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Established: 1982
Line of Business: Senior Citizen Residences
Address: 5 HaYam Rd., Ganei Tikva 5591229
Phone: 972-73-2266411
Fax: 972-73-2266440
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  • Motti Kirschenbaum, The Mediterranean Towers Ltd. - The Mediterranean Towers Chain

    Motti Kirschenbaum

    Group Chairman

    The Mediterranean Towers Ltd. - The Mediterranean Towers Chain

  • Doron Arnon, The Mediterranean Towers Ltd. - The Mediterranean Towers Chain

    Doron Arnon

    Group CEO

    The Mediterranean Towers Ltd. - The Mediterranean Towers Chain

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About The Mediterranean Towers Ltd. - The Mediterranean Towers Chain

Mediterranean Towers Ltd. is the owner of the Mediterranean Towers chain, Israel’s largest and leading chain that offers senior citizens residences. The chain operates 7 senior citizens residences, and manages approximately 1,650 residential units located in Bat Yam, Kfar Saba, Nordiya, Savion Junction, Ramat Hasharon, Jerusalem and Ganei Tikva. In addition, the chain is currently initiating its 8th project in Rehovot, and once it’s done the chain will manage and run a total of about 1,900 residential units. With over three decades of experience and excellence, combined with superb service, personal attention and commitment to the highest standards, the Mediterranean Towers chain has become the most prestigious, qualitative and leading chain in its field in Israel.

Mediterranean Towers – Has gained extensive experience and sound reputation - since its inception over 30 years ago, with its first senior citizens residence in Bat-Yam, which was the first senior citizens residence in Israel. Mediterranean Towers the brand name of the chain, is considered a status symbol in Israel and as a synonym for third age lifestyle. Services that the chain provides are perceived among its circle of customers as upholding quality at the highest level. The Mediterranean Towers chain believes that its residents curiosity and pleasure each day is its missions and its most important task. Therefore, the chain has undergone a conceptual revolution in sheltered housing for senior citizens and launched its “interesting to live here” strategy. With the understanding that interesting is not necessarily the opposite of boring, the chain launched a program including a variety of cultural, leisure and intellectual aspects, combining the classic with the new and innovative, which offers a wide dynamic range of interests, from the best concerts, through the digital worlds, to the Towers Campus, which enables top-tier academic studies with the best lecturers around.

The Mediterranean Towers chain houses– Its seven houses are designed at the highest standards by architects renowned in the field. Each detail is planned and matched especially for the residents comfort. The apartments are equipped with every appliance essential for the resident’s welfare. The staff is professional and experienced, granting individual and warm attention, turning living in the Mediterranean Towers into a daily quality of life experience. The deployment throughout the Dan region and the Sharon region provides many with the possibility of enjoying quality housing during retirement. In each of the chain’s houses, assorted services are provided, such as 24 hours a day security and safety, maintenance and cleaning services, a luxurious lobby, medical services, cultural activities, sports, social life, trips, etc.

The house at Bat Yam – two luxurious towers facing the beach and blue sea, rising to a height of 12 floors each with 280 residential units. Each residential unit overlooks the splendid scenery of the sea.

The houseat Kfar Saba – A rural complex situated in the heart of a private park within the city of Kfar Saba. The house was built within the park and extends over 30 dunams. The house offers a broad range of 300 residential units designed by the best architects, so that it provides a sense of country atmosphere.

The house at Nordiya– is situated at moshav Nordiya in the heart of the Sharon valley, between Haifa and Tel Aviv and close to the town centers of Netanya and Kfar Saba. The house at Nordiya offers 300 residential units in a variety of residential options, such as ground level cottages complete with a garden and vast garden areas, a range of other apartments comprising studio, two and three-rooms, garden and penthouse apartments. The house combines the local advantages of residing in the center of the country together with a rural ambience, in the heart of the Sharon valley’s green and vibrant orchards.

The house at the Savyon Junction – a boutique residential center sporting a unique design and located in the center of the country in the heart of the extensive Gan Eshkol, and close to the prestigious Savyon neighborhood. The central luxurious building rises to a height of 14 floors boasting the most innovative fittings, meticulous planning and perfect adaptation to the senior’s needs. The house offers 140 fully-accessorized residential units, from studio apartments to three-room apartments.

The house at Ramat Hasharon – Is located in the heart of Ramat Hasharon, and is one of the country’s leading projects in the field senior citizen residences. The house was established with the implementation of new standards of planning and design in the field of housing for senior citizens. The house offers 190 luxurious residential units at various sizes, beginning from two-room apartments and up to garden apartments and penthouses. Each apartment has a roofed parking space, an option for a personal storeroom and rich and assorted specifications.

The house at Arnona Jerusalem – Is located at Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood, and was built at the highest standards in the industry and is recognized as a boutique style house with 120 large residential units. The house offers a variety of facilities and quality services.

The house at Ganei Tikva – The latest and most innovative house in Israel, which opened fully at the end of 2017. The house at Ganei Tikva is located in Ono Valley, at the heart of Ganei Tikva, this is the ideal solution for those wishing to maintain a good quality of life in a green, safe and serene environment, at the center of Israel.
At the Heart of the project stand a splendid 12 floor building comprising 350 residential units of two to three spacious rooms.
The project includes a spa, pool, restaurant, library, cinema, reception hall, synagogue, and more.

The house at Rehovot – The project, currently in its initiation stages, will include a total of 250 various residential units. The house, located in a quiet neighborhood, with a safe and secure environment as well as open spaces, yet next to some of the city’s shopping and cultural areas. The house in Rehovot will combine an innovative concept, adapted for its future tenants, and with specification that will meet its senior populations’ needs. The house will include: green areas, banquet and leisure facilities, a pool, a restaurant, a gym, and more.

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