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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Real Estate Law Firm
Address: 3 Azrieli Center (37th Floor, Triangular Tower) Tel Aviv 6702301
Phone: 972-3-6081960
Fax: 972-3-6081970
Email: office@tgk.co.il
Website: http://www.tgk.co.il
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  • Ophir Keynan, Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

    Ophir Keynan


    Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

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    Ophir Keynan
  • Boaz Haim, Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

    Boaz Haim


    Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

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    Boaz Haim
  • Ben Hillel, Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

    Ben Hillel


    Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

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About Tik, Gilad, Keynan - Law Offices

Tik, Gilad, Keynan (TGK) is a real estate boutique law firm. The firm handles all kinds of complex real estate transactions along-side various projects and a specialty in the hotel industry. Since established in 2002, TGK has impressively developed, positioning itself as a leading real estate law firm, providing high quality services, alongside with a personal touch. The firm comprises of 15 employees, 10 of which are attorneys.

High Professionalism and Personal Care

The firm’s employees render professional services at the highest standards. The firm has set norms of high quality and uncompromising services, while constantly striving to provide its clients with creative efficient services and maintaining high levels of availability and close personal relationships.

The special nature of the services rendered by the firm’s team and the full attention to the needs and objectives of its clients, allow each and every one of the clients a sense of confidence. We are mainly proud to be performing under “TGK Culture” and according to TGK’s core values, which make our performance so unique and different.

TGK provides unorthodox energetic services, and its staff’s quick reaction is unprecedented among other Israeli law firms, in a manner which makes TGK stand out in the Israeli field of law. The business strategy, of providing personal services within the framework of a small, high quality boutique law firm, alongside with the deep (and uncommon) involvement of the firm’s leading partners throughout all phases of transactions and legal support – are those which allow the firm to successfully serve a wide range of public companies, real estate and investment groups and other large scope clients, who are all happy to place their most complex matters in the hands of TGK’s qualified team - time and again. The firm, within less than ten years since established, has been successful in becoming a leading law firm, thanks to the high quality and the uncompromising and unique services rendered by it.

The firm is ranked as one of the leading Israeli law firms in the fields of real estate and zoning. Besides its ranking in Dun & Bradstreet, the firm has also been rated by BDICode and by international rating companies such as Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

Practice Areas

Real estate transactions, projects and real estate dispute resolution – The firm handles large scale projects in the Israeli real estate field, including all types of transactions such as residential projects, commercial centers and malls and other yielding assets and purchase groups.

In addition, TGK has one of Israel’s top Urban Renewal departments (“Pinui Binui” and TAMA 38), currently handling TAMA 38 projects (evacuation and demolition) as well as evacuation and structures reinforcement transactions. TGK accompanies complex and significant projects throughout all phases thereof, and is renowned for its specialty to turn complicated transactions into feasible, simple and fast ones. In addition, the firm is known to be an expert in handling international real estate projects and transactions, while using the assistance of local lawyers, including in the US, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Morocco, Ukraine, Greece, Poland and India.

Hotels – The firm offers its clients with expertise in handling transactions in the hotel industry, including in the acquisition and sale of hotels, hotel management agreements, hotel lease agreements, franchise agreements with international chains, and other matters.

Handling Complex Financing Transactions – The firm offers extensive experience and profound knowledge, relating to complex financing transactions, and handles large scope transactions, including those related to the real estate projects handled by the firm, construction loans, mezzanine loans, and financing transactions in any other known methods. In addition, the firm’s team also handles unique complex financing transactions regardless of real estate transactions or a particular project.

The Partners

Adv. Ophir Keynan – Has extensive experience in leading large and complex projects and transactions in the real estate area for the firm’s prominent clients. Adv. Keynan specializes in the entire range of real estate matters, including complex residential sale and acquisition transactions, offices, commerce, industry, real estate financing, etc. Ophir has an LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (1999). Previously studied also, at the Faculty of Psychology and Communications at the University of Haifa.

Adv. Boaz Haim – Boaz is an expert in handling transactions and projects in real estate and he has extensive experience in handling of management and lease agreements for hotel complexes. Boaz has an LL.B. from the Sha’arei Mishpat College (2005).

Adv. Ben Hilel – Ben is handling complex deals In the field of real estate, and has large experience in handling commercial complexes. Ben has an LL.B. from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya (2007).

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