HaAlufim Junction complex in Hedera of which 2300 sq.m. are leased commercial space, and 2800 sq.m. of leased office space.
• A lot for the construction of 2 buildings in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Project Financing

The Israeli Company for the Improvement of Buildings LTD offers a variety of financing solutions for entrepreneurs and contractors, for the promotion and execution of NOP 38 (TAMA 38) projects – strengthening of existing edifices, and evacuation-reconstruction. The firm enjoys financial stability and fiscal stability, being part of the Ram Shen Services and Investment Group, and offers sale/partnerships in existing projects, and financing for the execution/advancement of projects.

The advantages of the firm include simplified and quick procedural work, no placement of restrictions on the initial capital of the entrepreneurs, cash infusions beginning with the sign-up stage, and answers to enquiries on financing within 7 business days, not to mention management and executive possibilities.

The threshold conditions are placing the project in the Gush Dan or Sharon regions, proven capabilities by the entrepreneurs in construction, past project experience and a lawful agreement signed by the majority holds, as required.

Prominent Projects

Kitsis 2, Tel Aviv
HaYarkon 82, Tel Aviv (occupied)
HaGalil 7, Herzliya (occupation in progress)
Kehilat Tzion 12, Herzliya
Rotenberg 15, Rishon LeZiyon (occupied)
Yehuda Leib Pinsker, Rishon LeZiyon
Tel Chai, Rishon LeTziyon
Bernitsky, Rishon LeTziyon (occupied)
Pinkas 29, Kiryat Ono (under construction)
Pinkas 41, Kiryat Ono (under construction)
Rachel I’menu 41, Jerusalem (permits obtained)
Mesilat Yesharim 23, Jerusalem
Ein Rogel 6, Jerusalem 

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9 Total Projects


Total Projects

2 Total Projects before building permit


Total Projects before building permit

5 Total Projects after building permit


Total Projects after building permit

2 Total Projects Populated in 2018


Total Projects Populated in 2018

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